science 7

This calendar: grade 7 science assignments.

Term 3 learning outcomes for Earth’s crust (Earth & space science):

• compare the characteristics of the Earth’s core, mantle, and crust, and describe the formation of rocks
• analyse the dynamics of tectonic plate movement and landmass formation
• explain how the Earth’s surface changes over time

Here is a helpful multimedia science glossary Get credit for your work! Use the correct heading on your assignments (see example)Template for science write-upsNature of Things documentary on The Teenage Brain, interesting for parents and teens (or near teens) to watch together.
WikiWhat’s a wiki?  Watch this video.
Biology Links (cells & microscopy)Biology cornerA slideshow about cells BC Science 7 Review Quizzes
 Animation showing photosynthesis What photosynthesis is & how it works
Geology LinksThe Rock Cycle ( Dynamic Earth (National Museum of Natural History)What is Earth’s Crust Like? (Investigation)Plate Tectonics: an introduction (video)Plate Tectonics (The Scientist Behind the Theory)Plate Boundaries, Earthquakes, VolcanoesConvection in the Mantleprocesses that occur along plate boundariesrocksforkids.comRock forming investigations/visualizationsCommon minerals & their usesMinerals A – ZHow to identify mineralsMineral gallery (Dynamic earth) The breakup of Pangea Paleomap Project A plate tectonics activity (PBS) Hawaii: evidence of plate movementGeologic Features: faults & foldsEarthquakes for kidsReal-Time Earthquake MapPlate Tectonics Visualizations (to help with BC Science 7 chap. 8)An interactive volcano site
Ecology Links
Food WebsEcosystemsCpt C Moore on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch TED talkJ Toomey (Sherman’s Lagoon) TED talk
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (from Sea Studios)
The World’s Largest Dump (from DISCOVER magazine)
Energy Kids page
Ecogeeks Ecology info & video podcasts
Cycles (water, nitrogen, Carbon, Oxygen)video on the greenhouse effect BC Science 7 resourcesBC Science 6 review quizzes
Carbon Footprint Calculator (Nature Conservancy)
Carbon Footprint Calculator (
Act on CO2 Calculator (UK government)EcoKids Climate Change QuizzesMore from EcoKidsCarbon Cycle from National GeographicOur effect on our environment (BBC Bitesize)More on pollution & changes in the environment (BBC Bitesize)Environmental History Timeline(a university site focused on British history but still useful for us)Climate Talks info (with a link for kids)Tiki the penguin’s timeline for the planet

Chemistry links



Atoms & matter (a quiz on some basics) If you are curious, here is an introduction to atomic theory found on


The Particle Theory of Matter

Other Links

Daily Planet(Canadian TV show on science & technology)Public LibraryPublic Library science h/work helpCopyright & plagiarismCopyright FAQAnother copyright tutorialCopyrightkids.orgWhat is plagiarism?A university plagiarism tutorial

(The calendar below is for my homeroom only, not science 6/7)

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