Welcome to Division 7 – Mrs. Morsara and Ms. Abrahams

We are diving into chapter books! We are predicting, connecting and asking deep thinking questions about the events in these exciting novels.  Reading aloud is great practice for fluency and adding expression!

We have been working with our librarian Ms. Carson on our research skills.  We are learning how evaluate the credibility of online resources. We have been discussing, questioning, and critically thinking about what to look for when we are searching information using Google search engine. 

Entrances PBS Song

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Division 7 performed at the Community Gathering on December 14. It was our turn to talk about positive behavior and how to be respectful, responsible, and safe in the entrances at 12th Avenue. The students worked really hard on creating lyrics to the tune of ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!’ They did so well! Click on the audio below to listen. 

This has been a fun project.  Since school started we have been exploring strategies for building using only paper, tape an scissors.  A large part of the learning has been how to work cooperatively.  For this project students were told to build something out of paper.  They could make what they wanted but they had to plan it in a group.  Below you see some of their projects as well as some of the designs they started with.  They had to draw what they wanted to make, as well as estimate how much paper and tape they wanted.  

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We are learning to use Ipads. We explored new apps and soon we will begin to research topics across the curriculum!


A few points of introduction to this blog.

  1. It will primarily be a place where we post updates and samples of student work in different areas.  Eventually we hope to make it more interactive.
  2. If you choose to comment on posts, please remember not to mention any names or things that will identify students or the school.

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