Lynn Canyon Adventures!

Lynn Canyon provided the most stunning setting for what turned out to be an amazing experience for Div. 17! The students were given the opportunity to “zoom in” to what […]

Looking for Spring!

On our last day together before heading off on Spring Break holidays, the students take advantage of the glorious sunshine to go on a hunt for Spring around the school. […]

Which Object Doesn’t Belong?

The students have been charging up their critical and creative thinking skills while thinking like a “Mathematician” during our whole class discussions “Which Object Doesn’t Belong?” Looking at the objects […]

What is a map?

Inspired by Ysabel’s creation of a map just before the Winter Break, the students begin to explore how maps might help them understand and connect with their world. As a […]

What is a pattern?

“A pattern, a pattern, let’s make a pattern!” (from Go Noodle) The students naturally find patterns as they move through their days at school. But what exactly is a pattern? […]