Bird’s Nests

We have been noticing all the birds around us during our nature school adventures.  There are so many to see!!  We have a list that includes 10 different species…can you remember them all?

Lately the Robins have been very busy–singing, eating worms, and making nests.  We were inspired by their construction and attempted to make our own nests last week.  We saw samples of a hummingbird’s nest as well as a number of robin’s nests as well.  We talked about the differences in sizes and construction.  We also wondered how big an Eagle’s nest might be…

We read a little bit about the robin–then began collecting materials to build our own replica nests.  We could work alone, with a partner, or with a group for this activity.  So this was an exercise in building our communication skills as well as a nest!


We had a great time and were very engaged in working with our classmates.  Here are some pictures of some of the nests we made:



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Spring Break Fun

Are the two weeks of spring break stretching ahead of you with a sense of doom?

Check out these ideas I found on a website for Spring Break fun at home.

  • Have a campout in the yard.  Pitch a tent and barbecue outside.
  • Have a spa day.  Get nail polish, glitter and lotions from the drugstore and give each other manicures and make-overs.
  • Make bird feeders.  
  • Bring spring inside. Plant flowers in little pots that the kids have decorated.
  • Plan an afternoon at a local park. Take a picnic lunch, kites, and balls & bats for a softball game. Let the kids invite several buddies and you’ve got a memorable spring day.
  • Make up a story together.  Have your children illustrate it.
  • For a Spring learning adventure, take a hike in a nature area and learn to identify birds, trees, plants, and flowers. Spring is a natural time for kids to explore science and nature.  The library offers lots of books to help!
  • Have a board game day. 
  • Set up an obstacle course in the house or backyard.
  • Messy Fun.  Set the kids up in the backyard with some inexpensive shaving cream and some food coloring. Let them go to town.
  • PJ parties still rock! Get ready for popcorn, movies pillow fights and lots of gossip. No matter what age, sleepovers are always a hit!
  • Build a fort.  Hide the breakables and let the kids use every pillow, blanket and piece of furniture in the living or family room to create a giant fort. Let them eat lunch or dinner in it.
  • Have an outside work day to get the yard in shape. Gather the materials needed for a special outdoor project with your kids, such as a kid-sized garden or building a birdhouse.  Plan a special treat afterwards for everyone’s hard work.
  • Do nothing.  Yes, that’s right. In today’s time of over-scheduled kids, a day or two of totally unscheduled time, when your kids can sleep late, play creatively, or work on a hobby, and generally relax, may be just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy your break and we’ll see you back on March 28th.

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100th Day of School

We’ve made it to the 100th day of school!! Yippee!!!

On Wednesday of last week we celebrated our 100th day of school with a variety of fun activities.

We made 100 crowns.

We stamped 100 stamps.

We did 10 jumping jacks.

We had a 10 minute dance party.

We built structures with 100 cups.

We were silent for 100 seconds.

We counted 100 shapes.

We wrote 100 words.

We spied 100 objects.

We watched a 10 minute movie.

We made a book of 100 things.

Check out some pics from our day below…


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Finally some beautiful sun!

We’ve been waiting for a day like yesterday… to explore SHADOWS!

Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed.”

Divisions 7 & 8 first used sticks to trace our friend’s shadows in the sand…then moved on to using sidewalk chalk on the Confederation Park pathway.  If you want to check out our work in person–don’t delay–the rain could wash it away soon!

Here we are hard at work…building our communication and cooperation skills!


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Family Fun Bingo

I know the winter weather is starting to get us all down…we are so ready for spring to arrive!!

But it is still a ways away!

So to help you out–finding some fun things to do to occupy your time until then..

Try out this Bingo game full of ideas!

What will your favourite activity be???


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Counting Big Numbers

We have been working on building and counting big numbers.  We have been using Base 10 blocks.  The manipulative allow us to learn the concepts of ‘10’s and 1’s‘ and ‘counting on‘.

We began with a numeral (e.g. 25) then we built that numeral with the blocks then we drew a picture to represent the numeral we built.

We have also worked from a picture to the numeral it represents.

We have been practicing with numerals from 1-99.

If you would like to play around with these manipulatives at home–you can check out a website here.  Challenge yourself to try big numbers!!

Have fun!

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Warm Colours

After our successful work with our cool colour cityscapes, we tried out warm colour snowmen!!

This time we used the directed drawing technique to draw a snowman in the middle of our square page.

We used warm coloured oil pastels for our backgrounds and our snowman’s details.  We were also able to use black and white oil pastels as well.  Our final step was to once again add snowflakes using white liquid tempra paint.

Check out our work below:

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Snowy Day Art

The Snowy Day  by Ezra Jack Keats was the inspiration for our art project last week.

We began by reading the story together.  We then used a directed drawing technique to draw our buildings using sharpies.   We used vertical and diagonal lines as well as rectangles and squares.

After our city was complete, we then began to paint using water colour paint pucks.  We are learning to choose our brush based on what we are painting–big brushes for the sky, little brushes for the windows.

We ONLY used cool colours to invoke a feeling of a cold winter day.  The cool colours include: blues, greens, and purples.






After finishing the painting, we then dried our work with a hair dryer…yes a hair dryer!  This allowed us to add the snow using white liquid tempra and Q-Tips without having to wait!!

Take a look at our finished pieces below…




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Non Fiction Reading

Throughout the year we have been learning the difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction books.  We have been developing our skills in finding clues to identify each.

Here are some of the clues we look for:

After reading, we use a variety of graphic organizers to show our learning.

When reading Fiction, we use listening center recording sheets.  These organizers focus on the characters, setting and favourite part of the story.  This week we read Grandpa Dan’s Toboggan Ride (here is a read aloud video of the story from Youtube.


We have started to focus more on Non-Fiction this term, and learning how to write a response (early note taking skills).  We have been using the non fiction news to organize our information.

Last week, we read a book about Bears.

Next week our book is about Blizzards…let’s hope it doesn’t bring us one!!!

If you want to read some Non-Fiction together at home, you can check out BookFlix at the BPL.

Happy Reading.




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Skip Counting

This week we have been working on skip counting with a focus on counting by 2’s. 

We have been doing math activities around skip counting.

Our shared reading book is about skip counting as well.


During this process we are learning about the difference between even and odd numbers.  We have learned how to use our number line and some counters to see the ‘patterns‘ in skip counting by 2’s.

Here is a link to a song we watched to help us practice counting by 2’s.

Here is another video (story) on Youtube about skip counting you can watch together.

Can you find some things at your home that you can group and then count by 2’s???

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