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February News

Hello families!

This month, Maywood’s school theme is acceptance and we are learning about Black History, anti-bullying, and family diversity in February. Here are some of the things that are happening in February!

Canada Field Trip

Have you heard? We are travelling across Canada on a 5 month field trip! We’ll be travelling by school bus, and we won’t be back in BC until June! (haha just kidding!). Keep checking Teams to see our progress across this beautiful country!

Really, we are starting a big project, learning about Canada. We are using our Creative Thinking Core Competency to help us use our imaginations and pretend that we are really travelling on a bus. When children pretend, they learn how to see issues from different perspectives, to act in role, and to have fun! Play is the way that children learn, and this project is a perfect example of a chance to play. 🙂

  • In Social Studies, we will be learning about the diverse regions of Canada (Provinces and Territories), Indigenous people who live in each area, and the culture and history of each area. We will be using mapping skills to help us make connections between people and the land.
  • In Science, we will be learning about important landforms, biodiversity of plants and animals in different ecosystems, Indigenous ways of knowing, and how the land shapes what humans do, and how humans shape the land.
  • In Language Arts, we will read stories from each province and territory, learning about the history and connecting stories with the land. We will also be learning about informational writing as we write about where we go and what we see.
  • In Art, Music and Drama, we will be learning about the culture of each area and will create art, sing songs and act out stories that we read.

Valentine’s Day

Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to have a Valentine’s Party this year. Students cannot bring Valentines from home to give to their classmates, either. Instead, we will do some other fun Valentine’s activities at school.

Family Day

Family Day is on Monday, February 15. School is closed that day, but you are invited to complete a family project called Humans of the Land. Ask your children about this project…they have already done their own one at school!

Central Park Days

We will be going to Central Park on Friday, February 12 for the afternoon. We will also go on Thursday, February 25 for the afternoon (because Friday February 26 is a ProD Day). Please remember to dress for the weather on those days!

Happy February!


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