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Summer Break!

Dearest StrongStart Families,

Summer break is upon us and I am humbled and honoured to have been a part of your year. We got through it all together! It has been a year of adapting and adjusting to new routines to keep everyone safe. Thank you for joining me both here and in our StrongStart classroom. All our hard work has paid off and things are looking up. I am excited and hopeful for the new school year. Good job everyone!!!

I wish you all a wonderful summer. Take advantage of the every day, rain or shine and enjoy the great outdoors….maybe I’ll see you out there!

Please check the StrongStart webpage for updates for registration and opening dates:



Community Resource:

From our lovely, Early Childhood Community Consultant, Anita Olson,  has more to share with you:

Burnaby Neighbourhood House is hosting a free workshop on June 25th from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM where you can learn all about library services and connect with your community! This workshop will be offered in English and Farsi and requires registration. Email or call (263)-877-2531 to register or check out the attached poster.

Online Story time every Tuesday and Thursday, 5:30-6pm. Join Information Children for stories, songs, easy art activities, felt stories and puppets! Register here or check out the poster for more details.

It Feels Good to Talk about Feelings – Discussing emotions can be hard for both adults and children, but it is important. Paying attention to your child’s feelings from birth is key to helping them develop their own understanding of emotions, as well as the emotions they see in others. As children grow older, mealtimes and bedtimes are a great opportunity to ask them about how they’re feeling and how their day went. Learn more at

Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144                M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7

Twinka Linka and Bloop Bloop!

Join me in singing “Twinka Linka” and “Bloop Bloop Went the Little Green Frog.”

Click HERE to sing-a-long with me.



Also, the latest from Anita Olson, our Early Childhood Community Consultant has more resources to share with you:

Outdoor family programs are back at Burnaby Family Life! Check out the attached posterfor all the times, dates and locations. Registration is required and can be done here:

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Children learn and grow through all types of play, in all kinds of ways – from connecting with each other, to connecting with nature. Make time and space for play early and often, so your child can develop the social, emotional, mental and physical skills that are crucial for success later in life. Check out the attached clip! Learn more



Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7



Painting with Balloons

From left to right, the balloons are filled up with different things:

Small pebbles, sand, water and the last one, just air.

They all weigh and feel differently and when stamping into the paints, it’ll give a different impression. Listen to the sound as it hits the paper.  How are they different from one another?

If you double up on the balloons before filling them up, it would make a great sensory “squeeze/stress” balls if you fill it up with sand, rice or even beans.

***Always supervise your children when using balloons as these are a choking hazard. If you’re just playing with simple blown up balloons and they pop. Make sure to pick up all the loose pieces and toss them in the garbage so animals and young children don’t ingest them.


Slippery Fish

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Join me in singing “Slippery Fish!”

Click HERE to sing-a-long with me.



Community Resources:

We are so lucky to have Anita Olson, our Early Childhood Community Consultant, sharing what’s happening and available throughout our community.

Another lovely message from the social emotional development campaign. Check out this little video about being present, here.

Every child needs a trusting relationship with at least one dependable adult in their lives, so they can grow and develop in a healthy way as family and community members, friends, thinkers, and discover their connections to the natural environment. You don’t have to be a childcare expert – just being present to provide love, safety, security, joy, and paying attention to them is enough.

I highly recommend following on social media – choose what’s best for you!




 YouTube: Feelings First 

LinkedIn: Feelings First  


It’s really feeling like summer these days! Mark your calendars for summer camp registration – The City of Burnaby will be holding many summer camps this years!! Registration is May 31st for Burnaby families and June 3rd for other families. See a list of community centers here. There are also a couple outdoor pools open this month! Yay for summer!!


Starting June 8th join Family Services of Greater Vancouver’s virtual Kitchen to Kitchen! Learn new cooking skills, discover new recipes and cook with simple low-cost ingredients every Tuesday from 10 – 12 PM. If you are interested in joining this free cooking classcall 604-368-2154, email, or check out the poster attached!


The Family Support Institute of BC hosts a wonderful parenting group for parents raising children with extra support needs. This is a virtual space for parents to discuss, discover and build strength from one another. This is a weekly group starting today, May 25, at 6:30 PM. If you are interested in this supportive parenting group, register here.



Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7

Blowing Bubbles and Community Resources

I am so excited to share a creative and fun way to make your own bubble wand. Teacher Beth, the wonderful StrongStart Educator from Second Street Community School made a video about these bubble wands.


Click on this link for Blowing bubbles with Teacher Beth.

Supplies to make this special bubble wand:

Two sticks or dowels ( purchased dowels from Dollarama – package of 6)

Two eye hooks – attach to the end of the dowel to tie the strings through.

One metal washer – to use as a weight




I hope you try making this bubble wand and blow some giant bubbles!



