Meeting on Thursday May 2

Hi parents,


For those of you who have a child attending the North Shore Triathlon on May 20, we will have an information meeting on Thursday, May 2 at 6:30pm in the music room at Capitol Hill.

At the meeting, we will go over the following topics:

  • what equipment the children need to bring and how it needs to be set up
  • meeting spot at the race
  • what needs to be done the morning of the race
  • what the race will look like
  • best place for parents to watch and cheer on the children
  • race package
  • Q&A


Other important dates:

Saturday, May 4, 2-4pm at Ron Andrews Rec. Centre: This is an optional pre-race clinic put on by the North Shore Triathlon. At this clinic, they will go over the run course, race day and transition set up, and they will have a Q&A at the end. This is a great opportunity to be at the site of the race ahead of time to check things out.


Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, time TBA, location TBA: Package Pick Up. You will pick up your child’s timing chip, race bib, etc. The t-shirt that is in the package should be worn to school the next day (Tuesday, May 21), not during the race.

Student-led conferences for division two

Student-led conferences will be next week. Here are the days and times for division two:


Monday: 2:45 – 4pm

Tuesday: 8:00 – 8:45am, 2:45 – 4pm

Thursday: 8:00 – 8:45am, 2:45 – 4pm


If these days don’t work for you, we can set up a time before or after school the following week.


The book fair is also happening next week, so don’t forget to check that out in the library on your way to/from our classroom.


Triathlon homework

Hi parents,

The students have some triathlon homework. A page is being sent home for each student to fill out. The primary team received their page at practice today and the intermediate team will receive their page on Friday.

On the page, they will:

  • attach a picture of themselves (make sure that we can see their face)
  • write their name
  • answer the question at the bottom of the page (different for each grade)
  • colour/decorate the page

The page will be put up on the wall in the basement to introduce the members of our triathlon team to the whole school!

Students should return the page by Tuesday, April 16

Walk 30 Challenge

Hello triathlon family!

Our team will be taking part in the Walk 30 Challenge. This is a friendly competition between the city of Burnaby and the city of New West to see which city can walk the most. The competition starts today, April 8 and ends May 10.

I will be keeping track of and entering the minutes that we complete as a team. Students/families are encouraged to register online and record the minutes that are completed outside of school/practice as well. Some ideas of minutes that could count:

  • walking to/from school
  • cycling to/from school
  • going for a walk with the family
  • walking to get groceries
  • running
  • cycling
  • etc.

Click HERE to go to the registration page. Once you are registered, choose to be on our team: “Capitol Hill Triathlon Team” so that your minutes are counted towards our team’s minutes. Each member of your family is invited to participate, so the minutes from dad, mom, etc. count too!

Burnaby North French Placement

All students who have attended French immersion in elementary school must take a French placement exam if planning to attend high school in English (not necessary if continuing on in French immersion).


Below is the information from Burnaby North Secondary:

STEP 1: Students must register online by filling out THIS FORM. The deadline for application is April 22.

STEP 2: Write the assessment at Burnaby North Secondary on April 25 at 3:45pm in Room 37 of the South Building


Cycling practice

This is what it will look like at school on days when students have cycling practice:



Before school

  • Before school, students will line up at the back door next to the gym
  • Students and bikes should remain outside until the door is opened at 8:30am
  • After the door is opened, students will walk their bike through the hallway to the stage where the bike will be stored during the day
  • Students can leave their helmet with the bike or store it with their backpack in their classroom
  • After students have parked their bike on the stage, they will go back outside to wait for the bell to ring
  • Note that students also have the option to lock their bike to one of the bike racks outside of the school

After school, after practice

  • Students will park their bike outside the gym while they retrieve their backpack from inside
  • Students will be dismissed from the gym doors one at a time as usual (dismissal time is 3:45 for cycling practices and 3:30 for running practices)



Before school

  • Students will meet at the gym door at 8am
  • After the door is opened, students will put their backpack in the gym, then we will proceed to the fields for practice
  • After practice, students will park their bikes on the stage and then head outside to wait for the bell to ring

After school

  • Students will line up in the hallway outside the stage door
  • When the door is opened, students will get their bike, walk it through the hallway, and exit the school from the basement door

Race registration due Thursday

Hi parents,

The registration package for the North Shore Triathlon that will happen on Monday, May 20 was sent home today. One package per family was sent home with the oldest child if you have more than one child on the team. If you didn’t receive the package, check with your child’s classroom teacher or you can get extra pages from the office.

The package also includes information about the triathlon run-through that will be on Wednesday, May 15.

The registration page, waiver, and online payment are all due this Thursday, March 14. Please return the pages to me whether or not your child will be completing the triathlon as this will help me to organise the team.

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