DNA and Recombinant DNA Technology

1. History of DNA Discoveries – in class

DNA Timeline (Extension);  A Monk’s Flourishing Garden – Basics of molecular biology (article)

2. DNA Review – Video

3. DNA, Genes, and Chromosomes – Video

4. DNA Replication – The Short Story

5. DNA Replication – The Long Story

Animation:  DNA Replication Fork

Animation:  How Nucleotides are Added in DNA Replication

In class activity:  Magnetic DNA and DNA Velcro

DNA Replication Song

6. Protein Synthesis – Video

DNA Transcription and Translation – video.  Goodness!  What are all those machines really called?

Animation:  Translation

In Class Activity – Translation

7. Control of Gene Expression (Protein synthesis) – Video

Gene Expression – video from Genome British Columbia

Animation:  Control of Gene Expression

Animation:  Processing of Gene Information – Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

8. The LAC Operon – video

Interactive Animation:  The LAC Operon

9. Mutation – video

10. Extension – Where do Genes Come From – video

10. Genetic Disorders – in class


Recombinant DNA Technology

11. LAB – Strawberry DNA Extraction

11.a Animations:  PCR ; Other animations go to Ch. 16.

12.  For enrichment:  STEM CELLS

13, Processes of Recombinant DNA Technology  – This is a good summary.

14. Recombinant DNA Use the first part of this to review cloning of a gene using bacteria. (Not narrated.  You do the narration.)

15.  David Suzuki Speaks Out About GM Foods

16. How to Avoid GM Foods (It’s not easy.)

17. GATTACA – Watch the movie in 15 minute snippets.

18. Human Migration Routes – Bradshaw Foundation

19.  Playing God – The history of recombinant DNA

20. NOVA – Cracking the Code of Life

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