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We have been celebrating the Quebec winter Carnival here at Inman. The students are learning about different celebrations and traditions. One of our rotations was mask making with Mme Vriend. We even had a visit from Bonhomme!

As a part of our study of First Nations Culture we had the Mobile Museum come visit us at Inman. We had a lot of fun and learned a lot about First Nations culture, shelter and technology.

We started off our literacy week with a school assembly. We met a local author and her son who illustrated her books

Some of the activities we are participating in are: Making juicy quotes posters, teacher read aloud swap and reading lots of books.

Here is Div. 8 working together in groups on some online word games.

This term we will focus closely on improving our writing skills. We are starting Writer’s workshop and doing strategies from the book ” Writing Power”.

We created a model of our brain with three sections that can give us ideas for story writing. Those sections are called The Fact Pocket, The imagination pocket and The Memory pocket.


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