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November 8, 2023
by belliveauc

Student Health

In Science and Physical Health and Education, we started our unit on the human body, puberty, and making safe choices.

You and your child are approaching a big milestone and the difference you can make at this point in their life is huge! You can support their journey into adolescence by talking about it openly and being prepared with the facts. We will be learning how to be healthy and confident during puberty and we will answer their questions and help them understand their bodies.  By starting the conversation today – you’ll be helping to kick off their journey towards becoming a strong, healthy, and confident adult.

Information will be sent home (like pamphlets) during this time if you would like to discuss topics further.

October 27, 2023
by belliveauc

Confederation Park Halloween Celebration

Hello All,

Just a reminder about the Halloween Celebration occurring at Confederation Park on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s a chance to see your child’s pumpkin on display with over a hundred other student’s pumpkins.  Here’s a link with more  website if you’re interested in going:

Also, please have your child bring a strong bag or two to school on Monday, so that they can transport their pumpkins home with them.  Some student’s carved two pumpkins, so they will have a lot to carry.

Have a great weekend!

September 29, 2023
by belliveauc

Orange Shirt Day

This week Division 1 has been learning about Orange Shirt Day and the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation. Truth and reconciliation is an ongoing process that requires reflection and action. In an interview, Phyllis Webstad, the person whose experience inspired Orange Shirt Day, noted that there will come a time when the people who lived through the experience of residential school will be gone, and we are dependent on our youth to carry forward the knowledge of Canada’s history.

Many students already have some background knowledge about residential schools and are continuing to learn challenging truths of Canada’s past. Reconciliation starts with a willingness to listen and learn in order to restore positive relationships for affected communities.

Below are some links to support you in your truth and reconciliation journey:

  • Orange Shirt Day – the story behind why we wear orange

  • Native Land – learn about whose land you live on

  • 94 Calls to Action – a child-friendly document to learn about important steps still needed to be taken towards reconciliation (did you know that this Day of T&R is #80 of the 94 calls to action?)

September 26, 2023
by belliveauc

Welcome To Division 1

A belated welcome to the division 1 blog site.  I am so excited to be your child’s teacher this year! Joining our classroom community is Mx Hunt, an Educational Assistant. This blog will give you some general information about our class routines for the coming year.  I am looking forward to getting to know your child better and to having a great year with them… and you!


The delivery of the student’s planners have been delayed, but I will be providing them with temporary pages to help them organize their daily activities, to write down necessary information to help them remember what they need and to keep you informed.  Any upcoming assignments and longer term projects will also be written in there.  Also, writing a note in the Planner is a great way to communicate with me and I can do the same.

Physical Education,  Healthy Living & Well-Being

Students will receive physical activity twice days per week on Monday and Wednesdays; sometimes this will take place in the gym, outside or in the classroom. Please ensure that your child wears comfortable clothing and appropriate running shoes on these days or has a pair of running shoes to change into. Students do not change for Gym.  Also, please provide a labeled water bottle (one that cannot spill easily) so that they can leave it at their desks. It is important to hydrate the body and it helps the brain with learning. Similarly, it is just as important to pack a healthy lunch and snack; please avoid sending food or drinks with little nutritional value like pop and candy. Let’s try to bring a no litter lunch too by using reusable containers!

Arriving on Time

It is important that students arrive on time to school. Students should be lined up at the community room doors by 8:50 and instruction begins at 8:55.  It is a valuable lesson to learn early in life and it starts your child’s day off on a positive note. If your child is going to be late or away, please contact the school at 604-296-9036


From Monday to Thursday, students will have the opportunity to visit the library to check out new books. They are to keep the books for at least two days before returning it for a new one. Encourage your child to re-read the books to improve accuracy, practice fluency and deepen thinking about the same book. Please ensure your child takes good care of these books and remembers to return them on time so that they can make a new selection.

Please call or drop by if you have any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you this year as partners in your child’s education.

