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January 16, 2018
by Ms.C


I came across this comic the other day, and it was so appropriate to the themes brought up in the documentary, Addicted to Plastic.  What is the thinking of the speaking character in this narrative?  In what ways are people unaware of the impact of their actions?  How do the decisions we make in our daily lives affect our planet?

January 12, 2018
by Ms.C


The intermediate classes had a delicious opportunity to learn about making crêpes with Chef Kevin! We learned that crêpes come from Bretagne (Britanny) in northwestern France.  Students carefully followed all the steps, worked together to measure and blend ingredients, learned the corresponding French vocabulary, and enjoyed eating the finished product!  

Merci beaucoup to Chef Kevin!

January 9, 2018
by Ms.C

Responding to Literature

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In the upper intermediate grades, students are developing depth in their responses to literature.  They are expected to respond to what they read in thoughtful ways as demonstrated through their participation in discussion and written response journals.  Asking questions about a text helps develop understanding by provoking discussion.  Great discussion comes from great questions that challenge and tease out opinions and ideas.  Questions and responses come in different depths: On  the Line, Between the Lines, and Beyond the Lines (more details below).

Here is a resource I’ve created to support students when responding to literature.  It is in two sections:

  1. Reading Response Journal Prompts, and
  2. Asking Questions About Literature

Remember, these lists are not every possible prompt.  There are many other ways to respond to literature. If you have other ideas to share, please comment below!

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November 24, 2017
by Ms.C

Planetary Explorers

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What is the most interesting fact you have learned about your planet so far?  What questions do you have?

What is the most challenging element you have to consider when designing your prototypes?  How are you approaching and resolving that challenge?


October 5, 2017
by Ms.C

September Just Flew By!

     We have had a busy September and start to October! We’ve been getting back into routines, setting goals, and generally getting to know each other.  As a new community, we have already participated in the Terry Fox Run, had a field trip to the Musqueum band, and now know the whole cycle for Speed Stacking!  

     Keep checking in on our blog, as students will be writing guest articles to talk about what’s happening in the daily adventures of Division 2.

June 22, 2017
by Ms.C

And now… the Periodic Table of Elemennnnts!!

In Div. 2, we’ve been delving into the periodic table of elements.  We’ve focused on the first twenty elements, but have also been learning about how the elements are arranged, and what all those numbers in each box of the table mean.  

In case you want to brush up on your elements and/or drive everyone in your home mad over the summer, here is the hit of Term 3:  

The Periodic Table of Elements Song.

I make bad science puns, but only periodically.

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