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I read the book, When Pigs Fly by Valarie Coulman, to the students in class last week.  The phrase, “When Pigs Fly” is an idiom used in English that means that something is impossible or very hard to accomplish.  The author uses animals to demonstrate that determination, perseverance, an ability to think in new ways (“outside the box”), and hard work often reap outcomes that you didn’t think were possible.  This is what having a growth mindset is and how many ideas have come about by people following their heart that anything is possible.  My goal as a teacher is to teach students to have a growth mindset with determination, perseverance, hard work, and thinking outside the box so they will have an enthusiasm to continue learning (the beginning of lifelong learning skills).

Thank you for a fabulous year, Division 15!!!  I really enjoyed teaching you this year.  I’m very sad that we couldn’t be at school together the entire ten months.

Please look on the ‘Accomplishments During Remote Learning” page.  We have achieved 45 000 questions!  Way to go!!!  Also, I have posted up the answers to the math questions.

Each one of us is unique.  These are my puzzle pieces that make me unique.  The pictures in the heart are American Sign Language (ASL) for ‘family’ and ‘friend’.  I chose these because I can speak ASL and my family and friends are an important part of who I am.

This week’s activity is about compromise.  Compromise means that when there is a dispute, a settlement or solving of the dispute, comes about when both sides agree to make concessions (both sides agree that the other person can have or do something they wanted).

The first one is about two brothers who share a room and want to paint the room.  One wants a blue room, the other brother wants a yellow room.  They both agree that their room should be green.  Can you guess why?

The second is the sheet in this week’s letter.  These are one suggestions of many other possibilities.  These are what I thought would be a compromise.  Talk with your families about what you think a good compromise would be.  Life is full of things that you will have to compromise on.  You can’t always get what you want because that is selfish and not fair.

I have one zebra on the library page that is from the template and this one is the one I drew from the instructions  on how to draw a zebra.

These are my stripes that make me unique.  It is important that each of our uniqueness makes this world so wonderful.  If we were all the same, this world would be boring and it would like the same robots existing together.  Remember to celebrate what makes you, YOU!  There is only only you in this world and I’m so glad.

A reminder to look at my other blog pages for updates.  Mr. Phelps has added something new to his blog as well.


My sons and I listened to the book, How Can I Be A Good Digital Citizen? By Christine Zuchora-Walske.  We learned a lot of information about what we can do to be a good digital citizen.  Then we brainstormed.  My older son made this poster.

Don’t forget to check on the “Our Learning (Literacy)” and “Our Learning (Math)” if you have not seen my updates yet.   You will also find the links to the Mrs. Papapanagiotou (for this week’s Learning Task) and Mr. Phelps’ blog pages.


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This is the art my son and I made.  We took an empty tissue box, paper, and an envelope we found in the recycling bag.  This is our symbol of spring.  Our regular traditions are colouring eggs and having Easter dinner at my mother’s house (my children’s grandmother) with their grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and us.  This year, we spent time at home reading, going for walks, watching movies, talking, and having dinner with the four of us (my husband, my sons, and me).  We were disappointed about not spending time with our big family, but we were able to have a video chat on Sunday night with everyone.  I hope you had a great weekend too!

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Hello Division 15! Welcome to week 2 of our “distance learning”. I wanted to let you know that my family and I also made our posters to show our gratitude for the essential workers who are helping us at this difficult time. I miss seeing all of you everyday. Thank you to those who have sent me a picture. They were great. I am grateful for having a fabulous class this year where the students are kind and caring.

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