Early Happy Mother’s Day!

Division 15 participated in this year’s Tomatosphere experience. We learned that even astronauts eat vegetables and grow them in outer space in their space station.  They need to eat healthy too!!

We received 2 packs of tomato seeds from the Tomatosphere program and had to plant them.  One pack of seeds was called Group J and the other pack was called Group K.  We planted them and we observed their growth and recorded germination.

Interestingly, all the seeds we planted grew tomatoes.  When we sent in our results we found out that Group K seeds were at the space station for 6 months and they grew perfectly.  Across Canada in other classrooms, Group K seeds grew a little less.

Please plant our little tomato plants in a bigger pot or in a yard and your child will help take care of them!

We thank all our moms, and all the loving adults in our life, our dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and all the special people in our life for all your love and support and taking care such good care of us!!

With love, Division 15

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