Sci8: Mirrors & Lenses & the Eyeball Test – Friday June 14

Textbook reference Chapter 5 & 6.1

Optics and the Eye Unit Test Outline

  1. Know meaning and give examples of vocabulary:  transparent, translucent and opaque, reflection, refraction, converging, diverging.
  2. Draw light ray diagrams.
  3. Understand what is meant by the terms: normal, angle of incidence, angle of refraction, & angle of reflection
  4. Draw light ray diagrams of different situations and describe what happens with:
    1. Convex and concave mirrors
    2. Convex and concave lens
  5. Label diagram of the eye ball
  6. Match eyeball vocabulary
  7. Know the path of light through the eye ball

AP Bio 12: Urinary & Reproduction Unit Test-Friday June 14

  • Label the parts of the nephron and the blood vessels surrounding the nephron.
  • Know what happens at the different parts of the nephron that contribute to formation of urine:  bowman’s capsule, proximal convoluted tubule, descending and ascending loop of Henle, distal convoluted tubule, collecting duct.
  • How do the hormones ADH and aldosterone affect blood volume and blood pressure.  (Negative feedback control)?
  • Label and describe the functions of the parts of the male and female reproductive systems. 
  • The hormones associated with reproductive system: testosterone, estrogen, progesterone; follicle-stimulating hormoen (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), GnRH, HCG, 
  •  The positive feedback mechanism of  oxytocin for birthing and milk let-down.
  • Draw and label the parts of a sperm cell
  • 46 marks MC & 30 marks written part


Bio11: Phylum Athropoda Notes

Arthropoda Class Notes

Link to videos of the animal phylums:  Shape of Life

Biology 11 Final Exam Monday June 17 / Tuesday June 18

The study list/ review sheet for the final exam is available for pick up in class if you didn’t get it yet.

Reminder: After the Final Exam you will return your biology textbooks to the multipurpose room in Upper C Wing.

Biology 11: Animals Text Questions Assignment Due Monday June 10

Bio11 HW: Aquarium FT / Research Microplastics HW

A) Aquarium field trip:  Email me 

3 pictures that represent your top 3 takeaways from the Aquarium field trip experience. 

What did you learn? discover? Something new to you. Something that made you think about a topic. It can be about animals, plants, the environment, human interactions and effects on the environment and aquatic organisms.


B) Library Microplastics topic:  Email me

You should have picked up the instructions at the library on May 30th if you didn’t go to the Aquarium. Or come see me in class if you need the instruction sheet.

Science 8: HW Tuesday June 4th

We have done at least 1 test of our solar oven. 

Complete Solar Oven Report #1  online:  Solar Oven Report #1

Textbook Reading Check questions are now due now:

  • Textbook page 205 # 1-5
  • Textbook page 210 #1-7

AP Bio12: Nervous System Test – Thursday June 6

  1. Label Neuron structures
  2. Know the different types of neurons
  3. Reflex arc diagram (sensory receptor, sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron, effector(muscle or gland)
  4. Describe the action potential graph (Resting potential, Action potential (depolarization & repolarization), refractory period, Na & K Ions involved )
  5. Label and describe how the synapse works
  6. Neurotransmitters and respective enzymes (acetylcholine and norepinephrine; acetylcholinesterase & monoamine oxidase)
  7. Describe and label the reflex arc diagram
  8. Central nervous system; label and describe brain parts & functions
  9. Peripheral NS (sympathetic vs parasympathetic  and their different effects)



Bio 11 HW: Porifera and Cnidaria

Refer to Chapter 26 and try to do Reading Chapter Questions.


Watch these cool videos from Shape of Life

Phylum Porifera – Sponges

Phylum Cnidaria – Jellyfish & Sea Anemones & Corals

Phylum Platyhelminthes – Flatworms



Biology 11: Angiosperms handout Homework

Complete the pages in the booklet.

Day 1 due: Friday May 10 

Day 2 due:  Monday May 13