Zoom Music Class Contest RESULTS!!

Thank you to all who participated in the Zoom Music Classes. It was so good to see you and do some music activities together.  It wasn’t the same as being together in the Music Room, but it was better than not being together at all 🙂


This summer will be different for us. You might have more free time and be spending more time at home than usual. It could be a perfect summer for learning to play an instrument!  It’s often not hard to find inexpensive instruments, like the recorder, harmonica or ukulele.  And there are, of course, lots of instructional videos on Youtube. If you find yourself with nothing to do, remember that I have also posted activities on this website.

Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a fun and interesting summer. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it in September!

Take good care of yourselves and your families!


Zoom Music Class Contest Results:

  1. Most students to attend one Zoom Music Class – Division 16 (with 13 people at one meeting).
  2. Highest number of participants over all Zoom Music Classes – Division 15 (with 60 students over all Zoom Music classes) Runners up –Division 16 (with 57 people over all Zoom Music classes) and Division 7 (with 56 people over all the Zoom Music Classes).

1. Division 15 – 60 participants

2. Division 16 – 57 participants

3. Division 7 – 56 participants

4. Division 11 – 38 participants

5. Division 1 – 35 participants

6. Divisions 3 & 4 – 34 participants

7. Division 8 – 33 participants

8. Division 5 – 31 participants

9. Division 14 – 30 participants

10. Divisions 9 & 10 – 28 participants

11. Division 6 – 26 participants

12. Division 2 – 24 participants

13. Division 13 – 18 participants

14. Division 12 – 16 participants

Congratulations to Everyone!!!


Zoom Music Class Contest Update!

The Contest Continues! Who will win?!?!?

This is the 5th week of Zoom Music Classes at Edmonds. We have 1 more week to go! Thank you to all who have participated. It has been wonderful for me to see you and I hope you have enjoyed doing some Music activities and being together too.

Below are the results of the contest SO FAR. Remember there are 2 ways to win and there’s still 1 week to go!

1. Most Students to Attend 1 Zoom Music Class  

 So far, the highest number of participants in a single Zoom class is 13 (Div 16). If your numbers are low for the total over all the Zoom Music Classes, you can still win in this category by getting all the kids in our class to show up for your last Zoom Music Class next week!!

 2. Highest Number of Participants Over All Zoom Music Classes in 2020

Totals Participants by Division as of last Friday, June 5th 

  1. Division 16 – 44 participants
  2. Divisions 7 & 15 – 39 participants
  3. Division 1 – 27 participants
  4. Division 3 – 26 participants
  5. Division 8 – 24 participants
  6. Divisions 4, 5, & 14 – 22 participants
  7. Division 10 – 20 participants
  8. Division 2 & 9 – 19 participants
  9. Division 11 – 18 participants
  10. Division 6 – 16 participants
  11. Divison 13 – 14 participants
  12. Division 12 – 10 participants

Remember, If you didn’t get an email with the Zoom link, please contact me at karin.johnson@burnabyschools.ca .

Edmonds Zoom Music Class Contest!

Announcing the Edmonds Zoom Music Class Contest!

2 WAYS to WIN!! Prizes will be awarded to the classes that have the:

  1. Most Students to Attend 1 Zoom Music Class
  2. Highest Number of Participants Over All Zoom Music Classes in 2020

Good Luck!!




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Hello Edmonds Students, Parents and Families!

So glad you found me 🙂 I have been thinking about all of you.  I’m hoping you are healthy and finding ways to keep your spirits up! Singing, dancing, making music or just listening to music are great ways to stay active and positive. Music strengthens the muscles in your brain and in your body!

Some of you have found your Music assignments from me in your paper packages from your teachers or in other online locations. I’m going to post some things here as well in case it’s easier for you or your Classroom Teachers. Look for your grade level in the menu above and click on it.

Lots of hugs and best wishes to you!!



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