Having trouble submitting assignments in Teams?

Here’s a pdf with slides to  help if you still haven’t figure it out how to submit assignments.    How to Access and Use Teams

How to submit an assignment in Teams Video



Covid-19 virus and how social distancing helps us all

Stay safe everyone.  Wash hands properly. Don’t touch your face. And keep your distance from others, also referred to social distancing. This protects you and the most vulnerable in our society and helps “flatten the curve”.  This prevents an exponential increase of infected individuals. It may get worse but you can make a difference. Please refrain from physical close contact with others if you can. Use technology to connect with others instead.  Here’s a video to explain how social distancing can help save lives and “flatten the curve” of the exponential increase of infection.


and for those that like to read more and watch computer simulations, here’s an article below.

Why coronavirus spreads exponentially and how to “flatten the curve”