Egg Art

This week we made Easter egg art. It was a multi step process in which we used oil pastels, magic scratch paint and chopsticks. Come check them out!

The students noted that:

VS: Pastels (oil) are stickier than chalk pastels.

WK: Colour the paper, all of them!

CC: If you put pastels on your pants, it won’t come off.

NT: They’re like crayons, because they both have wrapping.

ME: I used a lot more than six colours!

KLY: Don’t mix the colours.

HF: Because it will be brown.

AA: We painted with a brush (sponge).

SL: You paint on it black everywhere.

RM: The paint is magic!

CC: You can draw on the black paint and then it’s rainbow!

ZZ: It’s a bit squeaky.

KLY: It’s kinda hard, it’s okay, I’m just trying my best.

NT: It’s beautiful, I just push hard!

ME: When we scratch it with the chopsticks, it turns rainbow! That was fun and I’m excited to do it again!


What new life do you see this Spring? 


Happy 100 Day!

We celebrated today with 100 jumps,  sharing our 100 day collections, our math game Race to 100 and by making our 100 day necklaces. Come to family reading to check out our last 100 day activity!

Students noted that:

ME: I’m 100 day braver!

AA: I’m 100 days happier!

HF: I’m 100 days braver

RM: I’m 100 days happier!

WK: I’m 100 days happier!

KW: I’m 100 days happier!

NT: I’m 100 days more helpful!

CC: I’m 100 days happier!

KLY: I’m 100 days stronger!

ZZ: I’m 100 days happier!

LL: I’m 100 days happier!

HN: I’m 100 days stronger!

SL: I’m 100 days happier!

VS: I’m 100 days more helpful!

DC: I’m 100 days stronger!

What can you do in 100 minutes? What can you eat 100 of? What do you want 100 of? What book do you love so you can read it 100 times?

Winter Trees

This month, we made winter trees. We practiced using chalk pastels to make a horizon, where the sky meets the ground.  It was tricky to keep the ground snowy white but they turned out beautifully!

The students noted that:

NM: We did the sky by chalk.

LL: We made smiles, lots.

KLY: Then we rub the smiles.

WK: We rub so other holes not white.

RM: It’s to spread out the colours.

AA: I was putting the snow with the brush, the back. 

HF: We used a sponge to make the snow white, white. 

CC: We used white paint.

SL: There snow on the top.

LL: We used crayon and made the tree, the tree had to touch the snow and the sky.

RM: We made a naked tree because there’s not enough food.

ME: No leaves, the leaves fall down so they can be the ground’s blanket and ‘cause there’s not enough food because it’s Winter.

HF: Trees get food from sun, there only a little bit of sun in Winter.

NT: The tree is sleeping! We finished it in 3 days and that’s ok, it has to be dry or if we do everything at the same time it’ll melt.

What other signs of Winter do you see? Come check out our Winter trees at family reading!

Gingerbread Village

Last week, we saved some snack boxes from the recycling bin and created our own gingerbread village.

Students noted:

HF: We used crayons and cardboard. 

HN: Paper comes from trees.

DC: We can use cardboard for lots of things.

RM: Cardboard look like cookie gingerbread house andwhite crayon can look like frosting. We use snack boxes and no more trash goes in the water, when trash does in the water then the fish will die and there will be no more fish to eat. 

KLY: The world will be happy.

ME: We can save the environment, we can save the world! It was fun, I like to colour some stars and snowflakes. 

CC: I like drawing. 

AA: I love to draw too.

What possibilities are in your recycling this winter break?

SL: I make star craft.

HF: Maybe I make some unicorns, I will try to make it 3D.

KS: I can make a rainbow.

ZZ: A dress for my doll!


Pumpkin Math

Last week we used our pumpkin to explore some math counting tools. We used a bar graph to determine what kind of shapes we should cut for the eyes, nose and mouth. We estimated (made a good guess) how many seeds were inside the pumpkin and then used ten frames to count the seeds we collected.

Students noted that:

NT: You have to pick something, the one with lots of stickers is the one we choose.

RM: Graphs have one thing, we have a weather graph and we have a pumpkin graph. I like our carved pumpkin so much.

ME: we can read it by looking at it. One of them has lots of stickers.

DC: The first one have to go at the bottom.

KW: I put it down right by line.

WK: You put it at the top of their sticker

KLY: It’s for counting.

SL: This is so cute pumpkin.

CC: I like our pumpkin.

NT: That was fun carving it. We be quiet and calm when Ms. Cheung use the knife.


LK: We put one seed.

HN: We take turns.

Can you estimate how many seeds were in our pumpkin?

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week, we have been talking about Thanksgiving – sharing what we are thankful for, making turkeys during math games and for art. During turkey art and learned how to use tools (acrylic paint, scissors and glue) in an expected and safe way.


