Weekly Updates

Yay! Our class Teams page is up and running!! This is where I will be posting weekly updates, class, and school information. I will no longer be posting the updates on this blog. For more weekly updates and important class information please visit our Teams page.

This page can be accessed using the QR code that was sent home last week along with your child’s e-mail & password. If you need support to access Division 14 Teams let me know and I would be happy to help.

October 9 – 13

As the weather begins to cool, please ensure your child brings a jacket, sweater, and any other clothing they will need for colder temperatures.

Chunk Spelling this week:

  • -ot

Last week we introduced chunk spelling. Your child thought of words that had -at in the word. This week we will continue to work on chunk spelling. See if your child can find -at or -ot words in books they read at home.

Tricky Words of the Week

  • was
  • to
  • do

Important days this week:


  • No School – Thanksgiving Monday


  • Return Library Books!


  • Library day – please ensure your child brings their Ziploc library bag.


  • First big buddy class. Ask your child about their big buddy.


  • Meet the seniors. Your child gets to meet the Grade 7 student’s from Nelson.

October 2 – 6

It was lovely to meet all of you during our intake meetings. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.


Planting and Painting: We will plant a Creeping Stonecrop in our schools Indigenous Garden as part of our Truth and Reconciliation. We will also paint orange rocks to symbolize our learning about the “truth” in Truth and Reconciliation. Ask us what we chose to use as a design on our rocks.

Language Arts:

This week we will be learning about tricky words (words that are not easily decoded without mature understanding of phonics rules and patterns). Last week we learned three tricky words: the, of, as. Feel free to practice these words with your child. Can they find them in a book you are reading? Can they create the words with playdough, magnet letters, or with a marker on paper?

Tricky Words of the Week

  • has
  • is
  • his

Important days this week:

Monday Oct 2

  • No School – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Wednesday Oct 4

  • Library Day *Please send your child to school with their labelled Ziploc bag. This bag will help to keep the library books dry and clean. This Ziploc bag should also come to school everyday with your child’s planner in it.

Thursday Oct 5

  • Individual Photo Day