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Happy New Year Division 1 Families!

Written By: borgenstromd - Jan• 03•21

Just want to wish everyone a wonderful 2021 and let you all know I look forward to seeing you all in class on Monday January 4th 2021. Please remember to bring back all your supplies, textbooks, math homework book, binder, devices, headphones, literature circle novel, writing utensils and colours. Thank You!
Ms. B

Peace trees and Grade 7 Hoodies

Written By: borgenstromd - Dec• 10•20

Why We Remember!

Written By: borgenstromd - Nov• 12•20

Division one has been begun their literature unit on Peace and Conflict by learning about why we Remember our verterans and wear a poppy in November.  The have read the verterans newspaper and choosen an article that stood out for them.  They used this article to create a found poem that summerizes the event with boarder art using symbols of Peace and Conflict. Thank you Division one I look forward to your inquriy questions and reflections as we move into our literature circles.

School Supplies for grade 6 and 7

Written By: borgenstromd - Jul• 29•20

Hi I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  I am happy to see our summer weather and am enjoying the break.  I am noticing school supplies in stores and thought I would post the supply list.  It is also posted on the school website.  Students will need to have their own supplies for school in September. It will be important for grade 6 and 7 students to have a calculator and a geometry set of their own for math 6 and 7 class and a hard cover composition notebook for writer’s workshop. (see photo below)

Thank you and enjoy the summer weather!

Ms. Borgenstrom

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Hard cover writer’s notebook can be found at the dollar store (You can choose your own color).

Notebooks & Notepads |


May the 4th be with you!!

Written By: borgenstromd - May• 04•20

Good Morning Class,

I can not believe we are into May now!  Hope you are feeling well and safe!! Just wanted you all to know how proud I am of my class, and that many of you are now beginning to hand assignments in and reading more books on Epics, and reading the articles on Currents4Kids.  I will keep posting 2 new articles on Currents4kids each week and if you explore and find an article you think the class will like send me an email.

There are three new assignments this week, one for socials studies, a cooking assignment and the book trailer.  The Poetry Choice Board is also still up and due later this week.  I have also posted a Math 7 sheet/quiz. Please begin recording your daily physical activity in a chart this week and think about a goal for PE. Someone already asked if they could use their fitbit, and I do not have problem with that, just record your data onto a chart as I can not see your fitbit data.  I hope you have some fun with these assignments I look forward to your cooking pictures and recipes.  I will try post some of our cooking experiments if my family lets me.   Thanks.

May the force be with you today as you look at your new assignments.  Remember to have some fun and get outside on this beautiful day.

Ms. Borgenstrom

Monday 27, 2020

Written By: borgenstromd - Apr• 27•20

Happy Monday!!

I have posted the poetry choice board assignment (Read it Carefully!) and some fun math puzzles to begin your week.  I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying your earth day poetry and art.  I am creating a power point of your earth day art and poetry so I can send it out our to the class as an author share and art gallery walk.  Just like I would have posted up on our hallway bulletin board.  So please send in those poems and art please!!

Today is a Professional Development Day and Teachers are engaged in staff meetings an online learning with District and Subject Professionals today.  So I may not be responding to your questions as quickly today. So please write some poetry, do some reading, try a math Puzzle, get some exercise and catch up on some over due assignments. I look forward to chatting with you all in our class meeting tomorrow.  I will send out the invitation tonight.

Have a great day everyone!!

Ms. B


Happy Earth Day-April 22, 2020

Written By: borgenstromd - Apr• 22•20

Happy Earth Day everyone!

It has been a busy couple of days. Lots of meetings and trying to figure out the tech with some of you, creating assignments and trying to mark what you have turned in.  Thanks Div. #1 for our class meeting yesterday it was the highlight of my day to hear your voices, and I appreciated your feed back on the assignments. So keep an eye on the assignment posts.  Thank-you so much for your patience with me.

Earth Day assignment is the beginning of our Poetry unit and I look forward to reading your poems or songs as Mrs. Fierro’s assignment is also related and should also be used as a resource to help you create.  She is now part of our team so she can also see your poem or song assignment.  

Mrs. Fierro’s Blog: (check out her- Pretty Planet Project and you tube channel )

This Reading is related to our Poetry unit and Writer’s Workshop and also one of my favorite reads. 

Special Guest Reader

So try to enjoy nature this week, be creative and have a great day!  I will chat with you on Friday!


Ms B

April 15, 2020

Written By: borgenstromd - Apr• 15•20

Good Morning Division 1

I have been learning lots of technology and planning assignments over the last few days.  Please see posted assignments in our Office 365 Teams. For today focus on creating your schedule and writing up journal entry question.  I am hoping to have a class check in call, on Friday morning at 10:00 am using our class team account.  I had a practice one today with a group of teachers and it was great to hear all their voices.  So I will send out further details on Thursday morning with some conversation Etiquette for us all to follow.  Please pass on this information your class mates as not everyone is checking this blog.  Thank-you and enjoy your day!


  • Grade 7 students please note a Math 7 teams has been added and assignment posted
  • Grade 7 students please see your Band teachers, Mr. D’s blog of information and I will try and email his message to you on office 365 sometime later today. 

Ms Borgenstrom

Tuesday April 14, 2020

Written By: borgenstromd - Apr• 13•20

April 14, 2020

Good Morning Students of Division #1 and Parents,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoyed some time with your families. Thank you all for your patience as we move forward on this learning journey.  What we are all experiencing requires us to be patient, flexible and understanding of each other as we try to stay connected while practicing social distancing.  Having now spoken with most families, I understand the need for me to be flexible in my planning of lessons, but I also want to engage my learners in lessons that will develop their critically thinking brain and hopefully be enjoyable at the same time.  This may look or feel a little different as I explore online resources for us to use.  I will be creating a resource page on my blog with links and places to check out.  I will add this to Teams as well for students who are accessing Teams daily.

