We Remember…


Learning with Little Bits

Little Bits empower everyone to create inventions by using colour coded bits that each have a specific function (i.e. motion, lights, sound, sensors). All bits snap together with magnets to make larger circuits.

Our class divided themselves into their groups to make their creations. They named the groups: Team HTML, Bionic Builders, Rapid Fire Technology and The Hackers.

Some student comments:

“What I liked about little bits was that I learned how to create stuff like cars and robotics.”

“What I liked about Little Bits is that we get to work together and make new friends, that’s how I met Irvin. And we get to make inventions with robotics witch was really cool.”

“I liked little bits because I liked we could build and invent things like cars, horns and fans.”

“It was a good project because it forces creativity.”

“I liked little bits because you can make whatever you would like to make and express your feelings and your creativity also you can share your ideas to your team and challenge your thinking.”

“I liked Little Bits because you can design and decide what you made, it is a very experimental project and that is why I like it.”

“I liked that Little Bits was electronic and that it gave students a chance to be creative and try new things, like I made a game with Steven.”

“I liked making TECHNOLOGGY because we learned more about building like engineering thing that ‘moved.”

“Something I really liked about little bits is working as a team and creating new things.”

“I think Little Bits was cool. There are so many possibilities you can think of, such as counters, buzzers and lights!”

“I liked little Bits because we learned about technology and we had lots of fun as a team.”

“It was fun because I got to experiment.”


Hello Families and Welcome Back!

It was so nice to meet you at the Parents as Partners sessions. Thank you for making the time to come in to hear about this school year and for sharing your comments!

September has been a busy month for Division Four. We have made new friends, said hello to old ones and shared our thoughts with one another about the new year. We all helped raise funds for Terry Fox and ran in his honour on September 21st. Division Four proudly kept Terry’s dream alive. This past week, we participated in Orange Shirt Day to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and to recognise that Every Child Matters. After reading the story of Phyllis Webstad, who had her orange shirt removed when she entered residential school, we had the opportunity to have discussions around anti-racism and anti-bullying.

Thursday is our Library day for this year. Students can sign out 2 books per week. Please remember to use your library bag and to return books the following Thursday. We will have Physical Education on Tuesday and Thursday. Division 4 students are required to bring PE clothes (change of top and bottom). A suggestion is to bring it in a bag on Monday and take it home for cleaning on Friday.

Thank you to PAC for having Samosa Day. Everyone agreed they were delicious!