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Salmon release

Here is a link to the Salmon release at Beecher creek!

Que remarques tu de les saumons? What do you notice about the Salmon?






In September we brainstormed words about how we wanted to feel in class. Each student drew a picture to show how they were going to do these words in the classroom. The words we chose are:

j’appartiens – I belong

je suis content(e) – I am happy

je m’amuse – I have fun

je suis en sécurité – I feel safe

je suis joyeux(eues) – I am joyful

je suis calme – I feel calm

je me sens bien – I feel good 

At the bottom we have signed our names as a way of showing to doing our best to keep this promise so we can have a happy and healthy community.

Social studies Big idea: Individual  have rights and and responsibilities as global citizens  

Core competency:

  • Social responsibility: I am kind to others and our environment.
  • Personal awareness and responsibility: I try to make decisions that keep me happy and safe.  

Bienvenue! Welcome!

Welcome to our class blog! Updating is currently in the process.  I hope to use this as a means of communicating our learning to the families, students and teachers in our community.



Mme Turcios 🙂 

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