“Music Changes the World” – District Concert May 1, 2023.

Sponsored imageApril 30, 2023.

We wouldn’t write this if we didn’t believe this.  Music truly can change the world.  Corovoce, you have changed our world this year.  From a lengthy hiatus of two and a half years, you brought your lovely, lyrical voices back to us in such a magical way.  We feel blessed to be a part of your world, and we are grateful to you all for sharing your tremendous talent with us.  We will see you Monday for the final time this school year at 3:30 at Michael J Fox.  Thank you to Mia and Kurtis’ parents for helping with ticket sales at the door.

This is your moment to shine.  After the school tour we were exhausted, but oh so pleased with the quality of sound and the energy you gave to each performance.  Monday is Music Monday and we think you will once again rise to the occasion and sing from your hearts.  We look forward to the concert in so many ways, and yet we are sad to be done.  However, we look forward to our new season next September when a whole new repertoire awaits us!

Please continue to check for blog posts regularly.  And let us know either way what your plans are for September.  You do not need to audition again, we just need to save you a spot.

Once again, from myself, Ms. Ishii, and Ms. Little, thank you for filling up our musical bucket each week.  We are so proud of the journey we took together!

In song,

Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro, Ms. Ishii

“Music takes us where words cannot.” – Henry Winkler


April 23, 2023.

Dear Corovoce Members:

This is a busy week for everyone, with rehearsals, school tour, track and field….well it’s going to be busy!  And then, we look forward to our final concert next Monday May 1 with Soundwave and Picollini.  Here is the important information you need to know to make it through the week!

Monday, April 24

-This is our final formal rehearsal for the year.  Bring your music and folders back today.  If you forget, drop it off another day to the office at South Slope OR ask your music teacher to send it to me through internal mail.  All folders and music need to be returned.

-We will be choosing students to be the MC’s for the school tour.  If you see this post before the rehearsal, think about whether you would like to volunteer for this!


-Bring your school online cash form today to get your tickets, or bring money to purchase tickets.  Tickets will also be available at the door.

– Pick up your t-shirt on your way out today.  Wear it Thursday for the school tour AND Monday, May 1 for the concert.  Wear it forever after that!


Tuesday, April 25

– Be at Kitchener Elementary by 3:30.  I won’t cry if you give me your music then.  Rehearsal ends at 5:00.

Thursday, April 27

– Be at South Slope (unless you’re a Morley students) by 8:15 a.m.  We will do attendance and head off at 8:30.  Bring plenty of water, and a nut free lunch.  Wear your t-shirt and black on the bottom.  We will return to South Slope by 3:00 p.m. for pick up.  I still won’t cry if you hand in your music today.

Monday, May 1

“Music Changes the World” concert at MFJ Theatre.

– Be at the theatre at 3:30.  Wear your t shirt, or be ready to get dressed after the rehearsal.  We will rehearse from 3:30 – 4:30, on our own, and with the other groups.  At 4:30 you will be dismissed to your parents for a break and a light dinner and need to return to the green room by 6:15, ready to warm up.  I will cry a little if you give me your music today.

That’s it for the year, there are NO rehearsals after our concert.  However, please keep checking the blog regularly for updates about next year.

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro




Updates for April 17, 2023

April 12, 2023.

Dear Corovoce Members:

You have a few more days to commit your words and music to memory.  On Monday, April 17, we will be polishing all our songs and singing from our hearts.  Be ready!

Tickets for “Music Changes the World”

Tickets are on sale in school cash online.  Here is the link to copy and paste into your browser.


We will be giving out “hard” copies of your tickets on Monday.  Tickets will also be available at the door.

Important News Regarding Track and Field!

There was a change to the final north and south final meets.  The south meet was changed to Wednesday, April 26, our tour date.  I am not sure if this affects any of our members, but I’m hoping that you do choose to go on tour with us that day.  It is unfortunate that you have to make this decision and we will understand if you go the the final meet, but we’re hoping you are able to sing with us that day!  Please let us know this Monday if you have a conflict.

Pro D Day April 24

We realize this is a Pro D Day for most students but we WILL be rehearsing that day from 3:30 to 5:00.  Please turn in your music either this day, or April 17.

Tuesday, April 25 at Kitchener

We will be rehearsing there from 3:30 to 5:00.  Please come if you can.

Wednesday, April 26 – Tour Date

Please see note above regarding Track and Field above.  Consent forms need to be in next Monday.  Click here for the form and information around the tour.

Corovoce school tour consent forms 2023

Monday, May 1 – “Music Changes the World” District Concert

Monday, May 1 is our concert at Michael J Fox Theatre.

3:30 – be at the theatre for our Corovoce rehearsal.

4:00 – rehearsal of our mass numbers.

