Student-Intake Meetings


Virtual student-intake meetings for our class will take place on Wednesday, October 6, 2-6pm (nothing on Thursday for our class). The meetings will be online using Microsoft Teams. Mr. Kanno will be sending out an e-mail this afternoon with information on how to book your appointment.

The student-intake meeting will be an opportunity for you to share with me information about your child that you think I should know and that you think would assist me to help your child to reach their full potential.


Mailing List

Hi parents,


This post is to check that the automated e-mails are correctly set up on our blog. From now on, when there is a new post, you should receive an e-mail to inform you.


The homework page is updated every day with the new homework, but you won’t receive an e-mail when that is updated.


Your child will be checking with you tonight to see if you received two e-mails: this one which is the automated one from the blog and a second one that is directly from me.