The Holidays Have Hit!

Today our Elf on the Shelf showed up in our classroom and we even got a tree in our class! We decorated the tree with ornaments we coloured and cut out and named our elf “Chippy Rex”. We are so ready for the holidays and cannot wait to do more holiday activities!

Winter, Santa, and Story Writing

Today we got into the holiday spirit with writing letters to Santa and creating our own winter themed stories! We first wrote out our stories and then had the chance to create them with our loose parts for Story Workshop! This not only allows us to expand on our ideas, but it also allows us to share our stories in a different way!


Today we got to paint our outdoor benches that we made! It was so much fun expressing ourselves, creating art, and making our bench our own! We cannot wait to start using them outside.

Gym & ADST

This week we’ve been busy learning about peace, talking about what it means to be a friend, and  have been getting active in gym and learning how to play volleyball! On Wednesday we talked about following our ideas and allowing our ideas to grow! We worked together to figure out how to play on the zip line at the playground without needing a teacher’s help to get the zip line! We used rope and tied it to the bar and we were able to drag the zip line over and climb up and grab it!

Today we used our muscles and skills to build our very own outdoor bench! We needed lots of patience, time, and effort to use screwdrivers and put our benches together. We can’t wait to start using them outside and learning more about the nature around us!

Halloween, Remembrance Day, & Diwali!

It’s been a busy week so far! Last week we celebrated Halloween with Buddy BINGO, earlier this week we created Remembrance Day art, and today we learned about Diwali and the festival of light! We got to play with our light table and we also created lanterns! For gym we’re learning how to play volleyball! There is lots happening in Division 14 and we are working hard to learn lots.

Pumpkin Day

Today we celebrated the fall by going to “Miss Shen’s Pumpkin Patch”! We got our pumpkins donated from Save on Foods and it was so fun learning all about the pumpkin life cycle!

Miss Shen surprised us in the morning with our very own “mini pumpkin” (an orange) for snack and then we did our pumpkin investigation! We went to the “pumpkin patch” after music, picked our own pumpkin, and got to decorate it and even scoop out all of our own slimy pumpkin guts! It was so fun collecting seeds, measuring how big our pumpkins were, and seeing all the spooky faces we drew on them. In the afternoon we wrote about our magical pumpkin. You can see our stories in our window!

We cannot wait until tomorrow where we have our costume parade and Halloween BINGO!


Story Workshop

In Div 14 we’ve been talking about the parts of stories! We’ve been learning about characters, settings, beginning, middle, and ends! Today we used loose parts to create our own stories with a friend in our class. We worked hard to make sure our stories had a problem and a solution as well! Ask your child about the story the created!

Fall & Art

In Division 14 we’ve been learning all about fall and our different senses! We talked about sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound! Today we explored the outdoors, found some cool leaves, and created masterpieces with sharpies, leaves, and a little bit of glue! You can check out all of our art in our classroom window!

Spelling & Centers!

We’ve been working on our spelling by doing hands on work! We either rainbow write, make them with letter pieces, or even out of play dough! We have also been learning so much during centers like how to build, how to share, and how to express our thoughts! So far grade 1 is awesome!

Art & Every Child Matters

Today in Division 14 we talked about how every child matters! We had a conversation about how we are all unique, but we are also the same! Kindness goes a long way and no matter what we look like or who we are, we can show kindness to everyone around us. To celebrate ourselves and our unique qualities we did some art today! We can’t wait to put the finished masterpieces up in our window!