Capoeira is a Brazilian art form, which combines dance, music, and acrobatics with martial arts. Known as the secret dance of Brazil, capoeira is a display of acrobatics, kicks and self-defense tactics performed to the music of the Berimbau (an ancient stringed bow-like instrument) and drums. The students have been practising their moves and routine […]

Let’s celebrate with a publishing party!

In writing, we have been working hard to finish our All About Books… and we are now officially published! Themes ranging from All About Soccer to All About Hamsters, students had the opportunity to share their expertise on a topic (without having to do additional research) using past learning and experiences- all while learning the conventions of writing. […]

Making mini toques!

Make a product using known procedures and modeling through others Demonstrate their product, tell the story of designing and making their product, and explain how their product contributes to the individual, family, community, and/or environment As part of the Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum, we made the sweetest mini toques! We cut yarn strands […]

December Activities

                  Burnaby Village Museum (actually an end of November field trip) where we learned a lot about life in the lower mainland in the 1900’s.

Patterns Patterns Everywhere

Division 11 has begun investigating Patterns. They have found patterns in nature, on the playground and while studying in Math. They are learning about shape and colour patterns as well as number patterns, pattern rules, increasing and decreasing patterns. Applying their knowledge while creating patterns with our math manipulatives has been fun too. Noticing patterns […]


Students used their senses to make observations about the taste, feel, smell and look of their bunch of grapes. The children came up with many descriptive words and used these describing words to come up with detailed sentences about their scientific findings.


       We are off to a great start in Division 11! Our Grade 3 class of 20 students is a group of wonderful, active and motivated individuals. We are anxious to document their learning and growth through this blog. We welcome families to use the blog to foster more authentic conversations about what’s […]

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