SFU Science Workshop

The students learned a lot about chemical reactions. They demonstrated great listening and were very enthusiastic about all the experiments Ian, the SFU Science student, did for them.


Base Ten Towers

Who can build the most valuable tower? Students worked cooperatively to build a tower with a ones then tens base ten block as a base. They added their blocks together to add, regroup and create 4 digit numbers. What fun!

Self Evaluation Sliders

The students have been discussing terminology being used in assessment and using these descriptors to self evaluate. They created their own sliding scales to use in class when they are assessing their learning of various concepts and skills. Using a saw and a drill was a fun experience (for most!)


Weaving and Class Charter

The students created a beautiful wall hanging using cut up T-shirts and weaving them using knitting looms that Ms. Delvecchio had purchased for the school. We learned that first people’s woven cedar baskets could hold water! Our weaving showcased our perseverance (it was not easy) and our knowledge of repeating patterns. As one student proclaimed ‘this project is like math and theme and art all rolled into one!’


Our class charter is displayed prominently in class. It lists our promises to each other. We will all try to remember these so that our class community can continue to be a happy and productive one.

Grouse Mountain

It was a successful first field trip for Division 11, along with our friends in Div. 10, 12, 13 and 14. Although it was really cold in the mountains the rain held off! We were so fortunate to have very knowledgeable leaders teaching us many things about the plants and animals of our Alpine forest. We were also so lucky to see Coola and Grinder!

Orange Shirt Day


On Monday October 1st Brentwood Park will be honouring those children who survived the Indian Residential Schools and remembering those who didn’t. To learn more about the history behind Orange Shirt Day watch this short video http://youtu.be/E3vUqr01kAk about the original orange shirt.


Division 2 (Mrs. Keeler ‘s grade 6 / 7 class) came to play getting to know you board games. Our Buddies activities are planned for Wednesday mornings.


As part of our study of patterns in math, the students created pattern ‘bracelets’ using items they found outside of our classroom.