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Belongings and Report Cards

Greetings folks,  Tuesday you can come pick up your awesome child’s belongings and report card. School will be in session. We will have to stagger the  pick-ups. Call or message me to set up a time?  Please make sure I have confirmed the time back – to avoid crowding.

Returning to School

Here is some information about what next week is going to look like at school. Students are encouraged to bring their own device. Please find attached the information that has been forwarded to me. Thank you for your patience over this transition. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions. I will post more information soon as it comes. All returning students will be attending Monday and Tuesday all day.  Hopefully you have received  a letter about responsibilities before bringing your child to school.  I will not be physically returning to school for health reasons, but I will still be planning and available remotely.

Blogfolios and Guatemalan Street Foods and Attractions in Guatemala City

1. I’ve emailed your blogfolio passwords to your Burnaby School District Outlook emails.  Below are instructions I’ve also posted onto Teams.


How to Upload Media

2. Below is a link to a video about Guatemalan Street Foods and Attractions. You can begin this video at 1 minute 57 seconds. [The host just basically does an ad (advertisement) before that point].

Questions: What would you want to buy at the market? Which foods looked good to you? Would you try them all? (Please be prepared to answer your questions while demonstrating respect for cultural differences).

I’ll add more questions about the video in Teams, but please watch it if possible before tomorrow’s meeting? It will make our discussion more fun.



Caramel Science: Changing Phases of Matter and Homogeneous Solutions

This project and recipe must be done under the supervision of parents. It involves hot liquids. Students can submit their answers to the below questions on Teams under assignments. (Please submit answer with questions numbered, copied and pasted for easier marking).

1. Before looking at the recipe, predict what you think will happen to the sugar when it gets heated (nothing added, just heated and stirred over medium heat).

2. What are some other foods that react to heating similarly?

3. What are some foods that have the opposite reaction to heat?

4. How does making this caramel demonstrate matter changing phases?

5. How does heating and cooling affect phases changes?

6. What is a homogeneous solution? How does making this caramel demonstrate a homogeneous solution?

7. What are some other homogeneous solutions? Are only foods homogeneous solutions?