Coming Up at CapHill (November 23 to 27th)

Hello families.

What a busy week of project work it has been for Division 1. Luckily, the students will get a day to relax next week after all their hard work. Today, interim reports cards were handed out to students. If there are any questions or concerns, please let me know by sending me an email at

Our latest “Homework” board looks like this:

  • Language Arts
    The Breadwinner Summary (Mon, Nov 23)
    Parvana’s Journey Plot Diagram (Mon, Nov 23)
  • Math
    Adding/Subtracting Integers Special Cases (Mon, Nov 23)
    Adding/Subtracting Integers Word Problems Check-In (Tues, Nov 24)
    Multiplying Integers Practice (Mon, Nov 23)
  • Social Studies
    Cultural  Heritage Exploration (due week of Nov 30) Presentations will happen soon!!
  • Core French
    Dictation on “le calendrier” (Wed, Nov 25)
  • ADST
    TypingClub practice – 1 hour per week! (weekly)

In language arts, we have looked at the elements of plot including: characters, setting, conflict, resolution, rising action, turning point/climax, falling action, and theme. Students are working to include all these elements to write a summary following a specific method:

  1. Somebody: Who is the main character? (characters)
  2. Somewhere: Explain where the character is. (setting)
  3. Wanted: What did the main character want?
  4. But: What problems did the main character encounter? What obstacles prevented the main character from getting what s/he wanted? (conflict)
  5. So: How did the main character work to solve the problem? How did they get there? (rising action, turning point, falling action)
  6. Then: How did the story end? What did the main character learn as a result of the problem? (resolution)
  7. So what?! What does this story allow readers to understand? (theme)

In math, we are continuing to refine our addition and subtraction skills with integers and have just started learning the rules of multiplying integers.

In art and ADST, we are starting a new project to create a winter wonderland paper cut-out landscape. With this project, we are trying to learn about:

  • How to be purposeful when using the shade of white and ONLY white
  • Details in paper-cutting
  • Using line and shadow to highlight feelings and appearances of elegance, beauty, simplicity, and calmness
  • Importance of design, iteration, and prototyping

There are no special events happening next week aside from the Professional Development Day on Friday, November 27th.

Friday, November 27th

  • Pro-D Day – No School

Upcoming Dates

  • November 30th: Science World Tech Workshop (PM)
  • December 2nd: Burnaby Art Gallery Architecture/Structures Workshop (PM)

Coming Up at CapHill (November 16th to 20th)

Hello families.

It is a busy time in Division 1. Projects are underway… quizzes and assignments are picking up as projects are being assigned… Students are building a lot of stamina to keep up with the pace of the class. Great job!

Our latest “Homework” board looks like this:

  • Language Arts
    What Schools Should Teach… (due Tues, Nov 17)
    Breadwinner Plot Diagram (due Wed, Nov 18)
  • Math
    Integer Subtraction Check-In (Mon, Nov 16)
  • Social Studies
    Cultural  Heritage Exploration (due week of Nov 30)
  • Science
    Excursion to Mount Logan (due Fri, Nov 20)
  • CLE
    First Impressions Reflection (due Thurs, Nov 19)
  • Core French
    Dictation on Numbers 1-100 (Wed, Nov 18)

In math, we have completed learning about adding and subtracting integers using multiple methods. Soon, we will begin how to multiply and divide integers and tie it together with order of operations. If students were still working on understanding order of operations from our last unit, then it will be important that they begin practicing again now.

In science and ADST, we are working on a expedition planning project to Mount Logan. Students are to think about what they will need to survive 30 days in this extreme environment in teams and plan out the things they will bring to meet the conditions of this environment. Remember, things need to be logical! Will you have electricity? What are the temperatures like? Can you actually bring these items up 5959m? For students wanting to do particularly well and extend their learning, they are encouraged to present their proposal to the class – some may even create prototypes of the items they will bring or physical items if they have them at home. This project is due on Friday, November 20th.

Please see below for important dates and events coming up this week. Don’t forget! The book fair is happening this week as well!

Tuesday, November 17th

  • Division 1 In-Person Shopping Time at Book Fair!