4:30 – students dismissed to their parents for a break and some dinner.

6:15 – be in the “green” room dressed in your t shirt and black bottoms ready to warm up!

6:30 – the concert!

May 1, the concert, is our final time together, there are no more rehearsals until September!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all with the music in your heads, and the songs in your hearts on Monday!

In song,

Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro, Ms. Ishii

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.” – Lao Tzu



Tickets are now on sale for “Music Changes the World”

Dragon, Kite, Paper Products, Kite, KiteApril 4, 2023.

Dear Corovoce:

We had a wonderful rehearsal yesterday and things are starting to come together for our concert on May 1.  Can you guess which one was my favourite from yesterday? (followed closely by Singing in the Rain)

So our repertoire is set.  You need to be off your music next rehearsal for the following songs:

  1.  Music Changes the World
  2. Cover the World with Love
  3. Singing in the Rain
  4. Klee Wyck
  5. Give Me a Kite
  6. Hine Ma Tov
  7. We Rise Again

These songs need to be committed to memory by April 17.  We will then “polish” our songs until they shine!

Tickets are on sale for our concert and can be purchased online using school cash.  Here is the link.  Copy and paste it into your browser.


We will also have tickets for sale starting on April 17.  You can also claim your “hard copy” tickets from using school cash on this day.  Just let us know how many you have purchased online.


We know many schools may also have Pro D on Monday, April 24, but WE WILL REHEARSE that day.


We wish everyone a lovely long weekend.  Rest up, learn your lyrics and parts so you can sing from your heart.

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Fierro, Ms. Little

“If being an egomaniac means I believe in what I do and in my art or music, then in that respect you can call me that….I believe in what I do, and I’ll say it.” – John Lennon




Here is our T-shirt for this year!

And the winner is……


This design is by someone who would prefer to remain anonymous!  Our shirts will be black so for our performance and tour date we will wear our black pants/tights/skirts and our shirt.

There is no charge for the shirt, it’s included in your registration fee!

Other pertinent information:

We will see you all at rehearsal this Monday, April 3 from 3:30 to 5:00.

There is NO rehearsal on Easter Monday, April 10.

Rehearsals continue on Monday, April 17 and….

Monday, April 24 from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m.


Extra rehearsal at Kitchener Elementary on Tuesday, April 25 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.

There will be a memo going home regarding our school tour on Wednesday, April 26.  I’ll send home a hard copy and also post it here.

Monday, May 1 is our concert at Michael J Fox Theatre.

3:30 – be at the theatre for our Corovoce rehearsal.

4:00 – rehearsal of our mass numbers.

4:30 – students dismissed to their parents for a break and some dinner.

6:15 – be in the “green” room at this time dressed in your t shirt and black bottoms ready to warm up!

6:30 – the concert!

May 1, the concert, is our final time together, there are no more rehearsals until September!

We so look forward to showcasing your amazing work this term!  Keep rehearsing your parts and memorizing your lyrics!

In song,

Ms, Little, Ms. Ishii, Ms. Fierro

“A painter paints pictures on canvas.  but musicians paint their picture on silence” – Leopold Stokowski




Flower, Crocuses, Sheet Music, Violet

March 8, 2023

Dear Corovoce members:

We certainly had a busy rehearsal on Monday!  Here are a few important details for you to be aware of as you head off to Spring Break.

  1.  We sized everyone who attended rehearsal on Monday.  If you were not there PLEASE email me at teresa.jukich@burnabyschools.ca with your t shirt size.  Please err on the large side in case you have a growth spurt soon!
  2. T-shirt design submissions MUST be in by Monday, March 27.  You can email them to me earlier at the above address.  (even better!)
  3. Click here to practice the signing and the song, Cover the World With Love.  Most of the signed English is exactly like ours.  If you were at rehearsal, that is the way we will sign it.
  4. Click here for the lyrics. COVER THE WORLD WITH LOVE
  5. Please give the school tour paper to your music teacher.  We have already had 12th Avenue confirm that we will be coming!  yay!
  6. We would like to extend rehearsals after Spring Break until 5:00.  Please stay on until 5:00 if you can.

Have a restful, exciting, wonderful, musical Spring Break!  Practice your repertoire!

In song,

Ms. Little, Ms. Ishii, Ms. Fierro

“Music can change the world” – Beethoven

Wednesday, April 26 is our Tour Date!!

Dear Corovoce Students and Parents:

I once again apologize for the short notice regarding the cancellation of practice last Monday.  I hate cancelling practice so late in the day, but….well….the weather appeared to be deteriorating rapidly.  Again I apologize if you were inconvenienced in any way.

