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September Reflection



Please enjoy some photo’s and captions that reflect our learning so far. 

Oaky The Oak Tree: We have adopted this tree to observe it’s seasonal changes and investigate our inquiries as scientists. 

On walks, see if you can point out any seasonal changes. What kinds of seeds, leaves, trees and animals do you see?

Terry Fox: We explored what it means to be a hero and made connections to a time in our life that we felt brave. 

Jelly Beans: We counted, estimated, and experimented using jelly beans. Here is what happened to our jelly beans when we let them soak in water.

Orange Shirt Day: We learned about residential schools, their history, impact, connection to the land we live on, affects on the community and explored our relationship to culture, tradition and identity. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this look into some of our learning this month.

Ms. Kler 🙂 

Parents As Partners


Hello everyone,

Please make sure you have signed up our brief parent as partners meetings. They are taking place Wednesday and Thursday after school. If you haven’t signed up or are having trouble, please talk to me tomorrow.

Reminder there is an early dismissal at 2:00 pm on Thursday and no-school Friday. Please make sure students return their library books. We have library every Thursday, so anytime before that. 

I look forward to meeting with you all 🙂

-Ms. Kler

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