Thursday, November 19th

  • Photo Retake Day

Friday, November 20th

  • Interim Report Cards sent home

Upcoming Dates

  • November 27th: Pro-D Day – No School

Remembrance Day

Hello families.

A reminder that school is closed today (Wednesday, November 11th) as we observe and commemorate Remembrance Day – a day to honour the many who served and are serving our country through war and conflict. On this day, I am particularly grateful for the millions who have served our nation and the thousands whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and peace. Lest we forget.

Coming Up at CapHill (November 9th to 13th)

Hello families.

I hope you are all doing well this week. Before I begin talking about what happened at school this week, I want to take some time to remind everyone of the various forms that have been going out to families that should be returned very soon.

Forms and Return Dates

  • Foundational Number Sense SIGNED Unit Test (ASAP)
    If you did not receive it yet, this is because Mr. Chu is still marking it either because the student was absent, more time was allotted to complete the test, or because the student completed a retest.
  • Burnaby Art Gallery Participation & Payment (ASAP)
  • Hot Lunch (Nov-Dec) Envelopes & Payment (November 9th)
  • Grade 7 Hoodie Order & Payment (November 10th)

In math, we began our new unit on integer operations and learned some of the strategies to help us remember how to add both positive and negative numbers.

In science, we learned about what “technology” truly is (beyond the tinkering sounds and flashing lights) and unpacked how technology is used for survival in extreme environments.

In social studies, students were assigned their first big project of the year. As we are focusing on culture this term, students are conducting a cultural heritage exploration project to understand their identity and the influences from a cultural perspective on what has shaped who they are today.

In language arts, students have been working on daily grammar and editing practice and now it is time for students to begin building their stamina to write! Language arts will be ramping up quickly in the next week with paragraph and essay writing. Stay tuned!

In art, we are learning watercolour techniques. With our current project, we are discovering how to maneuver the brush to assist with colour saturation and spreading, how to create delicate overlapping effects, and how to be patient with our work in creating simplistic watercolour poppies for Remembrance Day.

Please see below for important dates and events coming up this week.

Monday, November 9th

  • Hot Lunch Envelopes and Online Payment due

Tuesday, November 10th

  • Remembrance Day Assembly @ 9:30am (via Zoom)
  • Grade 7 Hoodies Order and Payment due

Wednesday, November 11th

  • Remembrance Day – No School

Upcoming Dates

  • November 19th: Photo Retake Day
  • November 27th: Pro-D Day – No School

Coming Up at CapHill (November 2nd to 6th)

Hello families.

I can’t believe it’s already the end of October! On Friday, our class enjoyed some quality bonding time with one another with our early Halloween celebration. We also revisited assembly etiquette with our Halloween assembly and thanked Mr. Kanno and Mrs. Armstrong for their efforts in hosting our assembly for the school. Throughout this week, we also kept busy with some other activities.

In math, we worked on understanding how to solve equations using order of operations and concluded our unit on Foundational Number Sense with our unit test on Thursday. A new unit will begin on Monday.

In science, we continued our understanding of what constitutes an extreme environment and began learning about why exploration of extreme environments is critical.

In social studies, we examined what are “push” and “pull” factors in migration and why various groups of people are drawn to immigrate to places like Canada.

In language arts and career education, our class novel got quite interesting as our main character showed an interesting form of change. Students were introduced with the concept about what a “moral compass” is and were posed some questions to think about for next week – “What is a moral compass? It is possible for a moral compass to change? Do you think you would ever change your moral compass? Is it okay to do so?” (Yes, it is very philosophical, but we will try at it anyhow!)

In art, we have completed our recent project of autumn/winter/spooky skies. While using tempera paint, we learned how to create value in monochrome colour schemes and created concentric circular patterns. When creating our silhouette cut-outs, we learned to consider proportion of objects and the applications of details without the need of lines on the objects themselves. Check out some of our completions!


There are no special events in the coming week. I wish everyone a safe Halloween!

