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Ele-Bot Verb Guide

When learning about plural verbs — remember they are completely opposite to plural nouns.

The reason we use plural verbs, it is when the noun does not change. You cannot say, sheeps, fishes, or mooses.

The verb clues are the sound it makes at the end of the verb. If you hear S, then it is singular. If do not hear a S, then it is plural.

Remember to also look for the article clues too.

For example, the article clues are:

…the fish is jumping (singular)

….the fish are jumping (plural)

Hello Whaliens!

Did you know?

When working on your building your auditory memory while exercising in  Whalien Match — take at look at this desk top guide.

These are the sounds you are listening to. The consonant sounds have just been stretched out.

Make an appointment.

If you are working on your Fast ForWord, e-port blog or Zorbit Math Adventures at home and you need help, you can book an appointment with me. Just email me

Please use your Burnaby school district email, if you can. I may be able to answer your questions in the district email.

If not, there is the teleconference route.

Just include days and times when you are available to meet online in your email. I can arrange a teleconference meeting  with you either using Office 365 or Zoom.



Fast ForWord

Hello students who working on their Fast ForWord at home.

  • Find a quiet space where you can focus quietly for at least 30 min. Away from distractions like the window, the TV, a noisy sibling or the vacuum cleaner.


  • Some of you students may need to take a short break to stretch or to breath after each exercise. Remember to get up, take a deep breath and breathe out, stretch and come back and do the next exercise. You usually have 3-4 exercises to do in 30 minutes. Remember to be kind to yourself and take that brain break. You may need it.


  • Please wear high quality headphones. Simple ear buds don’t always have the best sound quality. Invest in a good pair of headphones.

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