Mr. Wong Divison 4 Grade 6/7 Capitol Hill

Math Review for May 19 Assessment

Here is the review we went over today in preparation for this Thursdays Upcoming assessment.

The topics we will cover are:

  • Constructing Graphs (double line, bar)
  • Interpreting Graphs (Line, bar, pie, pictograph)
  • Identifying and explaining misleading graphs
  • Calculating (mean – average, median, mode

Math review May

Celebration of Learning Week – May 2 to 6

Next week is Capitol Hill’s Celebration of Learning Week (Student Led Conferences). This year, visitors are allowed in the school.  As a result, there is an option for you and your child to participate in Student Led Conferences in the classroom which should take approximately 15 minutes.  All portfolios will be digital so it can be done at home if that is more convenient and comfortable.  I have attached a link to a survey to get your participation preference.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me directly.


Jason Wong

PE – Dance Songs

Here are the songs for the dances we have been learning in PE Class.  Use these to practice the steps to the timing of the music.

Electric Slide


The ONE is on the strong bass beat.

Cha Cha

Start on the 2nd beat.  If it is too fast, play it at 0.75 speed while learning.


And one more… to be determined ..  hmmm

Slow foxtrot?






Back To School – January 10

Good afternoon,

There will be some general information from Mr. Kanno regarding return to school. I am writing some specific updates for Division 4.

Division 4 will be using the computer lab for the foreseeable future until the regular classroom is ready to be occupied. It will definitely be more than a few weeks. One positive is we get a new classroom!!

The new entrance will on the Holdom side right across the street from the Circle K.  We have to share the same staircase at Mme. Jeffrey’s class. Please ask your child to wait at the bottom of the stairwell until the other class has entered their classroom.

There is no sink so I have set up two sanitization stations at the entrances.  If your child would rather wash their hands, please remind them to go one at a time to minimize congestion in the hallway. There is also no cloakroom or place to put their jackets and bags. There will be space under or on the table, on their chair.

I have done my best to try and provide distancing in the classroom.  Here are a few photos to let your child know what to expect when they arrive. The classroom has 2 UVC light filters and a HEPA filter unit.

I will suggest students, as an enhanced safety measure, to eat lunch at their own desk facing forward to minimize face-to-face non masked contact.

Also, in the event we go to remote learning, please let me know if you are in need of a device (laptop) or internet access (not mobile data). The school can provide resources.   An ipad or a phone will not be enough for the work that will be assigned. Any questions feel free to contact me.


Keep safe,

Mr. Wong


Week of January 4-7

Good morning,

It has definitely been an interesting start to 2022.  On top of delaying the start of school, Division 4 has been relocated to a new classroom as a result of a burst pipe that has flooded our regular classroom.  More news to come.

It looks like that all of the students supplies and materials have been spared any damage.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I will try and answer what I can.

Take care.


Mr. Wong

Division 4


I have included some work, not required, for the students to do this week. These will be topics that will be covering when we return.


Celebrating Effort

Did you want to help your child win a Millennium Falcon?  It is just as easy as a quick signature.

At the end of the year I will have a draw.  This draw celebrates the effort students put in this year. I will be adding more ways to enter the draw as the year progresses.  I emphasize EFFORT over ACHIEVEMENT.

Here are the ways to enter the draw:

  1. Sign your child’s TWAS.
  2. Students will complete weekly morning Math (earning a sticker and an entry)
  3. TBA


Mr. Wong’s Division 4 Weekly Timetable – Subject to Change

This is Division 4’s Weekly Timetable.

This will give you a rough idea of what is happening during the week.  The schedule is fluid and is subject to change because of special events, holidays, and other circumstances.

Intake Interviews

Greetings Families of Division 4

Student Intake interviews will be taking place this October 6 and 7th.  Appointment bookings will go live later this week.

Please fill out this survey prior to your appointment.  It will guide our discussion and give me some insight into your child.  If you are unable to make it during this time or would like a longer time than 10 minutes, please let me know and we can arrange another time to have a meeting.

Even if you are unable to attend a meeting, please fill out the survey so I can help your child have a successful year.


Thank you,

Mr. Wong



Office 365 @ Home

This year the students will be using many of the applications included with Office 365.  As a student, they have access to them using their student login and password.

At home, in order to access Office 365, they are to use the login and password information that is used to login to the computers at school.

The only difference is the need to add

For example,

You also have the ability to download the Office 365 Suite.  This can be accessed from the Capitol Hill website using the OFFICE 365 link near the top right of the page.



Once you have logged in, you have the option of installing Office 365.

If you have questions or your child has forgotten their login and password, just send me an email at and I can provide the information to you.




TWAS (This Week at School)

This year the students will be writing a weekly TWAS letter. Each week I will have different criteria to add into their writing. There is no need to correct any mistakes. Please have someone initial or sign and have them bring it back at the beginning of the following week.