Flight Check: Recording your reading

Dear students and parents,

Everyone has been given a new assignment on RazKids, please work on this for the next week. 

It turns out that our school desktop computers are unable to record with the microphones with single prongs.  They do work with Ipads and newer computers and so I have returned the headsets for students to try recording their assigned reading in “Flight Check.”  Please bring the headsets back on Monday, November 20th.  We will be able to use our headphones in the computer lab.  The headsets with microphones will work on other electronic devices we will use at school for future projects

This week, see if you can make a recording of your reading at home.  As we do in the computer lab, go to the school website and find ‘Classes.’  Go to our ‘Class Website.’  Click onto RazKids and then log into your RazKids account.  Then click ‘Flight Check.’  Click onto the microphone icon under the passage.  If you have a headset with a microphone, read the short passage into the microphone.  If you have an Ipad or a tablet you should be able to read into the bottom, as there is a built in microphone.  Listen to your recording.  If it doesn’t work, do not worry.  We will try it together next week.

From, Ms Sim

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