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February 22, 2018
by lanawayk

End of term is nigh…

Term 2 is quickly coming to a close! Please have all late assignments complete and handed in by Monday morning, Feb 26th (including Socials work).

Important works include:

  • Moral Story
  • Creation Story
  • Science Blog
  • Science notes (hard copy)
  • Visual Dictionary (science)
  • All lit circle work is up to date

Please also keep up on upcoming tests or quizzes for Math.

January 23, 2018
by lanawayk

January and February Updates!

Coming up…

  • Jan 26Young Peoples’ Concert. Please arrive on-time ready to go Friday morning. Late comers will miss out!
  • Feb 2 – Gr. 8 course selection for Burnaby South (at Maywood) – 1:00-2:15pm
  • Feb 8 – Div 1 +4 visit Burnaby South’s ScienceFair. Walking field trip starts 12:30pm.
  • Feb 12Family Day (BC) – no school. Celebrate at Maywood, Feb 14th!

We’re also very happy to welcome back, Ms. Zmukic into our class community. She will be taking on a larger role as student teacher this term, taking on 80% of the teaching capacity until Spring Break (March 19-30th). I will continue to mentor her on this exciting learning journey, and invite you to come by the classroom if you would like to meet Ms. Zmukic, or inquire about your child’s learning this term.


January 7, 2018
by lanawayk

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a wonderful time with friends and family this holiday season! I got lots of skiing in, spent time in the mountains and snow, and celebrated the season with my loved ones. I’m happy to welcome in a new year with you all and look forward to a new term!

What’s coming up:

  • We will be watching Wonder (based on the novel written by R.J. Palacio) this Thursday, January 11th. This Monday is the last day to submit your permission form and money. No exceptions, as we need to give numbers to the theatre in advance.
  • The following week, we will be SNOWSHOEING up at Mount Seymour, Wednesday, January 17th. Please be sure to have all appropriate clothing acquired in advance.

New term changes:

  • With Word Nerd now done, class discussions, A/B share-outs and prediction/blog writing is now coming to an end too. We will be turning our attention to Lit Circles and reading in smaller groups together. I look forward to introducing some new novels to the class which follow themes around Science Fiction and Distopias.
  • In Science, we will begin a new term by extending our unit in Evolution to include the fossil record, geologic dating, and understanding the evidence of climate change.
  • In ADST, we will be putting our beading projects behind us (please complete your works of art at home), and will be moving into design and creation of a prototype/tool from an ancient civilization (cross-curricular with Social Studies).

That’s all for now! I look forward to seeing your cheery faces, bright and early Monday, January 8th.

Happy New Year everyone!

December 19, 2017
by imagineertech

Holidays are soon here!

Div. 4, it’s been a busy first term! Soon we will be gathering with our families to celebrate the season, but before we say goodbye for two weeks, let’s celebrate a bit!

Some reminders!

  • Div. 4 will be performing the Peace Begins with You concert, Wednesday, Dec. 20th at 1:15 pm and 6:30 pm
  • Students are to wear all white or cream-coloured clothing. If you don’t have any, please borrow from a friend.
  • Division’s 1 – 4 will be celebrating together by watching holiday movies in each of the four classrooms. Your child will have brought home a movie permission form for you to see and sign. These must be returned by Wed, Dec. 20th.
  • Also, our class has been divided into four “food sharing” groups. Your child may be coming home with a notice informing you of their requirement to bring something to share. Please no peanuts or pop. However, juice boxes are ok. If your child received a food notice, please let us know what he/she will be bringing (return the form). Thanks so much!

Finally, I am still collecting SNOWSHOEING forms and money. Please see the post below for more info. All permissions and money is due Friday, Dec. 22nd.


~ Ms. L

November 30, 2017
by lanawayk

We’re going snowshoeing again!

Parents/guardians: Please look out for the permission form coming home re: snowshoeing in the new year! We are beginning the conversation now so you all know what kind of clothing and outer wear your child needs for this excursion. I suggest you look in your closets, take stock and ask friends and family to borrow what you need. Here is a list of the items needed for this outdoor field trip.


