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Today was our first full week together.  We knew it would be rainy but we were prepared for our first Vas-y vendredi of the year! Each member of the class chose a leaf and we marked it with a hole punch, then we sent them down the rivers made by the rain on our playground.  Some questions we came up with were: Is it better to use a big leaf or a small leaf? Is it better to use a dry brown leaf or a fresh green leaf? We found that some areas of the river were bumpier than others and that it didn’t matter the size or whether it was fresh or dry, our leaves would get lost along the way. In deciding which size was better our class was split about half and half and same for fresh vs. dry.  We may have to try this experiment again and see what results we come up with.  We also wondered about the shape of the leaves.  How would a maple leaf be different than our leaves that we were using.  We are looking forward to more Vas-y vendredi and getting to know more about our local environment.

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