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Intermediate students made felt hearts and filled them with sage as part of an Orange Shirt Day activity this year. Then a group of Sparks from New Westmeinster sewed on lovelyy buttons, so the hearts can be worn on clothing with button holes. These were created to provide comfort to Residential School Survivors. These hearts are being sent to Kamloops to be offered to elders in that community. Thank you so much to all the sewers!

Students at Stoney Creek have been experiencing the language of mud. The sensations of writing with mud was an invitation hard to refuse. Ms. Huckle also brought out recipe cards to encourage reading with small groups. Teachers have also mentioned how students are excited to write about these new experiences of place.


Several classes joined in the Wish Stix activity for Earth Day in the outdoor classroom. Recycled materials and small sticks found after storms turned into fun wands for making wishes.  Wish Stix are one activity to help students remember their ability to make a difference through conversations with others and actions they can take all year long.


Students of Division 5 have been writing letters to the local MP, Terry Beech the Parlimentary Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. The letters have outlined learning about species of salmonids and the Nooksack Dace: an endangered species in our creek. Under the guidance of Mr. Smyth the students developed their knowledge and wrote letters to the MP to draw attention to the problems with sewage outflow into the creek because of so much development in the area. The cities of Burnaby and Coquitlam need to upgrade sewage pipes to keep up with high rise develpment. Hopefully there will be response to the young people who are exercising their civic responsibilities, and taking a stand for the species in Stoney Creek. Keep up the good work, Mr. Smyth and students of Division 5.

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Kindergarten classes enjoyed matching colors along our school Stream of Dreams mural. FUN IN THE 🌞 with a lesson in the outdoor classroom.

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