Class Creed

Many classes will create & post a list of class rules. In our class, we talk about what we believe is important, the kind of class we want to have, and the kind of people we want to be. We then frame those ideas into a statement of what we believe we should be. We write a creed. Some years’ creeds have been straightforward statements. Many have taken some poetic form. The use of rhythm & rhyme definitely helps us remember them & makes them more powerful when we say them aloud.

Here is the creed for the class of 2019-2020:
In Division 3, we agree:
We want to be SAFE;
We want to be RESPECTED;
We want people to be KIND.


We need to show kindness and
We need to show respect
To ourselves and to each other
In what we say and do;
In order to keep each other safe
Inside and out.

The class of 2015-2016 wrote this as our class creed:

Division 3 is the best place to be
With participation, freedom, and activities.

We’ll be kind, help fill your bucket; you will be our welcome guest.
We’ll work hard to help each other make the grade & stand the test.

We are Nature’s careful keepers; we’ve each got a job to do.
Here it’s safe to be yourself, if we remember to…

Listen,… me to you and you to me.
That’s why the best place to be is Division 3!

The class of 2012-2013 pooled ideas about the class we want to be. Some of the most frequently used terms were put into the word cloud below. We liked the feel (and the ideas too) of Harry Belafonte’s song, “Turn the World Around”, and decided to use its rhythms to help us craft this creed:

Division 3 is awesome

Generous and peaceful
Creative, brave, we’re funny
And intelligent.

We show Attentive listening,
And participation
Keep our right to pass, give
Mutual respect.

We need love, and belonging
Power, Freedom & fun
We appreciate each other
Tolerate no put downs.

Who shows trust and spirit
And integrity?
Gives personal best? Let’s hear it!
We’re Division 3!

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The class of 2010-2011  agreed on the importance of these values & qualities:

powerful      confident
peaceful        respectful
fun                           imaginative                            creative

We made drafts in groups and finally settled on this class creed:

We are Division 3
Responsible, creative, courteous we strive to be.

If we’re organised, if we’re diligent
We earn respect and all can pay our rent,

‘Cause it’s up to us to make a peaceful place
Where we’re confident and it’s safe to make mistakes.

Fun, Freedom, Power, to be Loved – these are our needs!
We know that! We’re Division 3.

2009-2010 Class Creed

We are:

 Peaceful, Organised, Welcoming, Respectful, Friendly, Clean, Accepting and Safe

Division 3 is a POWERFUL CLASS!

2007-2008 Class Creed

Division 3 students are helpful and good.

That means:

  • We respect others
  • We are fair
  • We are responsible
  • We show empathy & kindness
  • We are honest
  • We share



Keep Reaching for the top, and remember not to stop.
Be polite, be delighted, work your hardest, and RESPECT!