Film Festival on Friday

Hi parents,

Thank you for volunteering to drive; we now have enough drivers for the Film Festival!

Here is our plan for Friday:

8:40 meet in our classroom, put bags away, take snacks/drinks (the theatre is allowing us to bring snacks/drinks to bring down the cost)

8:50 leave with drivers

9:20 arrive at SilverCity Metropolis (drivers, if you’re not staying for the movie, please wait with the students you drove until you see me or another parent)

11:15 leave with drivers and head back to school

3D Digital Design

We have started learning about 3D digital designing in class! We will be using Tinkercad to create our 3D projects and at the end of the unit, students will have the opportunity to print one of their creations using our 3D printer.

Parents have received an e-mail today from Tinkercad when the students first created their account.

Winter Concert

If you requested tickets for the intermediate winter concert, those were sent home today.

If you or other family members didn’t get tickets but would still like to see the winter concert, you may attend the 1:30pm performance on Tuesday. Tickets are not required for the afternoon performance, just show up!

For the 7:00pm performance, I believe everyone is let through one door, so make sure that you are lined up at the correct door with tickets in hand.

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