Student-Led Conferences

At-Home Student-Led Conferences are happening over the next seven days!

Students are bringing home a folder tonight with the following items:

  1.  the green booklet titled “Student-Led Conference” (there are a few pages that they will need to prepare ahead of time, and the rest they will do with you in the conference)
  2. work samples that display their strengths
  3. work samples that display things that they are proud of
  4. work samples that display things that need improvement

After you have completed the student-led conference, return the completed booklet to school by Wednesday, May 17.


What are student-led conferences and why are we doing them?

  • A student-led conference is a meeting between a student and their parents, where the student shares their work.
  • Everyone has a specific role:
    • Teacher: prepare the students
    • Student: prepare ahead of time and then lead the meeting from start to finish
    • Parents: listen to their child and ask questions
  • Student-led conferences put students in the speaker’s chair and give them their parents’ full attention.
  • Students think critically about their abilities and take ownership of their learning.
  • Students develop a growth mindset and are involved in discussions about their strengths, weaknesses, and goals.


How can parents prepare for the student-led conference?

  • Arrange to give your child your undivided attention during the student-led conference. If there are siblings in the home, let them know not to interrupt you during this time.
  • If there are grandparents who play a role in your child’s education, they are welcome to attend the conference as well.
  • If parents are in different homes, your child is welcome to do two student-led conferences. I will have extra booklets at school, so just let your child know to come get one from me.


Report Cards

Hi parents,


Report cards were sent home today. In the envelope you will find:

  • term-two report card
  • overview of term two
  • goal-setting page to be filled out at home and returned to school Monday after spring break

Please sign the envelope and return it (empty) to school tomorrow (Friday).

Happy Holidays!


I wish you all a wonderful winter break! We have such a wonderful group of students and parents in our division-seven family that I am going to miss you all over the next two weeks! Enjoy the time off and I look forward to seeing you next year!


Happy Holidays by kurioscreations on Dribbble

Microsoft Office 365


Office 365 is a collection of online tools that we will be using this year. Follow these steps to log in:


Step one: Click HERE to go to the log-in page


Step two: Type in username and password

  • username:
  • password: this is the same as the one students use to log in to the school computers


Step three: Once students are logged in, they will have access to a number of different apps, including Teams, Outlook (e-mail), etc.


Daily Reading

Reading is so important for children not only so that they can become immersed in a story, but also because they will:

  • expand their vocabulary
  • be exposed to different sentence structures
  • increase their general knowledge
  • develop their focus and concentration
  • improve their reading fluency


Book Fair

Fall Book Fair – Bridlewood PTA

The book fair at Taylor Park is happening now (Oct. 25-27)! Students can visit the book fair before or after school to make their purchases. They can also visit at lunch time, but it looks like it is quite busy at that time.