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Library Return

The Librarian, Ms. Yee, has asked if this week’s books can be returned after 1 week instead of 2 due to Spring Break.  She would like them back by Tuesday, March 9th if possible.

Thank you,

Ms. Baker

Plasticine & Wire-Nature Walk Representations


Our Nature Walks have continued to be a source of inspiration.  We continued to explore the “language” of different materials.  We learned new techniques for working with them and the possibilities they hold for creating.

REMINDER: We are heading out again tomorrow on our regular Wednesday Nature Walk.  Please ensure students have extra footwear and clothing to match the weather.  Thank you.





Isolation Learning (Home) Reminders (Just in case)

Dear Division 16 families,

I wanted to remind you that if we ever have to all go into “Isolation” due to Covid-19, I will be sharing work on this Blog and we will be meeting on Zoom.  I will post work here (1 weeks worth at a time to make it more flexible for your schedules) and post Zoom meeting days/times here.  I will email the Zoom meeting link to you to ensure they are more secure.

*Please note that my posts can be translated by choosing the language you would like along the top menu (Shows a flag for each choice and you will see the Canadian flag/English as the default).

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Baker

Pink Shirt Day!

Dear Division 16,

Just a reminder that Wednesday, February 24th is Pink Shirt Day.  You are welcome to wear a pink shirt or one with some pink on it for this day.  This is optional.   We wear pink to show that we are taking a stand against bullying.  We are letting everyone know that we support each other.  This day began in 2007 after two students took a stand and wore pink to support a student who was bullied for wearing pink.

Virtual Library Visit

Log In | Burnaby Public Library | BiblioCommons

Dear Families,

During a “regular year” we would often take a trip to Tommy Douglas Library to meet with the Children’s Librarian and have the opportunity to participate in a read-aloud and some songs.  This year we are very lucky to be able to do this virtually on Zoom with their Librarian, Ms. Calabresi, on February 10th during class.  Click on the links below to view a few resources that she would like to share with families.



(Library Card Information)



(Kindergarten book list and tips for family reading)

Pastel Nature Walk Representations & Kindness Tree


Here are photos of the creation process of our Nature Walk Representations using PASTELS.  We experimented with pressure, smudging, overlapping colours…etc.

Our Nature Walk Representations using PASTELS:


We created a “Tree” from branches collected on our nature walk and added hearts that have messages of kind acts we have done recently.


Nature Walks

We enjoyed representing our nature walk learning using a variety of materials over the past few weeks.
We have discussed tree parts (roots, trunk, bark, branches, crown, leaves, buds, flowers). We compared them to our body parts. For example, roots=feet, trunk=body, bark=skin, branches=arms, crown=head).

We were fascinated by moss and lichen as well.





Next we will explore PASTELS and WIRE.



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Valentine’s Celebrations & Family Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day safely is our priority this year.  We have been given the go-ahead to exchange Valentine’s cards. Participation in this card exchange is optional and please do what your family feels comfortable.  There are specific guidelines outlined by the District for this exchange.  We will require all cards to be sent to school before the Valentine’s exchange day so they are able to sit untouched for a minimum of 24 hours.  I will be handing out the cards to each child unlike our usual child to child exchange.

Card Exchange:

When: Please send cards before February 10th. We will be exchanging on February 12th

What: Cards only to give to peers (no food or gifts this year please). Please ensure there is a card for every classmate if you are participating. This will be a great opportunity for students to practice their printing with support.

Classmate’s Names for Cards: (14 students)

















Monday, February 15th is Family Day.

There will be no school on this day.  Wishing you a wonderful day with your family.



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