le lundi, 13 janvier, 2020

  • Math due Wed
    • Everyone: memorize 3x tables this week
    • 4: p. 96-97
    • 5: p. 86-87
  • Music
    • Bring recorders/duotangs
  • French (5s only) due Fri
    • complete Ma Famille paragraph
  • S.S. due Tom
    • Complete Family Tree and My Heritage 
  • Library Books Tom
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le jeudi, 9 janvier, 2020

  • Math due Tom
    • Memorize 2x tables (everyone)
    • Note to parents (everyone)
    • 4: p. 92-93
    • 5: p. 78 – 79 (even #s)
  • Health due Tom
    • Word of the year
    • see Wednesday’s post for more details/explanation
  • Music form/$ Overdue
    • Sami
    • Yanni
    • Lucius
  • Social Studies due Tues.
    • My Family Tree
    • My Cultural Heritage
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le mercredi 8, janvier, 2020

  • Math due Tom
  • 4s: p. 88-89 
  • 5s: p. 78-79 (odd #s only)
  • Memorize 2x tables


  •  Health due Fri
  • Complete Word of the Year booklet
  • Fine line/coloured
  • “WHY” box should be a paragraph answer
  • “Action” box should have min. 3 things you will do this year that related to the word you chose. (Can be point form)


  • Music forms/$ due Tom
  • Please indicate if you’ve paid online
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le mardi 7, janvier, 2020

How fun was our first curling lesson?!? 🙂 Thanks for showing great sportsmanship and being awesome listeners!


  • Math due tomorrow
    • Memorize 2x tables this week
    • 4s: p. 84-85
    • 5s: p. 74-75
  • Library Books
    • Remember, we have Library every Tuesday
    • Return any overdue books a.s.a.p.
  • P.E. 
    • Make sure you have a change of clothes and proper gym shoes
  • Music
    • Recorder notice/$ due by Thursday (but you can bring it tomorrow as well) 😉
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le lundi, 6 janvier, 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I sincerely hope you all had a wonderful winter break and are feeling refreshed for the new year! I love January because everyone now has a good understanding of school and classroom expectations, and who doesn’t like a clean slate? Let’s start our new year off with a bang! 🙂


  • Math due Wednesday
    • This week: memorize 2x tables (everyone) 
    • 4s: p. 84-85
    • 5s: p. 74-75
  • Bring/return all school supplies tomorrow
    • we made sticky notes in December with lists of supplies we needed to re-stock. Also, remember items such as your inside runners, and P.E. strip
  • Curling Forms/$
    • these are overdue, please hand in a.s.a.p as we will begin these sessions TOMORROW
      • Andrew 
      • Lucius
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December 20, 2019

Have a safe and merry holiday, everyone! See you next YEAR!!! 💚♥️

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le mercredi, 18 décembre, 2019

  • *** please bring a cloth bag tomorrow***
  • Math Tests due by Friday
    • parent signatures to show they have seen how you did and read all my comments, then return to school
  • Health due by Friday
    • complete brain hemispheres
  • L.A. due Tomorrow
    • Plastic Bottle problem
      • Full sentences
      • Hamburger paragraphs
  • Art due by Friday
    • Roy Lichtenstein inspired dot portraits
  • Pancake Breakfast on Friday
    • please bring your own plate, mug, and utensils in a large ziplock baggie
  • Class PARTY tomorrow afternoon
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le lundi, 16 décembre, 2019

  • Party snacks (bring on Wednesday)
    • actual party will be Thurs afternoon
  • Choir to Lougheed Tomorrow
    • wear your green shirt and black bottoms
  • Report Card envelopes due back Tomorrow
    • have parents sign the fron and return the envelope to me so I can re-use it for term 2
    • If your parent wants an interview, they can indicate so on the front of the envelope
  • L.A. due Thursday
    • Plastic Bottle Problem
      • FULL sentences (including capitals and periods)
      • Hamburger paragraph answers to Critical Thinking question
  • Art due Friday
    • Roy Lichtenstein-inspired dot-portraits completed
      • outlined in marker (hair colour, eye color etc)
      • dots coloured in in pencil crayon
      • ONE colour for background (choose a contracting colour so it pops)
  • Curling form/$4.00 due Wednesday
  • 4 more days until Winter Break!!!!!
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le jeudi, 12 décembre, 2019

  • Math TEST on MONDAY
    • Here are some strategies to help you prepare/study for the test: 
      • go over your corrections from homework
      • re-do all the conceptual questions for each lesson to remind yourself of the concepts taught
      • extra practice sheets (grade 4s)
  • Science:
    • complete for tomorrow:
      • Question
      • Hypothesis
      • Experiment Summary
      • Materials
  • S.S. 
    • we will meet on Monday morning to vote and hopefully hear from Jahan’s campaign group
  • French (5s): Review Salutations due tomorrow
  • Novel Study (4s): Last 3 Chapters Connections due tomorrow
  • Others things happening TOMORROW:
    • Cookie Decorating Workshop
    • Choir forms are due
    • Report Cards sent home
    • Library (moved from Tuesday)
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le mercredi, 11 décembre, 2019

  • Math on Monday
    • study for TEST!!!
  • Science due Thursday
    • Complete the following sections in your chromatography lab:
      • Question (over due)
      • Hypothesis (over due)
      • Experiment Summary
      • Materials
  • Curling
    • hand in PINK form and $4.00 by Wednesday
    • we will participate Tuesday on the first week back to school after the break
  • Choir notices
    • due Friday
  • French (5s): review/practice Salutations for Friday
  • Novel Study (4s): Connections for last 3 chapters due Friday
  • Christmas Market on Monday
  • Cookie Workshop Friday
  • Elf Production TOMORROW:
    • wear black bottoms (Mrs. Bourne will provide green shirts)
    • check with Ms. Bourne if you have any further questions about attire
    • 1:30 afternoon show
    • 6:30 evening show (I will be in my classroom available to supervise starting at 6 p.m.) we will watch a movie while we wait for our turn. See you then!
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