April 21, 2020
by belliveauc

Daily Physical Activity & Outdoor Learning Week 3

Alphabet Body: Call out a letter and work together to form that letter by using your bodies. Letters that work well are: A, X, S, C, F, J, I, L, U, V, K, Z. Don’t forget to stretch and hold your position to the count of 10. Try counting in a different language.
Testing Your Taste Buds: Close your eyes and hold your nose. Your partner will choose a few mystery items from the fridge/pantry. Once your partner gives you a little taste, describe the taste and see if you can properly identify the food item.  
Exploring Your Recycling Bin: What do you have in your recycling bin(s)? Design and create a futuristic machine using what you choose.
Hanging Sight Words: Write out common words (i.e. ‘said,’ ‘little,’ ‘that,’ etc.) on index cards. Then tape streamers/string at varying lengths from a doorway. Tape the index cards to the end of the streamers/strings. Jump up, grab the word, and yell it out while pulling the word off! Source:
Spy on a Squirrel: Spot the squirrels in your yard and spend time watching what they do during their day. Where do they go? How do they move? Create a map of your yard and track their travel throughout the day.
Mystery Items in a Bag: One person puts a household item into a bag. While holding the bag, your partner should close their eyes and reach in. Can you feel the item to guess what it is?
 Nature Wands. Collect a variety of nature items (i.e. leaves, petals, cones, etc.) to create a ‘nature wand’ by securing these items to a sturdy stick with masking tape.

April 20, 2020
by belliveauc

Math & Literacy Activities Week 3

Hello All,

Below is a list of literacy activities that you can choose from to work on with your child through the week.  These are not mandatory activities that must be completed, but are meant to be another option to supplement their math and literacy learning at home.  

Math Activities Week 3
Look at a grocery store flyer. If you had $10.00 to spend, what two items could you buy? What change would you get back?
Fill it Up! Find different sized measuring cups and a large plastic jug. One at a time, estimate how many of each it will take to fill the jug. Test out your prediction. What do you notice?
Simon Says! Find someone to play the game “Simon Says”. Use words like forward, backward, left and right when Simon gives their instructions (e.g., take two hops backwards, take three small side steps left).
What is in the kitchen cupboard? Think of a sorting pattern for the food containers to organize them. Will you sort them by size and shape? Shape and colour? Or something else? Sort them and see if someone can figure out your sorting rule.
Baking in the kitchen (with help)! Choose a favourite family recipe (or learn a new one) to make with the help of an adult. Gather and measure out the ingredients! Follow the recipe directions! Share and enjoy!
Getting active with math! Create a BINGO card with your family and in each square put a simple exercise (e.g., jumping jacks, jog on the spot, dance around etc.). If you complete 20 minutes of physical activity, how much time will you have to spend on each activity if you complete one line in any direction? If you complete two lines? If you complete 20 random exercises? Pick a game and try it out!
Read or listen to a story and discuss what happened in the beginning, the middle, and the end.
Choose a word that has a common spelling pattern (e.g. -est, -ike, -eat, -ight, -ow). Write as many rhyming words as you can with the same spelling pattern. Choose one more and do the same thing.
Create a scavenger hunt, with verbal or written clues, for another family member to complete. (e.g. In the room where I sleep find a big blue stuffie).
Create a mini poster to remind everyone in your family to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
Read a book, poem, or article with your child. Have them tell you what five key words in the reading mean (e.g. feeling words like “embarrassed”, descriptive words like “unpleasant”, action words like “glaring”).
Stay- In Restaurant – have child(ren) create menus for tonight’s meal. Menus can be used that night for “customers” to choose from and children can record the orders on a note pad and then read out the order to the “cook”.
Call, Facetime, message a friend or family member and tell them a joke (or maybe a few). (E.g. Why did the orange stop? Because it ran out of juice. What goes tick, tock, bow, wow, tick, tock? A watch dog.)

April 16, 2020
by belliveauc

Important Update for Class Meetings

Hello All, 

I just thought I would provide an update to everyone as to how to join future weekly class meetings.  You will have to find the class meetings button.  Click on it and it will be there.  Today, I think there may have been some confusion as to where to access the meeting.  Please email me if you have any questions.