Community Resources from Anita Olson, an Early Childhood Community Consultant:

I wanted to share more information about the social emotional development campaign. Social and emotional development starts early. From recognizing emotions to just talking and hugging, small things make a big difference. You can follow this incredible group and gain such amazing information by following their social media;

·       Instagram: here 

·       Facebook: here 

·       Twitter: here 

·       YouTube: Feelings First here 

·       LinkedIn: Feelings First here   


Check out the attachment for the New Neighbours Podcast facilitated by Burnaby Neighbourhood House and Immigration Canada. This is a new project focusing on community voices including newcomers who have stories and cultural knowledge, music, information, concerns or life lessons they would like to share – no experience required! If you have something you’d like to contribute, contact or phone (604)-396-6955 and see how you can be a guest on the New Neighbours Podcast.

For More parenting information, children’s activities and self care ideas, make sure to check out The Parenting Place Blog below!*yvNqF4W3VrxqaCEsSZghVA.png

parentingplace – Medium

A resource for families focusing on activities for children, parent education and self-care. Our goal is to help strengthen the parent child relationship & ensure children are nurtured, youth find optimism, adults feel empowered and parents make choices that build strong families.

Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7


Fun with Shaving Cream!

Here are three ways to explore with shaving cream.

Let’s start with the messiest and most fun one: shaving cream with tempura paint.

Spray the shaving cream onto a tray to contain the mess. Let your child explore the shaving cream and paint with their hands. It is silky soft and mesmerizing as you watch the colours mix and swirl. You can add a paintbrush, fork, or a stick to mix it all up as well.



If you want a mess-free way, try putting the shaving cream into a large ziplock bag. Add some food colour or tempura paints and zip up the bag, making sure to gently press out most of the air. Your child can press into the bag and mix the colours without the mess. This is a great one for toddlers.

Lastly, fill a jar with water, leaving a few inches from the top free. Spray in the shaving cream. It will sit on top of the water. Let your child add food colouring with droppers. I save all the droppers from children’s medicine, just make sure to wash them clean before using. As you add colour, watch how the colour slowly makes its way down through the shaving cream and then into the water. The colouring will dance down and sometimes bounce back up.

Here’s what it looks like from the top of the jar. See how the food colour sits on top of the shaving cream.  How long will it take for all the colour to sink down through the shaving cream? Why does the colour bounce back up? What’s happening to each colour?  Will new colours appear? Why does the shaving cream sit on top of the water like that?

Have fun exploring shaving cream with your child!



Community Resources: Burnaby Family Life

Burnaby Family Life offers a variety of parent and child online group activities, from Playful Learning (now offered in Korean) , Healthy Families, Healthy Minds, Creative learning for Preschool children and so much more. Check out the attached Spring schedule or visit Burnaby Family Life ( to register.


First Comes a Butterfly…

Join me in singing, “First Comes a Butterfly…”

Click HERE to sing-a-long with me!



A message from Anita Olson, our Early Childhood Community Consultant:

Join the Burnaby Festival of Learning from May 7th – May 11th this year! This festival is free and for all ages! Bring your curiosity as you and your family explore a rich array of cultural, natural and city spaces with fun-filled experiences. Check out the attached poster for more information or click here.

The Power of Play – Book a Wednesday morning one-on-one play session with me, Anita – Enjoy a private play space with your little one as I coach and model child-led play, establishing healthy boundaries, turn taking and so much more with parents/caregivers and their child. Call/text or email, 604-723-9548 or email to see availability.


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd                                                                                                                                                                                                      Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         M 604 723 9548                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7

Fun with Egg Cartons

Reuse, recycle and create with egg cartons. Save your egg cartons and try some of these projects with your children.

Egg cartons for sorting and counting:


This is a perfect time to start planting seedlings in an egg carton.


Gather some art supplies:  paints, glue, felts, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, toothpick, buttons and some paper. See what kinds of creatures, insects, monsters or even flowers can be created out of egg cartons.


Lastly, get out some paints and cut up those egg cartons for “Stamp Painting.”

These are just some ideas using egg cartons. Start collecting them, add supplies such tape, glue, paints, felts, buttons and paper, whatever you may have on hand and see what your child can create using their imagination.


Community Resources

I hope you’re all keeping safe. As we’re all being asked to stay close to home, there are still some resources that you can access from the comfort of your own home.

Information Children:  

Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers: April 16-May 21, Fridays from 1-3pm; Starting this Friday we will be exploring the unique challenges that parents of children under 5 ncounter as their little ones move through the toddler and preschool years. Registration via Zoom:

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Online Family Storytime: April 1-29, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6pm. Registration via Zoom:





Resources and a message from Anita Olson, our Early Childhood Community Consultant:

Another beautiful sunny day for us to enjoy! Remember to stay sun safe out there:

Use sunscreen with UVA and UVB SPF of 30 or more

Keep the babies out of the sun as best you can – babies 6 months and under are not recommended to use sunscreen

Stay hydrated – drink lots of water.

For more sun safety information, check out The Parenting Place Blog!

Family Services of Greater Vancouver is offering some great virtual community programs – check out the attached poster for all the details. Children’s programing , parenting groups and single mom’s group – if you are interested and would like to register call 604-368-2154 or email

Purpose Society is offering a Digital Inclusion Hub with 1-on-1 support, access to the internet and devises every Thursday from 1-4 PM. Book an appointment to secure a spot by calling 604-526-2522 or email – check out the attached poster for all the details.



Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7





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