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Law 12

Mr. Katsionis                                                                  Email:

Throughout this course we will explore a wide variety of events/topics such as; Aboriginal Law, Civil Law and Criminal Law. This course will help you realize what your rights and freedoms really are and how our court system works.


Unit 1 – History of Law

Unit 2 – Criminal Law

Unit 3 – Civil Law

Unit 4 – Family Law

Course Expectations:

  1. Treat yourself, others, the teacher and learning space with respect.
  2. It is expected you will submit all assignments on time and to the best of your abilities.
  3. Ask questions so that we can have an engaged learning environment.
  4. There are NO cell phones permitted unless otherwise specified. Phones will be taken away for improper use.
  5. You are required to be in class on time. If you are late, come into the classroom as quietly as possible.
  6. If you are away, you are still responsible for all missed work. Consult Mr. Katsionis when this happens.
  7. Ask the teacher when you need to leave the room for a water break and/or the washroom.
  8. You must follow ALL online procedures à please regularly check Microsoft Teams


Throughout this course we will use a variety of both Summative and Formative assessments. This will include discussions, assignments, projects, journals, simulations, educational games, quizzes and tests. Below is a breakdown of how you will be assessed in Law 12.

Assignments/Projects                         85%

Social-Personal Responsibility          15%

  • Note: Due to the Hybrid System, there will be NO tests/quizzes in this course.