What are the Zones of Regulation?

In Div. 11, we use a program called the Zones of Regulation to help us identify and talk about our feelings.

There are 4 Zones:

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In the morning when school starts, a student might say “I am in the blue zone today because I had a nightmare last night so I am tired.”

If there is an argument with friends at recess, a student might say, “I am in the red zone because my friends were cheating at soccer.”

If a new math idea is very hard, a student might say, “I am in the yellow zone because I am confused and worried that I don’t understand.”

When we are calm, alert and ready to learn, we are in the green zone. While we would like to be in the green zone all the time, this is not possible for anyone. Our feelings change depending on what is happening around us, and all the Zones are okay!

We can use the Zones to help us talk about what we are feeling and why we feel that way, so that we can learn how to calm ourselves down if we are in the red or yellow zone, and so that we can get energy when we are in the blue zone.

Being able to talk about our feelings and work to calm ourselves down is part of this core competency:


I can sometimes recognize emotions.

I can use strategies to find peace in stressful times.

Using the Zones of Regulation has helped us talk about our feelings about COVID, school, and problems with friends on the playground.

At home, ask your family to tell you what zone they are in right now.

You could talk about the ways that you calm down when you are at home.

  • Do you snuggle with a stuffed toy?
  • Do you go on your balcony?
  • Do you draw a picture?
  • Take a bath?

My favourite way to calm down is to walk outside in Central Park. I love to be near the big tall cedar trees!

Have a great weekend, Div. 11!

Don’t forget to try to log into Microsoft Teams so that you can see pictures of your Heart Art! 🙂  We will be visiting the computer lab to learn how to log on on Monday if you’re having trouble at home.

(Families, if you’re having a hard time with Teams, please email me and I’ll try to help!)