Physical and Health Education


  • Movement skills and strategies help us learn how to participate in different types of physical activity (B.C. Curriculum).
  • Daily participation in physical activity at moderate to vigorous intensity levels benefits all aspects of our well-being.

Circulation Volleyball (From Volleyball Canada Development Model; designed for ages 6-8).  We have been practising this adapted version of volleyball for a while without the nets, and today we were rewarded with the nets being up.  It was game on!  The students rotated with speed and accuracy, and showed off all the strategies they had learned such as placing the ball between two players, or trying to place the ball behind the opposing players.  They had a lot of fun!

Hula Hut (dodgeball)

In this game, the students build hula huts with hoops, and then try to knock down their opponents’ hula huts.  If all three are knocked down on one side, the game is over.  In this game, students strategize to have builders, defense, and offense.  At times, students have to leave their ‘jobs’ to do another because the Hula Huts need to be rebuilt over and over, so that they stay alive.  The students strategize to throw their ball around the defense, and to cooperate effectively to keep their huts up. 


Welcome Parents of Div.5 students

The Blog is finally up and running for Div. 5 2017   

This year our school started out with a beach/ocean theme.  In our class, we have focussed in on Pirates and Oceans.  On a Friday afternoon, I was amazed to see the concentration that the students brought to the task of researching the five zones of the ocean.  Each student used an ipad (thank you PAC for all your fundraising!) to follow their natural curiosity and to try and answer questions that they had identified, such as:  what types of life are there in each zone? what do the fish look like/adaptations?  

This week, the students are working together with Div. 6 (grade 2/3) to build a mural of the ocean zones, and the life within them.  The mural will be in the upper building hallway, and should be up by the week of the 14th.  


Designing, Building, and Writing

Our May/June Writing Centres begin with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) challenge, and end with a written project.  The students are always eager to start, and remain engaged through the entire activity.  When their projects are done, we take a photo and clip it to their written project, so that they have a record of what they have built.

Our Visit to the Seymour Hatchery

  • Measuring the height of the water

The Election

We have been running a mock election campaign for the last 3 weeks.  Our Candidates are 5 Arctic animals: Sam, the wolf; Neevee, the Caribou; Max, the walrus; Desneiges, the polar bear; and Charlie, the raven.  The students have listened to the candidates’ speeches, and have carefully considered the characteristics that the animals presented.  

We have also been role playing (using reader’s theatre scripts), the responsibilities and duties of the officials involved in the running of an election.

We have randomly selected and filled the positions of: Chief Electoral Officer, Returning Officer; Deputy Returning Officer; and polling clerks

Identification for voting

This week each student created their own driver’s license and voter registration card

…they weighed and measured themselves; jotted down their eye colour and gender so that they could properly fill out their driver’s license


Voting Day!!!

…at the voting table, our RO (Returning Officer), and his two polling clerks checked both pieces of identification before handing the “voters” a ballot with his initials… notice our diligent polling clerks crossing the voter names off the “List of Voters”.  Everyone took their roles seriously.  Our returning officer knew that only he and the voter could ever touch the ballot.  Privacy screens at the back round table, ensured a fair vote.  


Mrs. Aujla Helps Out!

The afternoon of voting day, Mrs. Aujla and the election officials at our school surprised us with an invitation to come up on the gym stage to watch Mrs. Aujla cast her ballot.  Mrs. Aujla generously took the students through each step of the voting process.  It was exciting to see it all happen in real time!  Unfortunately we couldn’t take any photos-privacy is very important during voting. 

The Winner!  

It was an exciting vote count as the Returning Officer opened the sealed ballot box, and revealed each ballot (to his polling clerks, officially), but to the whole “very curious” class in actual fact.  We only had one spoiled ballot, and are very proud that everyone exercised their right/responsibility to vote.  We set aside our fear of wolves, understanding that they had perhaps received an undeserved bad reputation in children’s literature, and decided to give this intelligent pack animal a chance to lead our class.  What fun!

The Arctic

Arctic/Inuit Inquiry:


 The students first tested their ability to withstand the cold ice water with their “naked” finger.  The cold made it difficult for students to keep their finger in for even 15 seconds.  Next, I encased their finger in vegetable shortening, and asked them to dip it back into the ice water.  The results? Their finger felt insulated and warm, and the students experienced first hand an important adaptation that is key to the survival of many Arctic animals, especially those that spend time in water.


Latest Comings and Goings

Div. 5 is buzzing with the news that two of our eyed eggs have hatched as Alevin.  Notice the wiggling tails, and orange yolk sack.


Div. 5 takes a well deserved relaxation break in Yoga


Mrs. Glavas’ class came for a visit to see our salmonids, and share in the excitement of observing the maturing eggs.  We shared a video about the next stage in the life cycle:  becoming alevin.