We are looking forward to seeing you all this Monday before Spring Break!  We have lots to do!  If you scroll back to the yellow t shirt post, you will see we will be having a design contest again this year.  Your submissions must be in on March 27.  You are welcome to email them to me during the break as well. teresa.jukich@burnabyschools.ca

Our tour date is Wednesday, April 26.  We have further information around our choice of schools coming up this Monday!  The date is right in between the South and North track and field final meets at Swangard.

See you all on Monday!!

In song,

Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro, Ms. Ishii

T-Shirt Design Contest for Corovoce!

T-Shirt, Clothing, Yellow, Shirt, TshirtFebruary 16, 2023.

Dear Corovoce Members:

Happy Family Day!  Remember, no choir on Monday.  We’ll see you all on February 27.  For those of you with artistic talents, I’ve put the link to our t-shirt design contest in this post.  You can print it out at home and get started.  All the instructions are contained in there, but the highlights are:  no colouring required, just pencil or black fine line….Corovoce MUST be on the shirt, and my favourite….not too intricate….BIG and BOLD!  Entries are due March 6.  Anyone who submits a design can claim a treat.  I will also have hard copies at our next rehearsal for you to take away and work on for the next week.

Happy creating!

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Mrs. Fierro, Ms. Little


Happy Hearts Week!

Sheet Music, Music Sheet, Heart, BlueFebruary 12, 2023

Happy Hearts Week!

We will be working on Doraji, Hine Ma Tov, We Rise Again, and I Dreamed of Rain.  The secret word is actually a phrase that I hope you remember.

There is no choir next week is the phrase because it’s Family Day!

In song,

Mrs. Fierro, Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little

Welcome to February!

Choir, Joy, Praise, Sing, Voice, Music

February 1, 2023.

Dear Corovoce Members:

We are making great progress on our repertoire this term!  So many lovely and inspiring songs, so many choices to make, so much work to be done!  But if you continue to go over your songs between rehearsals, and practice as best you can, we will be even more amazing than at Christmas!

Please go over your part in “I Dreamed of Rain” as well as “Klee Wyck”.  Also, see if you’re up for a solo, or a group ensemble for “Hine Ma Tov”.

Next week, we will work on Give me a Kite, Doranji, We Rise Again, and the songs above.  Remember, the songs are posted in the blog posts below for you to refer to.

As an early Valentine treat, you’re welcome to tell us the secret word which is “Klee Wyck”.  That song has been roaming around in my brain all week!

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words.  It speaks in emotions and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” – Keith Richards

Lunar New Year Wishes from Corovoce! January 16 – 19

January 16, 2023.

Hello Everyone!

We had an amazing first rehearsal of the year on Monday.  I am enjoying reading your reflection sheets!  Some of your responses are very thoughtful.

We previewed 4 songs: Singin in the Rain, I Dreamed of Rain, Music Changes the World, and Klee Wyck.  Please listen to these on the previous blog post so you can be prepared to work on them in two weeks.

This week we will be previewing more songs, and then your voice is needed to help us choose our repertoire for the spring.  More details to come.  Definitely look at We Rise Again from the previous post and Hine Ma Tov, Can You Hear, Winds, and Give me a Kite.

I am instituting the secret word again to see who is reading the blog.  Please do not share the word during rehearsal, it kind of spoils the fun.

I have some purple Corovoce t shirts up for grabs as well as some Covid friendly treats.  The secret word is “rabbit”

See you at rehearsal!

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” – Leo Tolstoy

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro


Happy New Year! Our New Repertoire for 2023!

Doodle, Sketch, Cartoon, Unicorn, Horse


December 16, 2023

Who doesn’t love a magical unicorn at Christmas!  Here’s to an exciting new year in 2023!  I have been busily pulling some songs for our repertoire but I am going to leave some of the selections to YOU dear choir!  Here is some of the criteria I used to select these pieces:

  1.  Variety of songs…..ie….tempos, melodies,
  2. Genre…..spirituals, Broadway, folk songs, jazz
  3. Canadian content.
  4. Language challenges.
  5. Simple or complex.

There are more I’m thinking of, but I thought we would at least begin our musical journey going through some of this repertoire in January.


Click here for We Rise Again.

Click here for another version of We Rise Again.

A beautiful song, Klee Wyck.  Click here for this arrangement by Brian Tate.

Another Klee Wyck.  I couldn’t choose.  Click here.

Click here for Can You Hear by Jim Papoulis.

Click here for Doraji.

Click here for another version of Doraji.

Click here for Doraji by the Vancouver Youth Choir.

Click here for Music Changes the World.

Click here for Doraji, a Korean folk song.

Click here for one of my favourites, Java Jazz.  so fun!

Click here for Give Me a Kite!

Click here for Coast Salish Medley arrange by Wendy Stuart.