Students noted that:

RM: The squeegee slided the paint.
KW: Go flat.
VS: The cardboard puts the paint.
ME: I got a toy squeegee at home, and I pretend to clean the windows.
HF: They’re pretty, like rainbow.

AA: We cut papers.
ZZ: Scissors go down! Because when we fall down, we don’t hurt!
NT: We cut stuff with scissors, paper, not yourself! We did a circle for the eyes.
LL: We put the paper pieces on the recycling bin.
ME: I felt proud because of all my cutting.

After a week full of turkeys, we began to wonder how turkeys became such a big part of Thanksgiving if it was not part of the first Thanksgiving meal. The class decided it must be because they are so delicious.

What will you have for your thanksgiving feast?




We have a chick!

Please welcome our first chick, Cutie Pie!

Please see our video looking inside the egg yesterday Chick_Candling Day 20.MOV and of Cutie Pie resting and drying inside the incubator 2022_06_02 Cutie Pie. Here are some student observations:

SK: I saw it slide down and it slept on the other egg, its brother or sister.

DF: I saw Cutie Pie pecking at the eggs, I think it was seeing if its brother or sister was ready. She’s really active and really adorable and she’s chirping!

MC: I saw she’s really furry, she’s so cute!

DT: I’m see the chick.

JT: I saw it was sleeping and it woke up, it’s really special, I’ve never seen a chick before. It’s looking dry and I can see its beak.

HS: He’s drying out, then maybe we can hold him. We have to wait or he’s going to get cold and dead.

YC:  It’s cheeping, like a bird, and he was eating at his egg.

RB: I noticed one egg has lots of green-ness (Cutie Pie went to the bathroom). Last time, we saw a little crack in the egg so we knew he was going to come and now we can see him for real! Not just the egg, we can see his real self!

LB: I saw the chick, he was inside and it came out.

IO: I see its little wings growing.

KR: I see his feathers are almost clean (dry).

AC: I see him sleeping, it’s good.

LG: I sawed him jumping and I think I saw him biting his self, I don’t know why.

AS: I see his little feet with little lines, little white lines and his beak is not full yellow colour yet.

ZY: I can hear her talking, I think she’s saying, “Get me out of here!”

AK: If it doesn’t dry, then it’s not turning yellow. When it’s dry it wont get cold and maybe we can let it out.

When do you think our other friends will hatch? 


Virtual Career Day

This term, in our community exploration, we read many books, shared observations and completed our own investigation into what grown-ups in our families do all day. The class enjoyed taking on the role of reporter and sharing glimpses of their home life. Thank you for taking the time to share about your careers with us!  

Students noted that:  

JT: Some people clean and vacuum the store, that’s my favourite job.   

MK: Working, like being a doctor, is hard because you have to help people.  

DF: I don’t think it’s easy to be a grown up, because being a grown-up means, if

        you have kids, you have to take care of them and that’s hard.  

 AS: I think I would like to be an ice cream seller because I love ice cream.  

LB: Being a grown up, you work, my dad likes to get money.  

IO: A grown up can be a nurse and help people when they hurt their self.  

HS: Working in the market, you get lots of coins.  

AC: It’s hard being a grown up because you work a lot.  

LGB: Being a grown up can be fun because you can make money and get stuff.







Signs of Spring!

This week, we took advantage of the sunshine and walked the school grounds looking for signs of Spring. We noticed new trees had flowers and pine cone buds and new green leaves, saw a caterpillar, smelled our school garden in bloom and listened to birds chirping.

Students noted that:

KR: This is the best day ever! Flowers are good for you because they smell good.

RB: Nature is so beautiful! When some leaves come out the tree they look really pretty and it makes us feel happy because it’s everywhere. 

MC: I see tulips growing. I like when some green leaves from trees grow out. 

JT: There’s new stuff coming up like trees growing leaves. I love spring. 

IO: I don’t want people to cut off trees because it makes me feel bad. 

AS: I like nature because it makes me happy!

AC: It makes me happy too. 

LB: I like it to be fresh air outside. 

What signs of Spring do you see, smell, hear and feel?

100 day

Happy 100 day! Today, we shared our collections and the many ways 100 can look, challenged ourselves to see what we can do in 100 seconds in the gym and read 100 Things That Make Me Happy before making crowns of 100 things that make us happy. We also took a moment to reflect on how we have changed and grown in the last 100 days of school, students said:

MC: I am 100 days gentler.

IO: I am 100 days stronger.

YC: I am 100 days more creative.

RB: I am 100 days gentler.

SK: I am 100 days more creative.

KR: I am 100 days more loving.

AY: I am 100 days kinder.

JT: I am 100 days smarter.

HS: I am 100 days more caring.

DF: I am 100 days kinder.

AS: I am 100 days more loved.

AK: I am 100 days more helpful.

LD: I am 100 days better hugger.

AC: I am 100 days braver.

LB: I am 100 days more loving.

ZY: I am 100 days more helpful.

What do you want to work on in the next 100 days?