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Pink Shirt Day

Dear Families,

This week we have been learning about standing up for our friends as we prepare for pink shirt day next week. Pink Shirt Day is on Wednesday February 24th and we have been learning about what the day means and what the pink shirt symbolizes. I am encouraging all students to wear pink on Wednesday.

We have read several books to support our learning and had several discussions about how we can keep our classroom and school a place where we all feel safe and welcome. We have been practicing using our strong voices if we see someone being unkind. We learned that even a little voice can say stop, and that if one voice stands up and says stop, then others will join in.

We read several stories to support our learning and our discussions.

We will continue our conversation next week.

We have continued to learn double addition facts. We have gotten very good with addition to 10 and are just beginning to learn addition of numbers that add to 11 – 20.

Here is a video if you want to practice with your child.

Happy Saturday,
Ms. Hutchinson

Valentine’s Day Cards

Dear Families,

This year, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Friday, February 12th.

If your child would like to make cards for Valentine’s Day (please know this is optional), please make sure that they make enough for every child in the class. We have 17 students and 2 teachers.

Due to Covid restrictions, I would ask that you only send cards to hand out as many families may be unsure about treats and goodie bags and we will not be able to share any kind of treats during the day.

I am sending a letter home with all of the students names this afternoon.

I will ensure that the students are able to safely hand out their cards on Friday, February 12th.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Hutchinson




Dear Divsion 13,

We are busy in the midst of our exploration of Family.

We began by brainstorming what is a family and we discovered that the most important thing about our family is that they love you, take care of you, keep you safe and help you.

We then discussed who is in our family – mom, dad, brother, sister, step-mom, step-dad, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We talked about big brothers/sisters and little brothers/sisters as well as our family that lives with us and our family that lives in different house. We discovered that all of our families are different but that is what makes them special to us.

We did an art project based on the book Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer. We talked about all the wonderful things that we do with our family and how we show each other love.

Love is playing basketball with my brother by Daniel

Love is going to the rainforest with my Dad by Aubrey

Love is playing with my sister by Emma

Love is when I go on a walk with my Mom, Dad and my sister by Sirine

Love is talking a walk with my dog  by Mikko

Love is my and my Mom and my Dad and my sister and my baby brother seeing a rainbow by Aryam

Love is going on a school bus with my sister by Leandra

Love is playing football with my dad and Laya by Kavinash

Love is my Mom and my Dad by Zayen

Love is jumping on my Mom and Dad tummy and waking them up by Arantza

Love is when I watch a movie with my Mom and Dad and eat popcorn by Mila

Love is chess by Josias

Love is watching a movie with my parents, my sister, my brother and having treats by Fortuna

Love is listening to music in bed by Evita

Love is when I help  my Dad make cupcakes by Husin

Love is playing tea party with my mommy by Sweta

Love is playing dress up with my sister and running around with balloons by Sukhman

We finished the week by reading A Family is A Family is A Family and will use this story as our jumping off point to continue exploring our families next week.


Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Hutchinson

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school!

This week we have been reviewing our routines, welcomed a new friend back to our classroom, got new books from the library, restarted our small group reading instruction, began learning about “rainbow math” (ways to make 10), have explored our forest and most importantly have been learning about learning.

This term, we are learning about our brains and how they work!  How can we help our brains grow strong and support us to learn at school? We are learning about growth mindset and the power of YET.  We are just getting started, but already we have discovered a lot,

Here is a link to the videos that we have begun to watch and that have inspired our conversations about our brain and learning:

Growth Mindset: Class Dojo

And here is our work so far:


I have really noticed students beginning to embrace and be excited about using the words practice, challenge, making mistakes and I can’t do it yet. These words are very  powerful in supporting our young learners’ to embrace a growth mindset around learning, know that it is okay to make mistakes and to understand that we never stop learning.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Ms. Hutchinson

Technology Access

Dear Families,

I have been asked to find out about your child’s technology access (eg. laptop, computer, tablet) and get this information back to Ms. Pitt by the end of next week. 

Please click HERE and answer the questions on the survey. 

Thank you for your support with this matter. 

This week we have continued with our theme of Kindness. Today we learnt about giving compliments and spent a happy hour writing compliment cards for all of the teachers and staff who help us learn. We then became kindness ninjas and delivered our cards and spread kindness around the school. We also spent most of Thursday working on an art project and writing that share how we spread kindness. We were so excited to see our pictures on the bulletin board this morning.

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Hutchinson

November 14th

Dear Families,

To support me with making sure that my blog is being accessed properly can you please leave me a quick comment saying “hi” as I need to make sure that all families are able to access and read these posts. 

This week we have continued our theme of kindness and inclusion as well as focusing on learning about peace and Remembrance Day.