Please note that I can see in Teams who has or who has not accessed, viewed or turned in an assignment, so this week is important that all my students check into Teams and in particular respond to the assignment labeled “Blog folios and Office 365”, a quick response to show me you are in and understand how to turn in an assignment.  Remember to click the words turn in.

I have signed our class up for Epic Books and an emailed invitation should have been sent to parent emails last week with directions for signing in to my class on Epic Books. Please make sure you have done this, as an assignment has been posted in Teams. I will continue to look for another platform for reading novels, as we have a class of avid readers. (Please see Ms. Araujo’s blog for other options you can access for on line books)

As students will be online in this new way of learning, please see attachment to the email or link in my blog post from the Burnaby School district outlining Digital Responsibility and Guidelines for students.

We will continue to take this day by day, but please reach out to me (students and parents) and let me know how things are going.  It is my plan to move students forward in their learning while not overwhelming them at the same time.  I will follow the district guidelines as laid out in an email that you will all be getting from the school district this week.  I will be available throughout the day, so send me an email and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible.  I know many of you are also working from home throughout the day and devices are being shared and flexibility in these situations is important. 

Week #1 April 14-17 Assignments: 

  • These will also be posted in Teams for students to write their responses and please remember to click turn in.
  • Please encourage students to read daily for 30 minutes, including any of the following – newspapers, articles, magazines, novels, and graphic novels.
  • Please encourage students to engage in daily physical activity (can include: yoga, dance, nature walks, running, biking, scooting etc.)
  • Students will need to create a space to do their online learning/school work/reading by making sure they also have materials like pens, pencils, paper, eraser, calculators and basic art supplies – this will help with creating a schedule to get through our days togethers


Approximate Time Per Day Area of Learning Learning Experience Examples

Ms. Borgenstrom Assignments this week April 14-17 (Students see Teams for full assignment details-should be posted by the end of the day thank-you.  Remember these are assignments for the week plan your time according-your second assignment.)

 40 minutes SEL and Connection 1.       Create a plan for wellness and follow it (this is more than just physical exercise, but ways in which you will take care of yourself, calm yourself.) -think about our many class meeting conversations with Ms. Ball

2.       Create a schedule for your week that includes when you will work on class assignments, read, follow your wellness plan, do some daily physical activity and spend time with your family, have meals and snacks.


40 minutes Literacy 3.       Daily Reading 30 minute (own book or check out Epic books)

4.       Journal writing/quick write – One question per day ( I am looking for details -read assignment in teams) 4 questions = 4 paragraphs due Friday

Question for Tuesday – What does social distancing mean to you?


40 minutes Numeracy 5.       Math Games – play a math card game with a family member to work on learning your math multiplication facts – let me know what game you played

Ms. Binn’s will teach grade 6 math and Ms. Borgenstrom will teach grade 7 math and teams will be set up for this.

Flexible Time frame Flexible Learning Flexible learning time could be – Social Studies, Science, STEAM challenges, Painting, Experiments, Music, ADST: cooking, sewing activities, Outdoor Activities,

6.       This week it will be a career projects – using Epic Books (Money Sense/Consumer Sense) – See assignment in Teams for details

7.       There are two assignments for socials studies that were posted before spring break related to our pipeline debate that are currently over due – please read Teams post and or send me a question, via email.

April 6, 2020

Written By: borgenstromd - Apr• 06•20


Good Morning students! 

Beautiful spring sights on my early morning walk this morning a plus in these times not having to be in traffic. However, I do miss all your faces and the conversations!!

Hope you are all well!  I am still calling families just a few more to contact, I would really like to hear everyone’s voice!! I will continue to call students today in case you are wondering.  I will touch base again on the blog tonight or tomorrow morning so please keep checking in. 

I see that some of you have view the teams assignments and some of you have handed in some.  I will do my best to keep up but remember there are 26 of you. Keep check Teams and the blog, I will put up an assignment about writing me a letter as a check, as well as a possible routine schedule to follow.  Routines are important to feeling good about our lives.  So think about what reading, math, daily physical activity and family fun routines you have or could implement this week.  

A couple of announcements and please pass on the information to others, thank you!!! 

#1 I found this information on the Burnaby South website as there has been some questions about grade 8 Honours exams. The first one was suppose to be tomorrow and it looks like it has been post-poned. Grade 7’s a good opportunity to spend some time checking out your high-school website to get familiar with it for next year.

“Please note, Gr. 8 Honours Entrance Exams have been postponed until further notice.”

#2 Also there have been questions about the Gauss Contest,  it is suppose to happen on May 13, 2020.  It is not cancelled yet but they will reassess the situation in mid April. So we will keep on eye on this. 

See the website below for practice Gauss contest to work on ( I have 13 students who had planned to participate.)  ( )

#3  Mrs. Araujo has posted a read aloud. Click here to view the post. The Day the Crayons Quit is also one of our family favorites and our copy just happens to be sitting on my night stand as we read it a few nights ago with my son.  It was nice to see and hear Mrs. Araujo.  If anyone feels up to drawing a picture response may be we can get Ms. Araujo to share it for our little buddies to see.  Draw our school community using lots of color in non-traditional ways, have fun and use lots of details and  be creative.

Have a great afternoon everyone back to my phone calls.