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Word Work

***Remember we use the word wall in our class–so you’ll have to look at the *Portable Word Wall !

**You can play all these games without a printer–just use blank or lined paper to practice on.

The games with a * are in your package.

*Graph a Word

Choose six words from the *Portable Word Wall and write each word below a number (put your paper into your sleeve and use your whiteboard pen).  When you roll that number, write the word in the next box.  Keep playing until one column is words is full.

*Grocery List

Kindergarten Food Pages (Grade 1’s use a Grocery Store Flyer)

Choose items you would like to buy at the Grocery store and write them on your list.  You can use your sleeve and your whiteboard pen for this activity.

ABC Match







Print the ABC page or write the Capital letters of the alphabet on a blank paper.  Using your magnet letters from the Welcome To Kindergarten, find all the letters and match them–don’t forget to practice their sounds as well.  Or…you can make the letters out of play dough.


Popcorn Word Sentences

Choose a word from the *Portable Word Wall and use it in a sentence.  Make sure you start with a Capital letter and end with proper punctuation–!?.

*Rainbow Roll  Rainbow Roll Colour Key

Using the printed sheet, (or a lined piece of paper) roll the die, and match the number to the colour key (e.g. 4=green)choose a word from the *Portable Word Wall and then write the word twice with the appropriate coloured crayon or pencil crayon.  You will not be able to re use this paper in your sleeve–but it is double sided, so you can play twice.

Boggle Sheet

boggle 1

Boggle 2

Boggle 3

Boggle 4

Boggle 5

Boggle 6

Boggle 7

Boggle 8

Using the letters given, spell as many words as you can.  (Please use lined paper if you have it)

Play Dough (Build a word or letters)

Using your play dough and the *Portable Word Wall, choose a word, then make it out of play dough.  If you are in Kindergarten, you can also practice making the alphabet letters.

*Build It

If you have the game Scrabble at home, you can use the letter tiles just like we would use the Bananagrams in class.  Choose a word from the *Portable Word Wall and then build it with the letter tiles.  After building it, copy it onto your paper using your whiteboard pen (inside your sleeve).

*word search & *write the room

Put this paper in your sleeve and use your white board pen to search for words in books in your house.

Letter Recognition Practice

Magnet ABC’s

Find your ABC magnets from Welcome to Kindergarten and put them in a pile.  Draw one out at a time–name the letter, write the letter, and identify the sound associated with the letter.

ABC Scavenger Hunt

Find 4 items from around the house.  Draw them and label them with the letter that they begin with.

Letter Hunt

Using old magazines, catalogs, or newspapers, find, cut out, sort and glue (if you have it) onto a piece of paper.

Snakes And Ladders

Here are two printable (or you could draw and create your own game) versions of Snakes and Ladders with capital and lower case letters.  you will need a die, and a game piece per player.  Roll the die, move the spaces and identify the letter you land on along with it’s corresponding sound.