To support inclusion and making everybody welcome we read The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates. We talked about how the umbrella is a metaphor for our hearts and how much happier our hearts feel if all our classmates feel included. We then drew a self-portrait and made an umbrella that stretches over our entire class.

We met our goal of 80 kindness stickies in our bucket of kindness. We chose to have a surprise playtime as our prize  and we spent 30 minutes after recess on Friday playing together to celebrate our goal. We have made a new goal to add 41 new kindness stickies to our bucket which will get us above 120 stickies so far this month. The students are very proud of their kindness stickies and are excited to tell me when someone was kind to them or did something that made their heart feel full so that we can add their name to our bucket.

Next week we will be writing How to books. Students made their title pages on Friday and next week we will be focusing on writing the step by step instructions for the activity that they have chosen. We will then be sharing our books with our classmates. We are writing:

How to look at stars by Sirine,  How to make popcorn  by Mikko , How to swim by Emma, How to go to the swimming pool by Sukhman, How to be a good friend by Mila, How to do karate by Zayen, How to make pancakes by Josias, How to make muffins by Leandra, How to find treasure by Sweta, How to make pizza by Aubrey, How to make the best treats by Aryam, How to run by Daniel, How to make pizza by Husin.

For math we continue to learn about ten frames and counting on. We are learning to work flexibly with the numbers to 10 and to use our knowledge about 10 to help us count up towards 20.  There is a great website that gives an understanding of how we are learning to use ten frames and why they are important in place value as well as in  addition and subtraction. Click HERE to access the website.

This weekend my family and many families in our Morley community are celebrating Diwali. Diwali is an important holiday celebrating peace, joy and happiness all across the world.

परिवार को भेजिये Happy Diwali Wishes in hindi 2020 | Happy D

❤  Ms. Hutchinson

Welcome to November

Dear Families,

Happy November!! This month our focus is on peace and kindness. We have started our bucket of kindness and are busy being kind to each other and filling in each other’s buckets.

We spent most of last week (as well as focusing on Halloween) on learning to look closely at ourselves and to love the skin that we are in. We used mirrors and each other to look closely at our faces. We were very excited to discover that the whole class has brown eyes, except for Ms. Hutchinson and we learnt a very important lesson when we discovered that peach is not skin colour. Skin colour means whatever colour your own skin is.  After we drew and painted ourselves, we were given the task of looking closely at a friend and drawing their face.

Today we drew poppies. We have begun talking about the significance of the poppy as we get closer to November 11th and Remembrance Day.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Hutchinson


Dear Families,

We are learning all about pumpkins this week. We are learning the pumpkin life cycle, what a pumpkin needs to grow and how to look closely and observe our pumpkins.

Today was our Morley Pumpkin Patch. We filled our courtyard with enough pumpkins so that every student in the school got to bring home a pumpkin.


Halloween on Friday

Students are welcome to wear their costumes on Friday. We will be having a classroom celebration where we will be doing some special activities. . Please send a change a clothes with your child so that they can change when they are done wearing their costume. Students should be able to put on and take off their costume independently. Please remember no weapons or mask.

Unfortunately we are not having a whole school parade or Halloween assembly this year, and due to Covid-10 restrictions we are are unable to give out treats, candy or goodie bags.

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Hutchinson

Happy Thanksgiving

Dear Families,

What a busy week. We have continued to explore our neighbourhood and the Morley Forest and we have spent several happy hours exploring and learning about our community.

Your child brought home their My Family book on Friday. They are so proud of their writing and are very excited to share their family book with you. We worked hard every day to brainstorm ideas, copy words, and try out some of the strategies that we have been learning – listening to beginning sounds of words, stretching out words slowly to hear the sounds and using the word wall to help us. We used the My Family book shown below to help us with our writing as well as to help us as we begin to learn early reading skills.


We used our math tool kits for the first time. We are working on counting with numbers up to 10 and then counting on from there. We are also exploring one  to one correspondence – For example, a child who touches each counter in a row and says the number name aloud for each counter touched, “One, two, three, four…” is demonstrating the ability to count with one-to-one correspondence. We are learning different strategies to help us count and count on – we use ten frames, counters, number lines and chanting.

I hope you have a wonderful long weekend.  Even though we are still in the middle of Covid, there are so many things to be grateful for and we hope that you spend some time celebrating those things in whatever form Thanksgiving has in your home. This week we have spent a lot of time talking about gratitude and being thankful. We have started our gratitude journals and will continue to spend time over this year reflecting on what we are grateful for.

thanksgiving clipart free - Google Search | Happy thanksgiving pictures, Thanksgiving snoopy, Charlie brown thanksgiving

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at: amelia.hutchinson@burnabyschools.ca

Ms. Hutchinson

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