It is very important to use the proper school equipment (mouse and headphones included) that was provided with your borrowed school laptops.

Failure to do so will directly effect the product’s reliability correlation coefficient of the utilized screening tools and the reliability of the Fast ForWord program in itself.

It will directly impact the effectiveness of the Fast ForWord product and the LSS/ELL support provided for your child.

If you decide to diverge from the recommended practice it will also effect the construct validity of the product in itself too.

If you choose to use equipment other than what was provided by the school administrator then you will need to consult with a trained and experienced Fast ForWord consultant.

Failure to do so will effect the use and decisions based upon the use of the Fast ForWord product.

If an administrator did not supply you with the proper equipment to please contact them immediately and consult with them to find the correct solution.

I recommended supplying the school’s new iPads (with iOS 11 or higher) with the school headphones as an excellent choice. They are much easier to use and they are very effective and have less risk to the product’s reliability and validity.