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April 15, 2019
by lanawayk
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Student Leds are coming up!

We have been working hard this term and the students can’t wait to show you their progress. When you come to visit the classroom, they will lead you through some of their chosen work that they want to share with you. Each student will have some work at their table spot. Be prepared to ask about their successes and what they continue to work on. We look forward to seeing you!

February 22, 2019
by lanawayk

Term 2’s come to an end!

Yes! to everyone who got their work in on time! I’m busy marking it all and tabulating scores. Thur (Feb 21) was the last day of the term and I’m no longer taking in work for T2 (unless we have already spoken). For Science, the following assignments are necessary for assessment:

  • A Magical Place (reading/questions)
  • Ch. 2 – Winter (reading/questions)
  • YouTube video note-taking on body systems
  • Visual Dictionary of terms (indigenous ways of knowing).

All blogs (written and posted) and One-Pagers are also past due. If there was something you missed, please get it to me by Monday, Feb 25.

February Reminders:

  • Family Day (Feb 18)
  • Pro-D (Feb 22)
  • Pink Shirt Day (Feb 27)

March Reminders:

  • Spring Break runs March 16-31st


January 14, 2019
by lanawayk
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Welcome to a new year!!

Term 2 is well underway and I’m so excited to get into new units in Language Arts, Math and Science! 

In Language Arts we’ve started Literature Circles. Students have been given their reading groups, in some cases students have multiple novels to read. We continue to write our blogs, as seen in our BLOGFOLIOS.

In Science we’re starting a new unit in Biology, studying Bears and Body Systems which will include indigenous perspective and ways of knowing that touches on the interconnectedness of ecosystems.

In Math we’re into Unit 3 – Decimals (multiplying/dividing). We’ll be moving quickly to Unit 5: Fractions, Ratios and Percents (hopefully completing before Spring Break.

December 19, 2018
by lanawayk

Winter Break is almost here!

Wow! Term 1 went fast! We’re almost at the end. Report cards have gone out. Parents/guardian: please return your child’s report card envelope, signed, so we can use it again next term.


  • School is back in session Monday, January 7, 2019
  • Snowshoeing will happen the first week back from holidays. Wednesday, January 9th. Please have your child bring their outer gear to school on Monday or Tuesday so teachers can check. For more information, here is the notice that went home with students last month. Snowshoeing-Letter_2018
  • we’ve already begun Term 2, but when we return to school in the new year, we will begin our Literature Circles for Language Arts. 


November 2, 2018
by lanawayk

Forest Fridays have begun!


The next Forest Friday will be Nov. 30. Please dress for the weather!


Today we had our first FOREST FRIDAY!

This morning. Ms. Aprim, Ms. Stevens and myself went to Central Park and scanned the area for safety. We picked up garbage and made sure the site was safe for students to visit. 

Ms. Lanaway and Ms. Johansen’s classes (div. 4+5) spent the morning exploring the forest spaces, walking like Quiet Coyote, and creating forts and mini-houses! Creativity and wonder was in abundance! In the afternoon, Ms. Aprim and Ms. Steven’s classes were accompanied by their big buddy classes and got to explore in much the same way.

We are so fortunate to be in walking distance to this beautiful park, and today was especially magical with the sun shining through recently dropped rain, dripping off the cedar branches and spider webs, making for an especially beautiful visit!

October 30, 2018
by lanawayk

Pumpkin Patch Success!

Div. 4 had a great day picking out their pumpkins with their little buddies and then carving them (on their own!).

Picking their pumpkins

Planning it out

Hard at work carving!

October 29, 2018
by lanawayk

The Google Classroom is up and running!

Students have been given two assignments in the G-classroom. Each assignment comes with an attachment, due date, and how many marks each is worth. The reading response was due Oct 26th. It is now past due. The Science assignment can also be found in the G-classroom. It’s due date is Nov.22 (No later, and no exceptions as marks exchange is the following week and I will need time to mark them!). 

Please check it out!

ALSO: the Language Arts page has been updated and now have all writing assignments and Word Walls posted. Please take a look!

October 26, 2018
by lanawayk

Take Me Outside Day was a success!

Div 4 and 5 spent some extended time outdoors in celebration of TAKE ME OUTSIDE. I took both classes outside and played various eco-literacy games, reinforcing such concepts as food chains, predator-prey relationships, decomposers of the forest, and understanding the shared relationships and place in world among other living things.

Why did we do this?

Teachers at Maywood strongly believe that outdoor education is a vital part of a child’s growth and development. We want our students going to local places and parks to discover, explore, question, and imagine while they are immersed in a natural outdoor space.  Through mindful moments, play, scientific observations, and meaningful discussions, students engage with the world around them.


In 2011, Colin Harris, founder and Executive Director of Take Me Outside ran over 7,600 kilometres (the equivalent of 181 marathons!) from St. John’s, NL to Victoria, BC. Along the way, he visited 80 schools and met with almost 20,000 students, talking about the importance of finding balance between the amount of time they spend outside and the time they are spending in front of screens. The final day of his cross Canada run was in late October. To celebrate the end of his mega-run and to continue the momentum of awareness raising on this important issue, Take Me Outside Day was established. It is a day to highlight the importance of unplugging and spending time outside, being active and connecting with nature. It’s also a time to play and have fun in the fresh air. We hope you’ll join us. 

Below: Students play Predator-Prey, while the decomposers return the prey to the living.

Below: Who Am I, students have to guess their wildlife by asking questions, leading them to understand the different ways we can categorize living things.

September 20, 2018
by lanawayk

Number the Stars!

We will be starting our read aloud this week, Number the Stars, by Lois Lowry. PLEASE DO NOT READ AHEAD – it will interfere with our PREDICTION making!

But, you can look ahead at our WORD WALL. These are terms that are used in the book that I want you to know the meaning of and be able to use them in a sentence.

To get to our word wall, go to LANGUAGE ARTS, then NOVELS, then find the link for Number the Stars. Here is a shortcut!

I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I have!

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