Division 3 students had a unique
opportunity to attend 4 sessions
with Mr. Vince, the Computer
Science & Robotics teacher from
Byrne Creek, to learn Robotics.
Students learned the concepts of coding and used this knowledge, along with problem solving,  to control robots to perform assigned tasks. The students were asked to modify the code and design of their robot in order to efficiently solve these tasks. Students investigated how multiple tools and technologies relate to robotics and how these are relevant to everyday life.


Gulf of Georgia Cannery

On November 28th, Division 3 enjoyed a day at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery.  Using replica fishing tools and objects, students investigated the importance of fishing to Coast Salish people. During an interactive tour of the Canning Line, students discussed how First Nations knowledge and technology contributed the development of the West Coast fishing and canning industries.Here are some comments that Division 3 students shared after attending the field-trip:

“I learned that there are a lot of methods that First Nations used to fish.  Like gill nets for example the fishes gills go on the net so the fish doesn’t escape.”

“I learned that they gave jobs based on their gender or culture and some of the jobs were: cleaning fish, gutting fish, chopping fish, canning fish.”

“I learned traditional methods of how they used to fish.  One of them was spearing.  So they would find the perfect wood for it then they would make it into shape when they are done they spot the salmon and throw right at it.”

“Today I learned how a cannery turns salmon to salmon shoved in a can!”

“Something I learned was how they put salmon into the cans and I was sort of right for predicting how they put it into cans.”

“One thing I learned today was that it is very dangerous to work in a cannery.  For example some works lose their fingers in machines.”

“My favorite memory was identifying the hunting/fishing tool.  My team and I worked well together.”

“When we went out of the Museum and walked near the Fraser River and took a quick 5 minute walk.  It was good to breath in the fresh air.”

“My favorite memory was when we did the last activity and we had to use our brain and find out what our object was used for.”

“My favorite memory was looking at all the old machines.”

 “My favourite memory today was when we saw the video in the dark on those old theatre chairs, and I liked how we were learning from a video instead of a teacher talking.”


Working with blocks for Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies

The ‘Big Idea’ that  Division 3 students learned while constructing towers using blocks was that ‘designs can be improved with prototyping and testing.’

Students developed a plan and design for constructing the tallest tower possible.  After constructing a first version, they made changes and tested their product again until satisfied with the product.

Division 3 had fun working in teams to share peer feedback and inspiration before constructing a final product.  Well done!

We are Wonders

Division 3 is reading the novel “Wonder” in class. Students are learning about the importance of being kind to all people, regardless of background, circumstances, or appearance.  As a class, we brainstormed the kind of students we are and want to be, as displayed on our classroom door.