Outdoor Adventures

This week we ventured into “Mother Nature” and “Baby Court” (also known as our garden and the grassy field right next to it) to do some exploring.

We planned two activities:

  1. Build the first letter of your name using sticks and raffia

  2. Measure the items that have begun to grow in our garden and record those measurements

We began by reading the book “Eh? To Zed” by Kevin Major.  It’s a Canadian Alphabet book that uses the letters of the alphabet to introduce famous Canadian people, places, and landmarks.

Then we broke into groups and began our stick collecting and measuring.  Luckily our school yard supplies us with a seemingly never ending supply of sticks and our garden bins are full of new sprouts!

We were excited to finally be able to use the new flower chalk boards on our fence to record our measurements!  Thanks to Mrs. Ishii for getting those hung up for us!

To conclude our adventure, we chatted about the stick building…Clover said, “It was hard, hard, hard, hard!”  Thanks for your honesty Clover!  Others readily agreed, but interestingly not a single student stopped trying to make it work!  Lots of persistence and flexibility.

Way to go Divisions 7 & 8!!

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Symmetry In Geometry

Today we revisited the word symmetry.  You might remember that our art show project involved symmetrical bugs!

This time we used geometric pattern blocks to create our symmetrical patterns.

If the pattern is symmetrical we could ‘cut’ it in half and fold it up to match each side.

We had to use our critical thinking skills to create these patterns.


You can explore with these blocks on your device at home via this link.

Here are some images of our completed patterns.

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Growth Mindset

We have been learning about learning!

In the past few weeks we have been focusing on our attitude towards learning.  In order to do this, we need to be able to identify our personal strengths abilities. So far we have looked at 3 different aspects:


  1. Perseverance-keeping at it, even when a task is hard
  2. Flexibility-trying different ways to find a solution
  3. Optimism-putting aside fear and resistance to learn something new


We found an example of Persistence with the cat Maru!  He is so amazing!




We found an example of Flexibility with Ormie the pig!  Hilariously inspiring…







And the embodiment of Optimism is Frog from the Frog & Toad stories by Arnold Lobel.

Having a positive attitude about learning (a growth mindset) allows us to take on challenges with confidence and zeal!

Watch for an upcoming post that includes empathy and resilience.


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Math Tangram

Today we used our critical thinking skills along with our technology skills to share our math knowledge in a new way.  We learned a little history of how the Tangram was invented (one of many versions we found out!).

Long ago in China there was a new Emperor, and everyone in the land was bringing him a gift.  The tile maker spent a lot of time making a beautiful, perfectly square tile.  As he waited in line to present it to the Emperor, he became more and more nervous.  Finally, it was his turn.  As he approached the Emperor his knees were shaking and he tripped and dropped the tile. Oh, No!  It broke into seven pieces!  Since then it has been a challenge to try to return the seven pieces back into a perfect square.

Below are the 7 pieces…

We used the iPads today to explore using the Tangrams to complete puzzles (decomposing shapes).  We encountered some technical difficulties (some of us more than others!) but overall we had fun.  If you would like to try the puzzles at home you can click the link below.

Tangram Puzzles

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Crazy Cats

On Friday for art we looked at the very colourful work of Laurel Burch.

We learned how to draw a cat in her ‘style’ via directed drawing, and then used beautiful liquid water colours to duplicate her bold work.

Take a look as we progress from drawing to painting:


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Cool Math

This week we have been working with BIG numbers!  We are learning to identify the TENS and ONES by using place value blocks.

On Tuesday we used a website called CoolMath4Kids .

We each had our own iPad to explore creating numbers using the Base 10 Blocks on the Website.

CORE COMPETENCY: Using technology to communicate our learning.

We had to pick a number from the bucket, then create the number using the tens and ones.

Finally, we had to use the calculator to ‘write’ our number.

Today we will be using the same BASE 10 BLOCKS to re-create the activity, using pencil and paper this time.

You can explore this at home for extra number practice!

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Bird’s Nests

We have been noticing all the birds around us during our nature school adventures.  There are so many to see!!  We have a list that includes 10 different species…can you remember them all?

Lately the Robins have been very busy–singing, eating worms, and making nests.  We were inspired by their construction and attempted to make our own nests last week.  We saw samples of a hummingbird’s nest as well as a number of robin’s nests as well.  We talked about the differences in sizes and construction.  We also wondered how big an Eagle’s nest might be…

We read a little bit about the robin–then began collecting materials to build our own replica nests.  We could work alone, with a partner, or with a group for this activity.  So this was an exercise in building our communication skills as well as a nest!


We had a great time and were very engaged in working with our classmates.  Here are some pictures of some of the nests we made:



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Spring Break Fun

Are the two weeks of spring break stretching ahead of you with a sense of doom?

Check out these ideas I found on a website for Spring Break fun at home.

  • Have a campout in the yard.  Pitch a tent and barbecue outside.
  • Have a spa day.  Get nail polish, glitter and lotions from the drugstore and give each other manicures and make-overs.
  • Make bird feeders.  
  • Bring spring inside. Plant flowers in little pots that the kids have decorated.
  • Plan an afternoon at a local park. Take a picnic lunch, kites, and balls & bats for a softball game. Let the kids invite several buddies and you’ve got a memorable spring day.
  • Make up a story together.  Have your children illustrate it.
  • For a Spring learning adventure, take a hike in a nature area and learn to identify birds, trees, plants, and flowers. Spring is a natural time for kids to explore science and nature.  The library offers lots of books to help!
  • Have a board game day. 
  • Set up an obstacle course in the house or backyard.
  • Messy Fun.  Set the kids up in the backyard with some inexpensive shaving cream and some food coloring. Let them go to town.
  • PJ parties still rock! Get ready for popcorn, movies pillow fights and lots of gossip. No matter what age, sleepovers are always a hit!
  • Build a fort.  Hide the breakables and let the kids use every pillow, blanket and piece of furniture in the living or family room to create a giant fort. Let them eat lunch or dinner in it.
  • Have an outside work day to get the yard in shape. Gather the materials needed for a special outdoor project with your kids, such as a kid-sized garden or building a birdhouse.  Plan a special treat afterwards for everyone’s hard work.
  • Do nothing.  Yes, that’s right. In today’s time of over-scheduled kids, a day or two of totally unscheduled time, when your kids can sleep late, play creatively, or work on a hobby, and generally relax, may be just what the doctor ordered.

Enjoy your break and we’ll see you back on March 28th.

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100th Day of School

We’ve made it to the 100th day of school!! Yippee!!!

On Wednesday of last week we celebrated our 100th day of school with a variety of fun activities.

We made 100 crowns.

We stamped 100 stamps.

We did 10 jumping jacks.

We had a 10 minute dance party.

We built structures with 100 cups.

We were silent for 100 seconds.

We counted 100 shapes.

We wrote 100 words.

We spied 100 objects.

We watched a 10 minute movie.

We made a book of 100 things.

Check out some pics from our day below…


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Finally some beautiful sun!

We’ve been waiting for a day like yesterday… to explore SHADOWS!

Light and sound can be produced and their properties can be changed.”

Divisions 7 & 8 first used sticks to trace our friend’s shadows in the sand…then moved on to using sidewalk chalk on the Confederation Park pathway.  If you want to check out our work in person–don’t delay–the rain could wash it away soon!

Here we are hard at work…building our communication and cooperation skills!


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