  • Outer layers:
    • Outer shell/coat to protect against rain or snow
    • Rain (or snow) pants
    • Light gloves and toque
    • Snow boots or sturdy hiking boots
  • Inner Layers:
    • Long-johns, thermal underwear or fleece pants. Think warm and flexible!
    • Wool socks (Not cotton. When wet it becomes very cold).
    • Depending on coat, 2-3 top layers. Preferred: thermal long sleeve shirt (thin), one that wicks away the sweat; a warmer middle/top layer (thick) – polar fleece, wool sweater, thick/warm hoodie, etc to fit under the outer shell (thinner if wearing a winter coat).

Ms. Lanaway and Mr. Modica-Amore’s Snowshoeing Letter

November 25, 2017
by lanawayk

Term 1 is coming to an end…

Please get all your blogs written and in their final format. Art projects are due and any missing work must be submitted by Monday, November 27th (for both myself and Mr. Modica-Amore). Gr. 7 grad hoodie money and order form is also due Monday.

Parents: the ePortfolios are now up and running. Please view what your child has posted and leave feedback. A form with the important sign-in information has gone home with your child. Suggested ways to give feedback is also there. Be sure to change your password from the generic one assigned you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

The snow shoeing notice will be going home next week. Keep your eye out for it!

November 1, 2017
by lanawayk

Science Test this Thursday and Friday

Don’t forget to study your unit on Adaptations. There will be a test for Mr. Modica-Amore’s science class Thursday, and Ms. Lanaway’s class has their test this Friday. Please review your white reading package, your visual dictionary and worksheets that were handed back this week. 

Good luck!

November 1, 2017
by lanawayk

Blogging and Word Nerd

Now that we are finally underway with our novel, Word Nerd, I thought I should give a quick recap of what blogs we have done, and those soon to come (Blog#4 + 5). Please keep yourself up-to-date, and feel free to KEEP BLOGGING if the writing bug has caught you!

  • Blog#5 – FREE WRITE. This is an actual blog. Write about whatever you want. Make it a fictional story; write about something you know, or write a review. YOUR CHOICE!
  • Blog#4 – Explaining Irene’s Response
  • Blog#3 – Prediction#2
  • Blog#2 – Cover Prediction
  • Blog#1 – Meet the Leader Reflection

These posts can be found in your ePortfolio. Students, don’t forget to post pictures of what you’ve been up to so far this year. If you post a picture, be sure to include a reflective caption.

October 27, 2017
by lanawayk

Halloween is nearly here!

Don’t forget your FRENCH TEST, Monday, Oct. 30th

Image result for pumpkin patch

Here are some important end-of-month reminders!

  • Monday, Oct 30th:
    • French test (10:45-11:40)
    • Pumpkin Patch with our Little Buddies (11:40-11:50)
    • FSA – last test: reading online + reflection (1:45-2:45)
  • Tuesday, Oct 31st:
    • Pumpkin Carving – Pt. 1 (scoop out the guts, in the morning)
    • Halloween Movie (10:45-12:00)
    • STAR Assembly (1:15-2:00ish)
    • Pumpkin Carving – Pt.2 (finish carving your pumpkin). Take it home!

Please don’t forget to dress up appropriately. We ask that students do not come to school wearing masks or scary/gory face paint. Weapon/replicas strictly prohibited. We also ask that students don’t dress as people from other cultures. For more information on forms of cultural appropriation, please visit this informative link:

Cultural Appropriation at Halloween: My Culture Is Not a Costume

Let’s make this a fun day!

October 6, 2017
by lanawayk

Social Studies and Science starts!

Today (Friday) and next week (Tuesday), Mr. Modica-Amore and I will be starting our units of study in Social Studies (Modica-Amore) and Science (Lanaway)! Yay! Monday afternoon Div. 4 will go to Mr. Modica-Amore for Socials, and will get Science with me on Tuesday afternoons. The schedule is now set and can be viewed by link.

In Socials, you’ll be looking at What is History? In Science, we begin a unit of study in Theory of Evolution: Natural Selection, Diversity and the Survival of Living Things. It will be busy right up to our first reporting period, so please keep up to date on homework and project/assignments. 

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