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Aeris Juliana

New Compositions!


Isle of Tune

Isle of Tune – Compositions in Rondo Form





Star Wars

Students worked with Chrome Music Lab Song Maker. The 1st task was to add a percussion part to the Star Wars theme for Star Wars Day, May 4.  There were many versions of Star Wars. Here are just a few:

Listening Responses

Changes – Hanno

The song vaguely represents normal life being disturbed. At the start, all is normal, and small disruptions occur until the chords start changing to sadder descending ones, before eventually it changes back to the initial chord and slows down until all is normal again.

The specific story I imagined was this. I take a calm walk in a park under beautiful cherry blossoms on a sunny day. Suddenly a crow flies by, then two and more. They disturbed the peace of the vibe. Then a dark cloud passes and covers the sun. Rain starts to drip, in no time, it begins to pour. Later, the cloud moves on and the sun shines through again, and birds chirp in the background.”

– by Hanno

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (Mussorgsky)

“I felt like was in a dream.” Nathan

“The music is beautiful, made me feel like dancing, like the unhatched chicks.” Emanuel Y.

“The instruments sounded uncommon . . . it sounded like Mario Kart” – Emanuel M.

“It was playful and full of energy . . . fast and light”. Colyn

“It makes me want to rush and run around.” – Nathaniel








Some of the reasons why Emanuel M. chose the trombone as his favourite orchestral instrument:

  1. It’s low and cool.
  2. It looks super fancy. It’s shiny, gold, and looks really fun to play becasue you can make cool sounds with it.
  3. It’s really big.

CBC Inside Voices Project

One student from our school participated in the CBC and CBC Kids Inside Voices Project.