All of the intermediate students were fortunate enough to learn the basics of golf from the professionals. Golf pros from the Burnaby Golf Course came and taught us how how putt and drive, and we were given the opportunity to practice our new skills in the gym with various drills and games.

It was lots of fun!


French Toast

We followed a recipe and made french toast.  It’s easy to make!  All you need are:  eggs, milk, bread, vanilla.  Just mix one egg, one cup of milk and one teaspoon of vanilla together in a bowl.  Add one slice of bread and let the mixture soak into the bread for 30 seconds on each side.  Then, place the bread in a warm frying pan with melted butter in it.  Keep the bread in the pan until it is golden brown, then flip it to the other side.

When it’s finished cooking, pour maple syrup on top and enjoy!!!


Working with Metal


Today all of the intermediate students at Windsor worked with a professional jewellery maker to create a leaf out of copper.  This workshop was an opportunity for everyone who participated to get some experience using tools including mallets, pliers, tongs and sandpaper.  Our instructor handled the blowtorch which heated our metal to red hot temperatures.  We experimented with different Applied Skill and Design techniques to create our own unique works of art!

Calling all International Students!

Ms. Ravensbergen would like to invite all of the international students at Windsor Elementary School to share their school experience in Canada on this blog.  We will be meeting regularly to write posts about what are are learning and experiencing so that we can share them with our families and friends.  

Watch out for Windsor’s first student bloggers!  Coming soon.

Skating Field trip


We had a real winter adventure on the last Friday in February.  Divisions 1, 4 and the international students all walked to Royal Oak skytrain station, boarded the skytrain and rode to Granville Station in downtown Vancouver.  From there, we walked to Robson Square to go ice skating at the outdoor ice rink. 

We truly had a frosty experience, as snow fell on us all day long.  Not only did we get to go skating, we also got to play in the snow.  It got pretty cold there for a while, and we were so happy that the skytrains are heated, that we could take shelter in Pacific Centre Mall to eat our lunches and that we all got hot chocolate to warm up after our skate!  By the time we walked back to Windsor School from the skytrain, we really felt like we’d accomplished something big.  We won’t soon forget our exciting winter field trip!