Upcoming Dates

  • November 9th: Hot Lunch Envelopes and Online Payment due
  • November 10th: Grade 7 Hoodies Order and Payment due
  • November 11th: Remembrance Day – No School

Coming Up at CapHill (October 26th to 30th)

Hello families!

I hope everyone enjoyed a day off on the Pro-D Day! Please see below for a brief outline of our learning this week.

In math, we reviewed long division with and without remainders as well as order of operations. Students will have a check-in to complete on recent lessons to check in on their skills on Monday. Students should expect a unit review and test this coming week. I highly recommend students look at our notes packages throughout the last weeks to master skills that will be assessed.

In science, we continued our understanding of what constitutes an extreme environment and began learning about why exploration of extreme environments are critical.

In art, we are exploring gradient, monochrome, and silhouettes with an autumn/spooky skies art piece. Students extending their learning with this project have attempted paint blending techniques as well as complex silhouette cut-outs.

On another note in art, a permission & payment form for art went home on Thursday. There is an opportunity for students to participate in art workshops held at our school with guidance from the Burnaby Art Gallery.

For career and life education, our weekly class meetings have taken off and has been a good routine that the students are involved in to understand the following skills required for the workplace: active and whole-body listening, critical thinking in problem solving, communication of concerns, self and other awareness of how situations can affect our emotions and working efficiency.

The special events this week include the following:

Friday, October 30th

  • Halloween Assembly @ 1:30pm via Zoom

Upcoming Dates

No special upcoming dates at the moment. Stay tuned next week! 🙂

Coming Up at CapHill (October 19th to 23rd)

Hello families!

Though it was a short week, we covered quite a bit of material and… another short and busy week is ahead! Please see below for some details of how our week went.

In math, we continued to practice with math games and puzzles to develop stronger multiplication/division fluency. I encourage you all to try “Math Wars” or the game “Salute!” that we played in class as a family. It can get a bit competitive as I have witnessed in class. We also continued to look at divisibility rules and used this understanding to help us find multiples and factors of numbers – which will be particularly useful when we talk about multiplication strategies and fraction operations later in the year.

In language arts, we continued our read aloud and talked a bit about the feelings of loss, grieving, and self-reflection as the storyline of our book grew heavy and unfolded. Thank you to those who made and shared deep, meaningful connections with our classroom community. It takes a lot of courage to do so.

In science, we began our unit on EXTREME environments! We started off by looking at what makes our environment/surroundings ideal for us to live in and considered what humans need from their environment to survive. Then, we began looking into the characteristics of what makes environments extreme along with learning about some of the most extreme areas of the world.

In career and life education, students handed in their “Champions” essay. If your child has not handed it in, please ensure that they bring it with them on Monday. Alternatively, they can send it to my school email as well. Thank you!

In art, most students finished their Geometric Wall Sculptures and students/staff walking through the halls are in awe with our creations. I hope our students are ready for the next art project ahead!


Please note the following dates for events this coming week and the near future.

Monday, October 19th

  • October to November Hot Lunch cycle begins

Thursday, October 22nd

  • Individual School Photo Day – No mask on for your smiley photo! 😀
    Please note: Indoor PHE class is cancelled! Prepare for outdoor PHE!

Friday, October 23rd

  • Pro-D Day – No School

Upcoming Dates

No special upcoming dates at the moment. Stay tuned next week! 🙂

Coming Up at CapHill (October 12th to 16th)

Hello families!

Another week has come to an end and it’s been great seeing the amazing work students have been engaging in.

In math, we have started looking at concepts such as unit conversions and understanding patterns in multiplication and division to help with mental math and computational fluency skills.

In social studies and language arts, we examined some of the real experiences of residential school survivors through the documentary film: We Were Children. I know that every time I watch this film, I reflect back on the mistreatment that took place in many of these schools and I truly believe a lot of the students were shocked to realize some of the dark truths behind these institutions. In connection to language arts, students are engaging in reflective writing and purposefully analyzing the significance of quotes in media around the residential school experience. The reflective write on the film is due Tuesday. In addition to this, we have been able to continue our read-aloud – the students are really enjoying this book so far. I encourage you all to ask them about it!

