Kick off to WALK30

On April 5th, Division 4 enjoyed a unique experience, joining the mayors of both Burnaby and New Westminster, at Moody Park to kick-start the Walk30 Challenge. The challenge is an initiative to encourage sustainable transportation such as walking and biking. The cities of Burnaby and New Westminster will participate in a friendly competition for the “Golden Shoe” which goes to the city that walks the most minutes. Twelfth Avenue will log their minutes from April 11th – May 15th. So, let’s walk, walk, walk!

Learning with Science Experiments

Division 4 completed an experiment in connection with our unit of study on Matter in Science. Check out the food coloring in each of these glass beakers. One beaker is filled with hot water and one is filled with cold. Ask an expert from Division 4 to explain how this experiment taught us how temperature affects the motion of molecules.

 Which is hot water and which is cold? What’s happening? 


Division 4 ROARS

Division 4 reviewed the Twelfth Avenue positive behaviour support expectations.

Division 4 ROARS with Pride!






We are all lion cubs, a pride, working together as a school community this year. At Twelfth Avenue, we are RESPECTFUL, we take OWNERSHIP of our learning and behaviour, we have a positive ATTITUDE, we are RESPONSIBLE, and we are SAFE.

Terry Fox Run

On Friday, October 1st, Division 4 participated with the school community in the Terry Fox Run. To honor Terry’s legacy, students raised money for the Terry Fox Foundation to support cancer research and Terry’s goal of ending cancer. We participated in the “Try Like Terry and Bring a Toonie” challenge with a goal of raising $580.00, two dollars for every student in our school. With the support of our families, our school donated $603.25 to the Terry Fox Foundation. Thank you!

Division 4 students chose who they were running for.

Division 4 students reflected on why we should care about Terry and the Terry Fox Run:

“I think why we should care about Terry and the Terry Fox run is because Terry tried to raise money for cancer research but he didn’t get to accomplish his goal. The people in Canada helped him accomplish his goal.”

“We should remember and care about Terry beause he suffered so that he could raise money for cancer research.”

“We should care about Terry and his run because I don’t think very many people would have the courage to run across Canada, with even 2 legs! But… Terry did over half!”

“Why do we do the Terry fox run because we want to still get donations for cancer research and to keep achieving Terry’s goal.”

“We should care about the marathon of hope and Terry because he is a great man and he is very brave.”

“We should care about Terry because his is our hero. Terry was a hardworker, Terry always said ‘One step at a time’, which encourages us to be like Terry. That is why we run in the Terry Fox Run.”