Hello Division 12 Families!

Welcome to Division 12!

We are excited to begin this new school year with your children.

We use our class blog to keep families in the loop on what is happening in our classroom. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the headings along the top and the sidebar items. Our blog is updated regularly, so please refer to it often for current information.


September is a busy month; here are a few reminders to note:

  • Please ensure your child has a pair of indoor shoes and a change of clothes, including socks and underwear (to be kept at school at all times); please label all items
  • Snacks are eaten outside during recess- please pack a small and simple snack for your child that can be eaten quickly (they know to bring their wrappers/containers back inside the classroom to return to their lunchbox or throw perishables into the compost/garbage bin)


On the horizon:

  • We will be emailing you a link to a short digital survey to help us prepare for our Parents as Partners conference on Sept. 27th; please take a moment to fill it out before your conference
  • Parents as Partners conference information will be sent home next week
  • Our first round of Show and Share will begin on Monday (please see the notice that was sent home yesterday).

We look forward to meeting each of you soon… welcome to Division 12!

Mrs. Basso and Mrs. Walji

The last days of Div. 12!

This last week has flown by with a whirlwind of activities: year end brainstorming, packing up everything, school picnic, egg drop challenge, celebrating many birthdays, finishing our last read aloud book of the year (almost) and watching the movie!

We still can’t believe we have reached the end of our year together.

If you were to sit in our morning circle these last few days…

You would have heard:

“I feel like a zero because I am going to miss everyone so much!”

“I have never had a class like this before… I feel like a zero that we will not see each other for a long time.”

“I feel like a 10 because almost everyone is here and we have a couple of days left.”

You would have seen:

Students covering their ears when someone mentioned that school will be over soon.

Students making a silent hand connection to those who are sharing that they will miss one another, their classroom, and their teachers.

Your children have made Div. 12 an incredibly special and wonderful place to be this year.

We are so grateful.

Beecher Park Div. 12 celebration!

We had the best time (and the park mostly to ourselves!) celebrating Division 12 at Beecher Park on Friday.

We are so proud of Division 12 and the classroom community we have created – your children have thrived this year and have displayed an incredible amount of kindness, support and encouragement toward one another. It is something special to see, and we feel blessed to have been able to observe this all year.

This group is truly one of a kind.



Meeting our Pen Pals from Gilmore!

We had a lot of fun meeting our Pen Pals from Gilmore Elementary!

It was exciting to meet them in person and enjoy some time together at the park playing games and running around the playground.

We prepared questions to help break the ice– it was a wonderful learning moment to find ourselves in a new experience, also giving us an opportunity to practice speaking to people we just met!


Despite the sprinkle of rain, we had a blast on Sports Day!

We loved seeing all the teams during the parade, and it was exciting to watch the Grade 7s in their Tug O War battles! We can’t wait until we get to do that!

All teams showed phenomenal amounts of team spirit and sportsmanship, receiving the maximum amount of points for team spirit at EVERY SINGLE STATION.

We showed our skills in speed, agility, coordination, balance, and most importantly… having fun!

Congratulations to the school’s MIGHTY MUSHROOM team- the winners of this year’s Sports Day!


Bowling strikes and spares!!

We had a blast at the bowling alley… and had so much fun playing two separate games!

We were all mixed up with different peers from three other Gr. 2/3 classes in our lanes.

Some of us were new to bowling, so this was an extra special time for all of us to cheer each other on while seeing others learning about and exploring a new experience!

We had a few who scored over 100 (wow!) in one game.

We are cherishing these fun Div. 12 moments together during these last couple of weeks.

*And a big thank you to our parent volunteers who helped keep us safe on the walk to and from the bowling alley. We appreciate you so much!

Our last Sip and See event of the year!

Thank you to the parents who were able to join us for our last Sip and See event on Friday- it was a heartfelt time for all of us.

Students were very excited to read and share their special letters with you.

We thoroughly enjoyed having you all in the classroom this year for the different Sip and Sees. We hope you felt the same excitement as your children felt having you in the classroom.

Let us know in the comments which Sip and See event was your favourite! (Literacy, Numeracy, Explorations, Div. 12 appreciation)

Literacy Week!

Students were excited to be engaged in a variety of literacy activities throughout the week. There were challenges, riddles, trivia, story creation, and a readathon with families outside in nature. A fun-filled wonderful week of literacy.

A couple of class favourites included a drawing task that focused on listening and following instructions from a peer, a chance to roll story dice to create a story, and the annual Guess-the-Staff member contest!

Another favourite moment was reading outside with all the parents.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to enjoy the beautiful weather with us. We all enjoyed this time together very much.


Pizza! Pizza!

The students and teachers were excited about all the opportunities to observe science in action while we watched what happened to yeast when we added water and sugar.

We smelled and tasted our scientific observations as well! Measuring volume and millilitres/litres were discussed while adding the flour and salt to our yeast/water mixture.
We reviewed fractions too when we cut up our pizza into equal pieces. The highlight of the day for the head chef 👩‍🍳 was hearing ‘this is the best pizza I’ve ever had!’ Enjoy watching this short video of our pizza making fun. 🍕Pizza



Jump Rope for Heart!

We all enjoyed being together in the sunshine for Jump Rope for Heart Day!

Thank you to those who made donations toward our Jump Rope fundraiser campaign… we are grateful for your contribution.

Our healthy hearts were pumping to the music while we showed off our many skipping skills.

What a fantastic way to jump start our Friday!