This week and next

Written By: setov - Feb• 02•18

We have been working on landforms and animal adaptations and classifications.  We will discuss it further next week as there is more to learn!

We will be doing gymnastics for P.E. for the rest of February which means students will be bare foot.  Please try to avoid tights that cover their feet or send a change of clothes so that students can participate.

Miss Brandi was back this week to talk about the Four Laws and the importance of cedar trees.

We are working on multiplication (matrices and repeated addition).

I am missing some permission forms for the movie next Friday.  Please send ASAP.

 Thank you for discussing lunch time behaviour and the importance of speaking French in class.  I am starting to see some improvement!



Written By: setov - Jan• 29•18

Link to coding


Written By: setov - Jan• 19•18

This week students made their landform projects.  Next week they will continue by explaining some changes that would happen to their landforms.

For art, they made some radial symmetry art projects as well as landscape art.

In P.E. we have started basketball.

Some struggles we’ve faced since coming back from the break:

French: most students need constant reminders to speak French

Lunch behaviour: a letter went home with every student as a self-evaluation..please sign and return as soon as possible (& discuss strategies to improve their behaviour if necessary).

Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

 T  H


January…Welcome Back!

Written By: setov - Jan• 10•18

Welcome back!
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

We are starting with patterns for math. Increasing and decreasing patterns for 3’s and  using tables to represent patterns for 4’s.

We have discussed the special full moon happening on the 31st. We are studying landforms and how they are created. We will be showing our learning in a labelled diorama.

Have a great holiday!

Written By: setov - Dec• 22•17

Thank you for the wonderful gifts and enjoy the break!

So close…yet so far…

Written By: setov - Dec• 12•17

It’s a very busy time with lots of activities so a few reminders:

Report Cards go home today.

Notices:  ticket requests, Seymour Mountain, Gingerbread houses, and pancake breakfast

E-portfolios are up and running!

Wear pyjamas for Snuggledown (Thursday) and Pancake Breakfast (22nd)

Concert attire…light colours, no writing 

Thank you and have a wonderful winter break!

E-portfolios are down

Written By: setov - Nov• 24•17

Unfortunately the e-portfolios are down until at least December 4th.  I will let everyone know as soon as they are working again.

We have just finished an exciting set of drama lessons.  Who knew there were so many talented actors in our class!

At home, work on telling time with an analog clock (if you have one!)

I have sent home confirmations for the conferences in students’ agendas (if I have received the form).  The rest will be written in students’ agendas on Monday.

Things to think about before the conference:

What can we celebrate about your child’s accomplishments in first term?

What goals could they work on in term 2?

How can we help them achieve their goals?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Important information

Written By: setov - Nov• 14•17


E-portfolio issues:

If you can log into the e-portfolio but it says nothing found, don’t worry.  It just means your child hasn’t published anything yet.  Their work is in draft form and is only visible to them and me.

If you can’t log in, I will contact the district and let them know that there are issues.

Thank you for your patience!

Drama permission forms:

Please sign and return ASAP as we start tomorrow.

Math test went home last week.  We are starting measurement, including how to read analog clocks.

Social Studies: we have been learning about Musqueam territories and language.  Thank you again Gwilyn Timmers!  Also Brandi has returned and taught us about First Nations government and the roles during a Potlatch.

Science: Students will be doing experiments showing transfer of energy and changing states of matter.

And lastly, students were asked to talk to their parents (and grand-parents if possible) about traditions in their families.  What did they learn from you, that you learned from your parents?  






Book Reports and e-portfolios

Written By: setov - Nov• 03•17

Book reports were due today and I can’t wait to read them!

I have emailed parents with IDs and password (please change your password as soon as possible).  If you did not get an email or you have problems logging in let me know.  Students are working on their haunted house reflections which will be in the e-portfolios soon, as well as their robot coding activity reflections.  

Looking forward to celebrating your child’s achievements this term!(parent teacher conferences are November 29th and 30th)

Halloween info and new due date

Written By: setov - Oct• 24•17

I have added a week for the book report because it took some students a little longer to find a suitable book.  Please make sure students have their books every day as there will be time in class to work on their book reports.

New due date:  November 3rd

Halloween info:

Students are invited to participate in the Pumpkin Display.  If you have carved a pumpkin, you can bring it to school and we will display them in the hallway.  There will be a draw for all the participants.

Please make sure you pick your pumpkin up at the end of the day.

There will be a costume parade at 2:15pm.  

Students are welcome to come dressed up that day (or if you prefer they can change into their costume at lunch to avoid going outside in their costume before the big night!)

Please remember that costumes should not be too scary as there are younger children in the school.  Also, no weapons or extra accessories please.

Students have been making haunted houses and they will create a listing to sell it!  (Their listings and photos of their houses will be added to their e-portfolios soon!)

I will send a separate email with information on how to access their e-portfolios shortly.