Congratulations to Divisions 11 – 22!

You did a fabulous job of “Sounds A Little Fishy To Me”.

Your singing, narrating and joking were great, your t-shirts were fun and colourful, and the concerts both went very well.  

Thank you so much for all of your hard work.

Special “THANK YOU”s to all of the performers, all of the teachers involved, all of the students who made beautiful art panels, all of the parents who helped children learn words, and to the Chaffey community for coming to our show.

Extra special “THANKS” to Mrs. Montgomery and Division 3 (for all of the behind-the-scenes organization), Mrs. Schiess and Mrs. Sorochan, the “riser crew”, Lochdale (Mrs. Veikle) and Inman (Mrs. Nordstrand) for risers, our custodians, Ashley (MVP Athletic Supplies), and all the people who did ‘extras’.  

♥ Ms. Lee & Mrs. Seminara


Band Reminders while practicing …

When you are practicing, please check

  • Are you sitting tall with great posture?

  • Is your instrument in the right position? 

  • Is the instrument adjusted to you or are you adjusted to the instrument?

  • Are your feet in the right place?

  • Are your cheeks flat or puffy?

  • Are you playing relaxed?  Shoulders?  Neck?  Body?

  • Can you see your music?