Outdoor Explorations: A Tree is Nice

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Wonder Lab: Planting

Last week we put on our scientist hats (and lab coats) and planted some morning glory seeds.
This week, some of the seeds started sprouting 🌱 It was very exciting!
Comparing the height of the sprouts!
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Art: Georgia O’Keeffe Pastel Flowers

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Bubble Painting 🎨

Sunny weather calls for bubbles… With a twist! We added food colouring to bubble solution and we were “blown away” by the results! 🌬️

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Math Workshop: Stations

We are becoming strong mathematicians in Division 19! We can sort, pattern, count, print numbers, and play number games with dice. Next up: exploring measurement!

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Plasticine Stories

Division 19 was inspired by the Literacy Day Zoom visit with Canadian author/artist, Barbara Reid. We drew up drafts and then attempted to sculpt them into plasticine stories. It was really hard!

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Happy Pink Shirt Day!

Be the reason someone smiles today! 🙂 Division 19 is working so hard to spread kindness! What did you say/do to be kind today? 💕
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Growth Mindset

Did you know making mistakes help your brain to grow? Making mistakes is part of learning.

Carol Dweck is a psychologist known for her work around mindset. Below is a chart that describes a fixed mindset versus a growth mindset.

Here is a link to some activities and books you can try to help your child learn about growth mindset.


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Calming Strategies

Our school counsellor shared this wonderful list of self-regulation strategies for young children with us. Click the link below to check out the list.

Division 19 also came up with our own list of calming strategies that I hope you might also find useful in your homes. (I know I sure do right now!)

Students then chose their favourite one. Ask you child which calming strategy they prefer. (Pro-Tip: share your favourite calming strategy – from our list or your own! Modelling these kinds of strategies is super helpful.)
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Classroom Charter

I wanted to share our amazing Classroom Charter board! Students helped draw or write to put this all together. We refer to it throughout the day.

Do you have a copy of our Classroom Charter at home? Does your family have a “Family Charter”?

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