In career and life education, we have continued our understanding of the traits of true champions and have reviewed some good strategies for writing and editing personal compositions. Students should be prepared to write their good copies this coming week.

For students taking core French, we had our first lesson this week on using context clues to make sense of speech and practiced conversing with one another using simple questions asking about likes and dislikes.

Please remember to be logging on to TypingClub for vocabulary development and practicing daily to develop efficient typing skills! Perhaps Joe Smith’s reign as #1 on the leaderboard will come to an end soon… 😀

Please note the following dates for events this coming week and the near future. Enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, October 12th

  • Thanksgiving Day – No School

Tuesday, October 13th

  • Hot Lunch Envelopes and Online Payment due

Upcoming Dates

  • October 22nd: Individual School Photo Day
  • October 23rd: Pro-D Day – No School

Coming Up at CapHill (October 5th to 9th)

Hello families!

As part of my weekly wrap-up, I will be posting a short blurb on what has been happening in the classroom.

In math, I officially began our unit on foundational number sense which includes topics such as: place-value, number notation, units of measurement, patterns in numbers, patterns in operations, and the order of operations.

In social studies, we furthered our discussion on the impact of residential schools on the culture and narrative of indigenous peoples of Canada. I invite you all to watch and listen carefully to the lyrics of the late Gord Downie’s “The Stranger” – how powerful it is.

In art, the students have been actively folding origami pyramids to create 3D origami sculptures. I invite students to think of the shapes or the abstract patterns that they may want to create for the sculpture before we assemble next week.

In career and life education, we have began unpacking the idea of a “champion” and answering the questions: Who is a champion? What do champions do? How do champions act/behave? What does it mean to be a champion? A brainstorm, initial planning, and possible first drafts will be due Monday.

Lastly, for ADST and Language Arts, I have created student accounts for our students to practice typing skills and vocabulary development. Please explore this over the weekend! I wonder how far up the leaderboard students will get. The students have their login information already. Have fun!

In the following week, we will be watching a documentary film titled “We Were Children” which will shed light and provide students with more of a vivid understanding of the treatment of children in residential schools.

I will also be providing a snapshot of events and happenings that families might need reminders about on a weekly basis. Any special days or events in the near future will be listed at the bottom.

As a side note, we ask that families return their Student Verification Packages and complete their online forms by next week, if possible. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates

  • October 12th: Thanksgiving Day – No School
  • October 13th: Hot Lunch Envelopes and Online Payment due

Happy Summer!

Well… it looks like I’ve forgotten about my blog in the last months, but here is one last post before I sign off for a little bit!

Dear Families of Division 1,

Thank you all once again for your continued support since my arrival at CapHill.

I’ve appreciated all the parents for their efforts in supporting their child’s education whether it be with homework help, following up with my requests and suggestions, helping children learn how to use their technology for school, driving students to extracurricular events, reading my EXTREMELY LONG EMAILS, and putting up with the MANY notifications you probably got from these emails. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I feel so proud to have witnessed such amazing growth in all students this year.

To our Grade 7 students: You are off to high school next year and it is the start of a new journey filled with many unknown situations , but you will all rock it, I’m sure. After all, the entire Term 3 was unknown territory, and you all managed to tackle it. Please stay connected. I’d love to know how you are all doing in the future. Additionally, this blog link ( remains active as long as I continue to teach in Burnaby, so you will be able to see where I end up teaching in years to come if you ever decide to visit.

To our Grade 6 students: I wish you all the best in your Grade 7 year. I cannot wait to see how you all make an impact on our school community and how you positively represent Capitol Hill as the new leaders of the school.

Division 1: Please remember that my door/inbox is always open for you and my support for you as your teacher continues on even after our year together. Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions – about school, about course selection, about growing up, about life… you name it, I’ll hear you out.

A reminder that the 2020-2021 school year starts up again on Tuesday, September 8th. Summer school (for those enrolled) begins on Monday, July 6th. Typically in August, I put more information back up for the start of school for all students once I know what our school and the high schools are doing, so stay tuned!

Have a well-deserved summer break, everyone!

Mr. Chu 🙂