October Highlights

The month of October was eventful and flew by.  The class enjoyed many activities and did a lot of learning.  Here’s the “TOP 3” list of October highlights according to Division 3:

Government and Student Vote 

  • “A highlight in learning was Student Vote.  We learned how to mark a ballot.  Our class even hosted the Student Vote.”
  • “I learned about the Government of Canada, the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal government.”
  • “Student vote really taught me about government and how to do it.  I enjoyed voting myself because it helped me learn.”
  • “By participating in Student Vote, I learned all about how the government forms and how to become Prime Minister.”
  • “I learned the importance of voting and why I should vote.”

 Physical Activity

  • “I enjoyed cross country running with everyone in the morning and because of my practice, I ran very well at cross country.”
  • “Learning how to play tennis, learning the rules and figuring out strategies to use in a game was great!  Even though I had quite the struggle, it was fun playing a sport unfamiliar to me.”
  • “I’d never played tennis before so it was a new experience and I improved while there was teamwork involved.  Doing things in a team is more fun.”
  •  “1 thing I enjoyed was tennis because we learned how to hold the racket and we played real games and we learned a lot of skills.”
  •  “I liked volleyball because it’s my favorite sport and I get to improve my skills with the class together.”
  • “In October, I have enjoyed running club.  I like it because I have gotten more fit.  This has helped me a lot with my health.”
  •  “A highlight of learning was at running club because I learned about myself, that I am not really bad at running.”

Writing, Science, ADST and Fine Arts

  • “I enjoyed writing paragraphs as I see it looks so much different then what I used to write.”
  • “One thing I really learned is to write a paragraph because I really didn’t understand but now I know how.”
  • “I learned the difference between a list, paragraph, and essay.”
  • “I learned about Saturn, my favorite planet… the diameter, temperature, number of moons that Saturn has was new to me.”
  • “Did you know that Uranus and Neptune have rings we cannot see?”
  • “I learned about the Soler system. I like it because I use the computer.”
  • “An activity I enjoyed is starting coding on Tynker.  I love to code and learn during the games.”
  • “I enjoyed Tynker because it is a new coding website for me.”
  • “A great activity was Arts Umbrella coming to teach us Art with oil pastels.  I liked adding details to my owl after drawing all the parts, like the wings, tail and head using basic shapes.”
  • “At Arts Umbrella, I learned that every drawing is different and unique.”
  • “One activity I enjoyed was Arts Umbrella because I can be creative.”

Welcome to Division 3!

Welcome to all the families of Division 3.  It was a pleasure meeting many of you at our Parents as Partners sessions at the end of September.  I look forward to working in partnership with you to help your child to learn and grow this school year.

To my students…

Welcome, welcome, I’m glad you are here.  We’re going to have an incredible year!

We’ll wonder, we’ll question, we’ll be curious, we’ll play… we’ll reflect and we’ll grow, we’ll have fun everyday!

There is so much to learn and exploring to do… it’s going to be awesome to learn new things with you!

                                                                                                               Ms. Ruholl