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Hello Gardeners of  Division 7!

I know that many of you picked up your package on Friday.  In it you will have found 3 envelopes of seeds that you collected last Fall with Mae.  They look like this:

Mae, Heather, and I prepared the gardens at school for you to plant your seeds. There is a spot for each type of seed. Just look for the seed name on the stick to find the place to plant your seeds.  You can go to the school anytime to plant your seeds.  Remember to use safe social distancing if other families are planting at the same time.

We also planted leeks seedlings that Mae started for us.  Do you remember when we ate the leeks from last year?  They were delicious!

In the package there were 2 Gladiola bulbs that Mae gave you.  You can plant them in the wooden beds that are next to the school building.  You will see a sign for them as well.

You may want to plant your seeds at home.  That is fine.

Hello!  Welcome Back to our Division 7 Blog!

I have been trying to figure out how to finish reading The Girl Who Drank The Moon to you.  But I will need the publisher's permission to post it on this blog.  Ms Nerpio is helping me with this.  In the meantime, Grade Fours do you remember:

It is a funny story.  In the link below the author, Dan Bar-El,  is reading the story aloud.  He does great voices (almost as good as Ms Nerpio!).  Take some time each day to listen to him read a chapter of the story.


Here are some more photos for you to enjoy!


Hi Everyone!

I hope that you have set aside some time each day to read.  Some of you may have books at home that you can read.  But if you don't, here are some links to sites with books that  you can read on-line.

Tumblebooks direct link –

International Children’s Digital Library – (click “Read Books” in top left)

African Storybook – (click the “Read” button in the top left)

These are photos that I took on our field trip to the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.  Look at all the snow and all the ducks!


Hello Division 7 Kids and Parents!

I am so pleased that you found our new class website!  I  have really enjoyed talking with all of you over the past few weeks.

Here is the link to the information about birds that you might see outside your windows:

Fifteen Common Garden Birds

I have attached some photos of our field trips to Robert Burnaby Park  this year.  I like to look at them when I feel sad about not being in school with you.  I hope they remind you of fun times on our walks. More photos will come with the next post.


Robert Burnaby Park
lying on our backs looking up in the "secret" spot at RB park


Cedar Tree