Digital Citizenship using TEAMS, Zoom and Class Blog

Dear Division 12, 

It has been brought to my attention that we need to be reminded about our Digital Citizenship learning from first term of school.  During this third term will be using technology as a tool for learning, sharing and connecting with each other.  We are so glad that students are able to share and comment through the Microsoft TEAMS application, through our Division 12 Class blog website and through Zoom.  There are so many fun emojis we can use to communicate as well.   

Please remember to always use kind words to encourage and support one another when we communicate online.  Microsoft TEAMS posts may seem like a ‘chat’ tab, but it is actually a place where we post meaningful thoughts, photos, reflections and writing.  Posting is a way of sharing and expressing ourselves, but also a way for us to encourage and support one another other.  Please post responsibly and thoughtfully and do your best to check your spelling, capitals, punctuation and read over what you wrote again before you click ‘send.’   

An excellent example of a thoughtful post is Clarissa’s photo and writing entry about Rock Monsters.  Another example is when a classmate sends photos and writes a comment or caption about it.  We can give a thumbs up to click that we saw it or that we like it.  Below you can see that Clarissa has 2 thumbs up for her post!👍 

If you would like to meet with your friend or share personal information about playing video games  together, please do that over your home phone or share through Messenger (we have heard that some of our students are communicating this way).   Mrs Malito and I read through your posts and give ‘thumbs up to meaningful and thoughtful posts.  If you notice a great post you can also respond by giving it a ‘thumbs up’ too! 

Practising Digital Citizenship is an important part of our learning journey for third term and we are excited to share and learn more together as the weeks progress.  In small groups we will also be talking more about the importance of digital citizenship and proper posting etiquette (manners) on our TEAMS, ZOOM or Class Blog site.  If you have read my post and understand it, I would be so happy to get a thumbs up from you! 😄👍 


Mrs Malito & Ms Sim

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