Wonderful weather + learning about different habitats and creatures + a lovely park + no bear sightings = A SUCCESSFUL FIELD TRIP! The grade twos and threes enjoyed their time […]


The students worked in groups to create ovens. First they observed how some liquids and solids when mixed create a gas (yeast and water). Then, you guessed it, a little […]

Jump Rope for Heart Fun!

We had the perfect weather on Friday afternoon to jump our hearts out! The music was pumping and students were laughing and having a ton of fun. We were impressed […]

Volumes of Fun

As part of the measurement unit in math, Division 11 is learning about volume and different units of measurement. They enjoyed exploring their knowledge and testing out their measuring accuracy […]

Happy Mother’s Day

The students worked diligently on creating biographies which included writing questions, interviewing their moms and typing notes into paragraphs. The students also enjoyed using the best tool, their hands, to […]

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