Click here for I Dreamed of Rain.  Another solo opportunity.

Click here to listen to For Good.  More solo opportunities!

Click here for Winds by Larysa Kuzmenko.

Click here for Hine Ma Tov.

Here’s a real show stopper!  Click here for Singin’ in the Rain.

Click here for The Frim Fram Sauce.  I love this song!

Please enjoy listening to these songs and let me know what you think.

In song,

Ms. Fierro, Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little

“There is music in the air, music all around us: The world is full of it, and you simply take as much as you require.” – Edward Elgar








Spectacular Concert on December 12!

December 13. 2022.

Dear Corovoce Members:

What a splendid concert on Monday evening!  We heard so many positive comments about how much fun it was to be “Together Again”, and how beautiful the singing and ringing was!

We hope you enjoy the holiday season however you celebrate, and we look forward to seeing you all in January!

First rehearsal….Monday, January 9 at 3:30 p.m.

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro

“Music Can Change the World” – Beethoven

Final Countdown to “Together Again” and our Performance at the Board

Hello my friends:


We’re so excited to see you in your white and black next Monday and Tuesday!  Here is the promised “yellow” notice from Monday!

Important Information for

December 5 – 16

Here we are!  Just about ready for our concert next Monday!  Here are the dates and times for the next two weeks.

Monday, December 5 – our rehearsal today 3:30 – 5:15.

Tuesday, December 6 – rehearsal at Kitchener from 3:30 – 5:15.

Monday, December 12 –“Together Again” at MJF

Students need to be at the theatre, in their white collared shirts and black slacks, or skirts by 3:30 p.m.  We will rehearse our numbers, then the mass number until 4;30 and then students will be dismissed to their parents.  Please supervise your own children or make arrangements for other parents to supervise them until 6:00 when they are expected to be in one of the “green rooms” ready to warm up.

Tuesday, December 13 – Performance at the School Board

Our performance at the Burnaby School Board.  Be there at 6:30 p.m.  We will sing at 7:00 and be finished by 7:15.

Please wear your white and black again for this performance.

4054 Norfolk Avenue. (near Canada Way and Boundary)

And, our first rehearsal of 2023 will be Monday, January 9 from 3:30 – 4:45 – regular time.

We hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow, otherwise, we will see you at Michael J Fox theatre next Monday, December 12 at 3:30 p.m.

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Fierro, Ms. Little

Link to School Online Cash and Parent Ticket Takers

Dear Corovoce Parents:


Here is the link to pay by school cash online.  Then, please ask your child how many tickets you have paid for and we will give you the hard copy.


Click here for the link.

If someone could please let me know if this works!

And….the first two parents who volunteer to take tickets get to save their seats for the show!

Email   teresa.jukich@burnabyschools.ca

I will process the volunteers in the order they come in.

Memo of Important Up Coming Dates and Extra Rehearsal Time!




Dear Corovoce Members:


We had a magical rehearsal yesterday and our repertoire is starting to come together.  We would like to extend our next three rehearsals until 5:15 if possible in order to be ready for our concert.  If you can stay, great, if not, please slip out quietly when you need to!

Tickets will be available for purchase next week, November 21.  They will also be available to pay for online.  Please let your child know how many tickets were purchased so we can send them the “hard” copy of the ticket.

We need 2 sets of parents to take tickets at the door.  The first 2 parents who email me get to save their seats in the theatre.


Click below for further important information regarding rehearsals, dress code etc…..

Corovoce Letter December 2022

We are looking forward to our concert, “Together Again” and can’t wait to show you our songs!

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Ms. Fierro

“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” – Mozart

Save the Dates! December 6, 12, and 13!

November 4, 2022.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!  I also hope you have been working on our repertoire these past 2 weeks, particularly memorizing The Holly and the Ivy and Hot Chocolate!  We are pressing on this next Monday with the rest of our songs.  Please refer back to the first post of the year to listen to all our songs.  It really helps you learn your parts so we can work on expression and dynamics in rehearsal!


Tuesday, December 6 – Rehearsal with Piccollini at Kitchener School in the small gym.   Be there at 3:30.  We will warm up and rehearse with Piccollini and if there’s extra time, continue to work on our songs.  We will end by 4:45.

Monday, December 12 – Our big concert at Michael J Fox Theatre with Piccollini and Soundwave!  You need to be at the theatre in your black and white at 3:30.  Further details to come!

Tuesday, December 13 – We have been asked to sing at the Burnaby School Board Meeting that evening.  Again, further details to come around time and place, but save the date!


Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, November 7.

“Music is the language of the spirit.  It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”  ~ Kahil Gibran

In song,

Ms. Ishii, Ms. Little, Mrs. Fierro